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revision 415 by dpavlin, Thu Jun 10 19:22:40 2004 UTC revision 416 by dpavlin, Wed Sep 8 17:33:49 2004 UTC
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1  This that has to be done (or fixed)  This that has to be done (or fixed)
3  - allmost everything  - delimiters other than ","
4  * all2xml.pl  - make links clickable
         - create swish configuration file "on the fly"  
 - implement Makefile.PL and install modules in "proper" places.  
 - implement circulation  
 - make swish to search case sensitive and insesitive depending on input  
   string: if it has capital letters search case sensitive  
 - index should show some records before and after matched term.  
 General implementation notes:  
 - automatic crawlers should keep local copy (DBI) and e-mail publications  
   which are added (and generate report for users (last month, 6 months)  
   using cgi)  
 This are notes about WWW interface:  
 - re-use good ideas from MPS indexer (which was used as proof-of-concept,  
   see paper at http://webpac.sf.net/)  
 - use CSS  
         * provide several color templates  
         * provide template without char size of color set (to enable  
           usage of default browser colors/font-size)  
 - statistics for each library  
 + put links on the titles on the short results page  
 + speedup inserting in index (done from 02:22:48 to 00:16:39, quite good :-)  
 - implement "master" template in which all other pages will be included.  
   Good for integration of webpac into existing portal design  
 - drop index tables which are not used anymore (at end of indexing)  
   e.g. webpac-hidra link_900  
 + give useful error message when results are not found  
 - add support for transcripts of a,o,u umlauts (ae ou ue)  
   a -> (a|ae)  
 - remove dependency on HTML::Parser (HTML::Entities used in index_DBI_cache)  

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