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Tue Jun 15 22:40:07 2004 UTC (18 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
File size: 1330 byte(s)
Object-orineted design re-implementation: simple field substitution and
lookups are working well.
Added some documentation about new features.

1 =head1 NAME
3 Quick overview of things that are new in v2.x of WebPAC
7 This document will describe new features in WebPAC version v2.x.
8 It will also attempt to document upgrade procedure to migrate
9 WebPAC v1.x installations to new v2.x.
11 =head2 Input file handling
13 Database files are now read in memory (using swap if not enough
14 memory is not available) and used from there.
16 Also, in-memory structure will be dumped to temporary disk
17 cache, so that unchanged databases won't be re-read (and parsed) if source
18 database hasn't changed. Nice consequence of this is that memory lookups
19 are now for free (see below).
21 =head2 Two-step processing of databases
23 In first step database is read and in-memory structure is created (or
24 read from on-disk cache if source database hasn't changed).
26 In second step output formats are created.
28 =head2 Lookups
30 For a start, lookup files are no longer supported. Since memory lookups
31 are newer and more powerfull (for example, each key can have more than
32 one value) it's not a great loss. However, you will have to re-write
33 your C<import_xml> files if you use lookup files to use memory lookups.
35 Memory lookups (refered as lookups for new versions of WebPAC) are now
36 available always. Since whole database is availabe when creating
37 output linking should be much easier now.

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