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revision 156 by dpavlin, Mon Nov 17 20:46:18 2003 UTC revision 163 by dpavlin, Thu Nov 20 21:23:40 2003 UTC
# Line 73  dragocjene vaše sugestije. Pišite nam na Line 73  dragocjene vaše sugestije. Pišite nam na
73            <input type="hidden" name="f3" value="TitleAndResponsibility">            <input type="hidden" name="f3" value="TitleAndResponsibility">
74            <input size="30" type="text" name="v3">            <input size="30" type="text" name="v3">
75            <input type=submit value="kazalo" name="f3_index" class="navigacija">            <input type=submit value="kazalo" name="f3_index" class="navigacija">
76              <nobr><small>
77              Exact match: <input type="checkbox" name="e3" value="1"> from beginning
78              <input type="checkbox" name="e3" value="3">whole
79              </small></nobr>
80            </td>            </td>
81          <td class="example">&nbsp;</td>          <td class="example">&nbsp;</td>
82        </tr>        </tr>

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