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1 This file describes how to make links within WebPac to other records.
3 Usual usages include links in ISIS files (when one record relates to another).
4 Values for search can be anything. It can be name of Authors (if you want
5 to see all books by same author) or it can be some field which references
6 some other field in ISIS (often used for links "includes also" when included
7 item is another record in isis).
9 Usage:
12 <format name="xxx"> tag defines format (with %s placeholders for
13 values) which will prodoce output. It's useful for producing links in html
14 like <a href="?rm=results&show_full=1&f=f900&v=%s">%s</a>
16 Explanation of parametars in upper a href:
18 rm=results show results page
19 show_full=1 show detailed informations about records
20 (if you omit this one, you will get just headline)
21 f=swish_field reference to swish field
22 v=value value which will be searched (WebPac *WILL NOT*
23 add wildcard (*) at end! If you need it, add it
24 in format!)
26 <isis> tag has following additional attributes:
27 format_name="xxx" which is name of format defined earlier
28 format_delimiter="xxx" which will be used to split formatted
29 content to values which will be interpolated
30 insetead of %s in link format (Be carefull not to include
31 excessive whitespaces if you are generating html).
33 WebPac will keep <a href=""></a> and <br> like constructs. If you use some
34 other html, you will have to change back2html.pm!


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