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Sat Nov 29 19:11:23 2003 UTC (19 years, 10 months ago) by dpavlin
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exact matches can now specify to include (or not) wildcard at end. Added
also documentation about exact matching using swish-e

1 dpavlin 190 How does exact match work?
3     Well, it's quite stupid because swish-e doesn't allow you to make exact
4     match to words. So, work-around is to add 'xxbxx' word at beginning of
5     string and 'xxexx' word at end (think of it as xxb(egin)xx and xxe(nd)xxx)
6     and then search for phrase (words in particular order).
8     So, title "human" will be indexed as "xxbxx human xxexx" if you want full
9     exact match. Then you can search it using (numbers are parameters to e[nr]
10     field in html forms):
12     1: exact match from beginning "xxbxx human"
13     2: exact match from end "human xxexx" (not really useful)
14     3: exact match begin and end "xxbxx human xxexx"
16     add 4 to those values (numbers are really bit-masks :-) to produce wild-card
17     match:
19     5: exact from beginning with wild-card "xxbxx human*"
20     6: exact from end with wild-card "human* xxexx"
21     7: exact begin+end with wild-card "xxbxx human* xxexx"
23     So, to define field which have to search using exact match with wild-card
24     on TitleAndResponsibility, you would use:
26     <input type="hidden" name="f1" value="TitleAndResponsiblity">
27     <input type="text" name="v1">
28     <input type="hidden" name="e1" value="5">


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