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Sat Apr 17 20:40:28 2004 UTC (20 years, 2 months ago) by dpavlin
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Major change:

I no longer user HTML::Pager, SWISH and SWISH::Fork modules,
but SWISH::API (new interface to swish 2.4.x, which is required) and own
implementation of pager.

That saves round-trips of all results from swish-e to memory and to
HTML::Pager so this produces also significant speedup when result set is
large (tipically if you entered just a letter or two with huge number of

1 CPAN modules to consider using:
3 AnyData::Format::XML
4 Data::DumpXML
5 Data::DumpXML::Parser
6 XML::Simple
7 XML::Writer
9 other perl modules which are used:
11 Text::Unaccent from http://www.senga.org/unac/
13 Modules which are used:
14 CGI::Application
15 HTML::Template
16 HTML::FillInForm
17 Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
19 Text::CSV


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