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# Line 18  All commands have documentation embeded Line 18  All commands have documentation embeded
18  $ perldoc isis2xml.pl  $ perldoc isis2xml.pl
20  to see it's usage.  to see it's usage.
22    ### Working notes for documentation:
24    isis2xml.conf:
26    Type must be defined by one of files in import_xml/. However, those
27    files can be in form type_something so that you can have multiple
28    xml files for same data source (e.g. isis).
31    ### How to specify fields which have to be searched in html templates?
33    Each query to swish database is consisted of *TWO* fields. Names
34    of fields are f[nr] and v[nr] where [nr] is number between 1 and 30.
36    Value for v field are names of tags in import_xml/*.xml file.
37    Value for f field is query which will be sent to swish.
39    If you need to show index for this field, your submit button should
40    have name f[nr]_index.
42    There are also other fields which are used specially. Best bet is
43    to do grep param WebPac.pm. However, you shouldn't need to modify
44    any other fields in html templates other than f[nr]* and v[nr].
45    If you do, it's a BUG. Please report it to us.

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