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initial import of openisis 0.9.0 vendor drop

2 Start by downloading the Software.
3 Unpack everything in some arbitrary directory.
4 For the tests, you will also need some isis database,
5 which must be located as files db/cds/cds.*, see downloads.
6 Make sure filenames are lowercase.
8 If you are on Windows, you should either get yourself the cygwin
9 environment with tools like gmake and gcc or volunteer as a porter and
10 start writing the Makefile for your make and compiler. Erik has build
11 a Windows version using mingw and Linux gcc as crosscompiler. If you
12 are on Linux, everything is fine. Ports to MAC OS X and other UNIXes
13 should be no problem.
15 Type "make" and enjoy the compiler messages.
16 (If your make complains, e.g. on BSD, try "gmake").
17 Type "make demo" and enjoy your first open isis record.
18 (You installed a db/cds/cds.*, didn't you? It has more than 42 rows?)
19 Type "make run" and watch the guts of your db passing by.
20 Type "make test", there should be no difference between the testout.txt and
21 the testres.txt as provided (using the cds database from winisis
22 and the 15 MB 58.000+ row unesb db, see downloads).
23 Type "make time" to measure performance,
24 subsequent tries are usually much faster.
25 My 800 MHz P3 random-reads more than 179.000 records a second,
26 once the files are in the system cache.
27 Typical values:
28 $
29 time ./openisis -perf 1000000 -db db/cds/cds >/dev/null
31 real 0m5.655s
32 user 0m3.650s
33 sys 0m2.000s
35 time ./openisis -perf 100000 -db db/unesb/unesb >/dev/null
37 real 0m0.991s
38 user 0m0.670s
39 sys 0m0.320s
41 time ./openisis -fmt mfnf -search 'k$' -db db/unesb/unesb >/dev/null
42 860 rows for k
44 real 0m0.044s
45 user 0m0.040s
46 sys 0m0.000s
47 $
49 Type "make perl" to build the perl stuff;
50 some perl 5.* must be installed beforehand.
51 Type "make java" or, if you just can't get enough, "make jdump",
52 to see it all happen in your shiny new JDK1.3 Java VM.
53 Some 1.2.* JDKs should do, but tell the Makefile to not look
54 in /usr/java/jdk1.3 by setting JAVAHOME.
56 * installing openisis
58 libopenisis.a can be linked with your code; no installation necessary.
59 You may wan't to install the 'openisis' binary somewhere in your path
60 for the fun of it; go ahead, just copy, no magic registry entries.
62 To install the perl stuff for general availability in your
63 /usr/lib/perl5 or whatever, cd to the perl subdir (after "make perl")
64 and issue "make install" (as root or otherwise legitimated).
65 After that, try "perldoc OpenIsis" and the demo.pl script.
67 Java, like perl, needs to dynamically slurp both some stuff in the own
68 language and a native shared object. The former is openisis.jar, set
69 your CLASSPATH to include it, or specify when invoking java like in
70 the Makefile. The latter is libopenjsis.so on linux (yes, it's jsis).
71 The system dynamic linker must be able to find it;
72 see
73 > /jdoc/org/openisis/NativeDb.html NativeDb.java
74 for details.
76 ... GetIt

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