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207      <tr><td class="navigacijaT" style='text-align:justify' >      <tr><td class="navigacijaT" style='text-align:justify' >
208          <ul>          <ul>
210          <li>You can search by entering the words or beginning of the words in search boxes.</li>          <li>Searching is performed either by the beginning of a word (enter three letters at least) or by a whole word entered into one or several offered      search categories.</li>
211          <li>Search results are records of matching data represented by institution names.</li>          <li>The search result is a list of  titles of the bodies in the record of wich the searched data is found.</li>
213          <li>Blank between two words stands for logic operator "and".</li>          <li>The blank space between two words has a meaning of the logical operator AND. OR and NOT operators are also used.</li>
215          <li>Letters of foreign languages should be entered without diacritical marks.</li>          <li>Letters of foreign languages must be entered without the diacritic marks.</li>
218          <li>Indexes start with letters entered in search box; from beginning if no letters entered or no entry found.</li>          <li>Indexes are presented from the specified beginning of  a term or taken as a whole when the beginning is not specified or there exists no term       with the entered beginning.</li>
219          <li>Institution names are based on          <li>Titles of the public authorities of the Republic of Croatia are used from the
220          <a href="http://www.hidra.hr/eurovoc/tekstovi1/euv_uvodh.htm">          <a href="http://www.hidra.hr/eurovoc/tekstovi1/euv_uvodh.htm">
221          Croatian Addendum to Eurovoc thesaurus</a>.</li>          Croatian appendix to the Eurovoc Thesaurus.</a>.</li>
223          </ul>          </ul>
224          </td></tr>          </td></tr>

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