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revision 716 by dpavlin, Fri Feb 4 15:00:24 2005 UTC revision 717 by dpavlin, Tue Sep 20 08:59:21 2005 UTC
# Line 26  Your index lookup on <TMPL_VAR field> fo Line 26  Your index lookup on <TMPL_VAR field> fo
27    <TR>    <TR>
28          <td class="index">          <td class="index">
29          <a href="?rm=results&show_full=1&f1=<TMPL_VAR name="field">&v1=<TMPL_VAR name="item">&e1=1" class="headline"><TMPL_VAR NAME="display"></a>          <a href="?rm=results&show_full=1&f1=<TMPL_VAR name="field">&v1=<TMPL_VAR name="item">&e1=1&filter=<TMPL_VAR name="filter">" class="headline"><TMPL_VAR NAME="display"></a>
30          <!-- ordinal number in index -->          <!-- ordinal number in index -->
31          <!--          <!--
32          <small>[<TMPL_VAR NAME="count">]</small>          <small>[<TMPL_VAR NAME="count">]</small>

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