This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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cryo/  69  13 years  dpavlin   Cryo is a ptrace-based userspace checkpoint/restart proof of concept
bookreader/  296  10 years  dpavlin   Internet Archive BookReader
apache2/  156  13 years  dpavlin   add /server-status in /etc/apache2/conf.d/
openvz/  42  13 years  dpavlin   added --diskspace
rsync/  153  13 years  dpavlin   added --sparse
vblade/  128  13 years  dpavlin   added first vblade example
vim/  24  13 years  dpavlin   added syntax hightlight to vim
yukon/  152  13 years  dpavlin   added yukon, OpenGL video capturing framework https://devel.neopsis.com/project
compcache/  240  12 years  dpavlin   and load modules
vde2/  124  13 years  dpavlin   build Debian package for Virtual NetworkManager from http://wiki.virtualsquare.o
etherpuppet/  127  13 years  dpavlin   build ether puppet for different arhitectures using Firmware Linux
kvm/  122  13 years  dpavlin   build iso from latest windows network guest drivers (virtio)
firefox/  157  13 years  dpavlin   change window and menu font size in firefox
deploy-cookbook/  72  13 years  dpavlin   checkout in single line, so it works over ssh
amt/  144  13 years  dpavlin   compile http://www.openamt.org/trac/wiki/LocalManageabilityService
ganeti/  321  8 years  dpavlin   configurable vol_opt (e.g. compression)
pppoe-server/  173  13 years  dpavlin   configure PPPoE server
ipmi/  299  10 years  dpavlin   connect to IPMI serial console using IPMIView.properties
strace/  36  13 years  dpavlin   count syscalls using strace
iptables/  289  11 years  dpavlin   create TCP proxy unsing only iptables
dell/  133  13 years  dpavlin   display system_id and current bios version
ssh/  71  13 years  dpavlin   don't ask for ssh key filename
ntpdate/  28  13 years  dpavlin   easiest way to keep machine time in sync with ntp
btrfs/  199  12 years  dpavlin   expire snapshots older than 3 days
apt/  323  8 years  dpavlin   extract key into variable for easy copy/paste
lvm/  32  13 years  dpavlin   finish rsync backup over ssh from lvm snapshot to zfs snapshot
qr/  302  9 years  root   generate QR code for WIFI network
gstreamer/  119  13 years  dpavlin   hints from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts/GStreamer
ssd/  273  11 years  dpavlin   http://techgage.com/article/enabling_and_testing_ssd_trim_support_under_linux/2
gearman/  204  12 years  dpavlin   install German::Client from package
git/  150  13 years  dpavlin   install gitweb
gps/  223  12 years  dpavlin   install gpsd-clients
libvirt/  295  10 years  dpavlin   install libvirt and associated tools
pxe/  116  13 years  dpavlin   iptables nat from to wlan0 with masquarade
nbd/  30  13 years  dpavlin   last step is to attach new block device
acct/  40  13 years  dpavlin   lastcomm-duration.pl 4 will return all commands longer than 4s
usb-sniff/  230  12 years  dpavlin   load usbmon and mount debugfs
screen/  142  13 years  dpavlin   make screen - to start shared session make test - to connect student@localhost…
munin/  303  9 years  dpavlin   munin plugin to monitor /dev/log/daemon.log
nvidia/  265  11 years  dpavlin   nvidia power saving tips
linux-kernel/  231  12 years  dpavlin   reboot linux kernel on panic after x seconds
systemtap/  159  13 years  dpavlin   rebuild Debian kernel to support systemtap
ps3/  146  13 years  dpavlin   rebuild xserver-xorg-video-spu
zfs/  300  10 years  dpavlin   report md devices and zfs spare cache and log drives
netpipe-tcp/  172  13 years  dpavlin   show symetrical transfer as single dashed edge
crm114/  275  11 years  dpavlin   start following HOWTO
smart/  305  9 years  dpavlin   start from 0 secotor if first message isn't selftest error
openvpn/  215  12 years  dpavlin   start openvpn from /etc/network/interfaces
smtp/  134  13 years  dpavlin   test SMTP server with swaks
debian/  80  13 years  dpavlin   turn CPAN into debian packages
web/  54  13 years  dpavlin   use only words which have only a-z in them
lxc/  301  9 years  dpavlin   use system configured cgroup mount point
md/  292  10 years  root   watch /proc/mdstat

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