This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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zfs/  79  14 years  dpavlin   extract rsync into function
web/  54  14 years  dpavlin   use only words which have only a-z in them
rsync/  53  14 years  dpavlin   make clone of directory
deploy-cookbook/  72  14 years  dpavlin   checkout in single line, so it works over ssh
openvz/  42  14 years  dpavlin   added --diskspace
btrfs/  74  14 years  dpavlin   added warning about alpha state of btrfs in kernel
ntpdate/  28  14 years  dpavlin   easiest way to keep machine time in sync with ntp
kvm/  56  14 years  dpavlin   kill existing image, mount all partitions
debian/  80  14 years  dpavlin   turn CPAN into debian packages
strace/  36  14 years  dpavlin   count syscalls using strace
cryo/  69  14 years  dpavlin   Cryo is a ptrace-based userspace checkpoint/restart proof of concept
lxc/  68  14 years  dpavlin   configure bridge in /etc/network/interfaces (the Debian way)
ssh/  71  14 years  dpavlin   don't ask for ssh key filename
lvm/  32  14 years  dpavlin   finish rsync backup over ssh from lvm snapshot to zfs snapshot
acct/  40  14 years  dpavlin   lastcomm-duration.pl 4 will return all commands longer than 4s
vim/  24  14 years  dpavlin   added syntax hightlight to vim
amt/  77  14 years  dpavlin   add serial console to grup and run update-grub
pxe/  57  14 years  dpavlin   started recepie to cook pxe boot using dnsmasq
nbd/  30  14 years  dpavlin   last step is to attach new block device

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