This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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apt-iselect  25  16 years  dpavlin   fix warning when there are no results
apt-remove  18  16 years  dpavlin   at least in repository: evil brother of apt-iselect, this scripts allows you to …
dwm-popup  66  14 years  dpavlin   resize chat window
dwm-status.pl  67  14 years  dpavlin   support awesome again.
est-latest.sh  29  15 years  dpavlin   fine-tune script (old changes, not commited)
mailman2mbox.sh  41  14 years  dpavlin   support for uncompressed mailman archives
pgsql-backup-cron.sh  20  16 years  dpavlin   fix mkdir with existing directory
re-bounce.pl  58  14 years  dpavlin   old script from 2006 to re-send bounces from postmaster
small-deb-mirror.sh  15  16 years  dpavlin   check if there are files to delete
svn-fix-repo  10  17 years  dpavlin   verify and recover whole dir of subversion repositories
svn-ignore.sh  53  14 years  dpavlin   small script to collect all unversioned files in current repository, open list i…
svn-overlay.sh  28  15 years  dpavlin   handy script (which should be in root of your svn checkout) to overlay checkout …
svn_bdb2fsfs.sh  12  16 years  dpavlin   convert Subversion repisitory to fsfs file type
svndump-move.pl  52  14 years  dpavlin   skip files which have empty line in to list (doesn't really work for all cases..…
update-checkouts.sh  57  14 years  dpavlin   setup bridge between eth0 and wifi or other way around
update_extension_ver.sh  16  16 years  dpavlin   tweak
webthumb  65  14 years  dpavlin   - drop down to 8bpp if in debug mode - first maximize browser, then load page (s…
wifi-bridge.sh  57  14 years  dpavlin   setup bridge between eth0 and wifi or other way around

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