This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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t/  330  13 years  dpavlin   added fping to all hosts
browser.pm  222  13 years  dpavlin   show also CouchDB database
httpd.pm  335  13 years  dpavlin   ping host and offer wake-on-lan if down
format.pm  216  13 years  dpavlin   cleanup format::mac
upstream.pm  276  13 years  dpavlin   extracted first_time into once package
once.pm  276  13 years  dpavlin   extracted first_time into once package
daemons.pm  321  13 years  dpavlin   move pids to directory
wireshark.pm  265  13 years  dpavlin   added ip::devices_up and use it for wireshark to offer sniffing targets
network.pm  288  13 years  dpavlin   server::setup_from_dev will take configuration from existing device
nmap.pm  337  13 years  dpavlin   nicer scan result path /tmp/nmap.what, store scan result in CouchDB
syslogd.pm  275  13 years  dpavlin   use tag as identifier in url and strip path from it
log.pm  76  13 years  dpavlin   display pos only with debug
dnsd.pm  259  13 years  dpavlin   create just one audit entry for each dns request
amt.pm  336  13 years  dpavlin   just warn about unreachable clients, but wrap our soap invocation in eval
config.pm  317  13 years  dpavlin   few more fake targets
boolean.pm  45  13 years  dpavlin   dump all other peaces in, first configuration which can again boot (wrong image,…
ssh.pm  312  13 years  dpavlin   we need to open ethernet tunnel as root, so check it
dhcpd.pm  324  13 years  dpavlin   save mac address on renew
ping.pm  334  13 years  dpavlin   cleanup client detection (again), added ping to single host
ip.pm  316  13 years  dpavlin   correctly pack/unpack into 32-bit number for marking etc.
file.pm  292  13 years  dpavlin   keep permissions from original file
pxelinux.pm  153  13 years  dpavlin   added client hostname and deploy of configuration over web
server.pm  288  13 years  dpavlin   server::setup_from_dev will take configuration from existing device
client.pm  330  13 years  dpavlin   added fping to all hosts
progress_bar.pm  115  13 years  dpavlin   implement common (and correct) progress_bar for tftpd and httpd
html.pm  315  13 years  dpavlin   added empty option if none of them is selected
kvm.pm  289  13 years  dpavlin   added serial port
tftpd.pm  261  13 years  dpavlin   move refresh after each request
wol.pm  297  13 years  dpavlin   send wake-on-lan packet to network broadcast address because machines which are …
shell.pm  207  13 years  dpavlin   first verision which boots virtual machine logging using new CouchDB::audit code…
CouchDB.pm  299  13 years  dpavlin   format humanly readable dates in url of document
pxe.pm  103  13 years  dpavlin   mirror upstream requirements for Debian live
x11.pm  228  13 years  dpavlin   we really need to replace spaces in name

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