This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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.cvsignore  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   make dist target
sap-mon.conf  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   instructions how to test sap routers
pgsql.monitor  1.7  21 years  dpavlin   better instructions
fping+args.monitor  1.4  21 years  dpavlin   better instructions
socksch.monitor  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   display host name that is tesed in debug output
anon_ftp.monitor  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   added option -o
monshow.cgi  1.3  20 years  dpavlin   fixed number of pages in title
README.test_with_bounce  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   misc fixes before new release
Makefile  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   misc fixes before new release
lwp-http.mon  1.4  20 years  dpavlin   added long command-line options and proxy support
tcpch.monitor  1.1  20 years  dpavlin   modification of original tcpch.monitor to allow fast-expect: basically, take 1K …
parse_log.pl  1.1  20 years  dpavlin   parse file.alert mon logs and report (up|down)time of services
sap.monitor  1.13  19 years  dpavlin   added configurable timeout for sapinfo
parse_log.cgi  1.8  19 years  dpavlin   lession learned: don't mix functional and OO interface to CGI.pm. Thanks, Lincol…
sms.alert  1.8  19 years  dpavlin   added interval -i hh:mm-hh:mm option. You can use it to send sms messages to dif…

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