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1 File: libdata_changelog.txt
2 Title: LibData Change Log
3 Author: Paul F. Bramscher brams006@umn.edu
4 Date: March 16, 2004
7 ==============================================================================
9 ==============================================================================
11 The changelog file is new to LibData 2.0.
13 To download available versions (and utilize bug tracking and discussion
14 forum facilities) please refer to the LibData project page on SourceForge:
15 http://sourceforge.net/projects/libdata/
18 LibData2.0 / March 16, 2004
19 ===========================
20 LibData 2.0 represents a significant break from 1.x, so
21 a new major release number (2.0) was chosen.
23 This version introduces some database changes, namely the
24 introduction of the vendor table, and utilization of the
25 resource.vendor_id field. This allows resources to be associated
26 with a vendor. Either at the vendor level (affecting all
27 associated resources) or at the individual resource level, a
28 status flag can be configured as up (default), down, or alert.
29 On any RQS, or CL/PS page on which the resource appears, the down
30 or alert message is prominently displayed.
32 Another sweeping set of changes involved the passing around of
33 the $con (mySQL resource link/connection identifier) variable.
34 This was not needed, and has been removed from all function
35 calls. In addition to this change, most or all mysql_query()
36 functions have been replaced with a thin wrapper around it
37 (located in db_connect.php) called mysql_tryquery(). This function
38 allows centralized error trapping and reporting for any SQL string
39 passed into the function.
41 Standardization of the drawing of many forms in the administrative
42 portion of LibData. Forms which involve the adding, editing, and
43 deleting of setup tables are now generally routed through a pair of
44 new (and simple) functions in app_controls.php: msgTableOpen() and
45 msgTableClose(). The purpose of this function pair is to open an
46 HTML box utilizing LibData CSS definitions, and create a header row.
47 All subsequent text is then output within the box, until the corresponding
48 msgTableClose() is called to close up the table.
50 Several security enhancements.
53 LibData1.04 / January 27, 2004
54 ==============================
55 This release fixes a bug (refer to bug tracker for details) in the
56 public rqs.phtml file. It also introduces a couple minor enhancements
57 (administrative search for resources by call number and feature) as
58 well as a new database field for PageScribe pages: pageheader. This field
59 is available for edit only on PageScribe (not CourseLib), and allows for
60 the inclusion of descriptive text or HTML between the page title and
61 Table of Contents. (Note that CourseLib already has descriptive-type
62 fields pertinent to courses).
65 LibData1.03 / January 14, 2004
66 ==============================
67 Fixed a minor bug in app_controls.php recordCount() which causes strings
68 with single-quotes to fail during SELECT.
70 Also introduces new functionality to PageScribe/CourseLib: the wrapping
71 of the Table of Contents at the calculated midsection into two-column
72 format. This can be useful for pages which have many root-level elements,
73 a long ToC, and wasted horizontal screen real estate.
76 LibData1.02 / December 04, 2003
77 ===============================
78 Fixed a minor bug discovered in accessClass.php. Please refer to the bug
79 tracker (browse the closed ticket items) for details.
82 LibData1.01 / November 30, 2003
83 ===============================
84 The first open source GPL release of LibData.
88 March 16, 2004
89 Paul F. Bramscher
90 brams006@umn.edu
91 University of Minnesota Libraries

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