This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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class.DBI  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
debug.inc  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
class.DBD::Pg  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
banner.inc  1.4  20 years  dpavlin   careers banner && front-end
stocks.inc  1.7  20 years  dpavlin   changes made by back-end
conn.inc  1.10  20 years  dpavlin   changes made by back-end
rot13.inc  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   distribute applications based on country
find_html_file.inc  1.5  20 years  dpavlin   fix
class.keywords.php  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   include missed char zh
class.CMailFile  1.1  21 years  dpavlin   klasa za slanje mail-ova sa attachmentima
Smarty.local.php  1.12  20 years  dpavlin   move check_required to Smarty.local
news_type.inc  1.4  20 years  dpavlin   new pictures for wap, wap integration with inc/news_type.inc
section.inc  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   newsletter na pravom mjestu
newsletter.php  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   newsletter promjene
quoted-printable.inc  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   promjene zbog pliva.si
Smarty.class.php  1.6  20 years  dpavlin   promjene zbog pliva.si
common.inc  1.21  20 years  dpavlin   removed newsletter (won't go to production YET), fixed title when prev/next butt…
class.swish.php  1.2  20 years  dpavlin   support for no results
Smarty.addons.php  1.5  20 years  dpavlin   update to Smarty 1.3.0

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