This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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widgets.php  1.24  20 years  dpavlin   fix strganih widgeta
displaytable.php  1.14  20 years  ravilov   Fixed makephpself() (now it doesn't append an extra "&")
dbi.php  1.10  20 years  ravilov   Fixed/Enhanced the QuickJump feature
form.php  1.4  20 years  ravilov   Bugfixes in mydata widget.
mywidgets.php  1.11  20 years  ravilov   Bugfixes in mydata widget.
sql_fcns.php  1.4  20 years  ravilov   Many improvements...
multiform.php  1.3  20 years  ravilov   Added some HR's, to make forms look nicer.
date_fcns.php  1.2  21 years  dpavlin   support for euro dates dd.mm.yyyy
php3tophp4  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
LICENSE  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
edit.gif  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
php4tophp3  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
README  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
delete.gif  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
file_upload.php  21 years  dpavlin   alpha
misc_fcns.php  21 years  dpavlin   alpha

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