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Thu Mar 15 07:51:21 2001 UTC (21 years, 8 months ago) by dpavlin
Branch point for: DbP, MAIN
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Initial revision

1 dpavlin 1.1 #!/bin/sh
3     if [ -z "$1" ]; then
4     name=about
5     else
6     name=$1
7     fi
9     #montage -verbose -tile 1x3 -geometry 218x l/${name}1* l/${name}2* l/${name}3* all.gif
10     #montage -verbose -tile 1x3 -geometry 218x76 l/${name}1* -geometry 184x24 l/${name}2* -geometry 184x30 l/${name}3* all.gif
12     #montage -verbose -tile 1x3 -geometry 218x76> l/${name}1* -geometry 184x24> l/${name}2* -geometry 184x30> l/${name}3* all.gif
14     convert -verbose -crop 161x76+0+0 all.gif l2/${name}_a.gif
15     convert -verbose -crop 161x54+0+76 all.gif l2/${name}_b.gif
16     convert -verbose -crop 57x76+161+0 all.gif l2/${name}_c.gif
17     #rm all.gif

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