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revision 56 by dpavlin, Tue Jul 31 15:03:23 2007 UTC revision 89 by dpavlin, Thu Aug 2 12:01:09 2007 UTC
# Line 13  use base qw(Class::Accessor); Line 13  use base qw(Class::Accessor);
13  my @names = qw(scale show_mem);  my @names = qw(scale show_mem);
14  # Orao  # Orao
15  push @names, qw(debug trace);  push @names, qw(debug trace);
16  warn "Prefs names defined: ",join(",",@names),"\n";  warn "# Prefs names defined: ",join(",",@names),"\n";
17  __PACKAGE__->mk_accessors(@names);  __PACKAGE__->mk_accessors(@names);
19  =head1 Preferences  =head1 Preferences

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