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revision 10 by dpavlin, Fri Dec 3 15:23:23 2004 UTC revision 11 by dpavlin, Sun Dec 5 13:30:57 2004 UTC
# Line 25  html: $(TO_INST_PM) Line 25  html: $(TO_INST_PM)
25          test -e $(HTML_DIR) || mkdir $(HTML_DIR)          test -e $(HTML_DIR) || mkdir $(HTML_DIR)
26          ls $(MAN1PODS) $(MAN3PODS) | cut -d. -f1 | xargs -i sh -c "pod2html --infile {}.p[lm] --outfile $(HTML_DIR)/{}.html --htmldir $(HTML_DIR)"          ls $(MAN1PODS) $(MAN3PODS) | cut -d. -f1 | xargs -i sh -c "pod2html --infile {}.p[lm] --outfile $(HTML_DIR)/{}.html --htmldir $(HTML_DIR)"
27          rm -f pod2htm?.tmp          rm -f pod2htm?.tmp
28            test ! -z "`which svn2html.pl`" && svn2html.pl > $(HTML_DIR)/Changes.html
30  changelog:  changelog:
31          svn update && svn -v log > Changes          svn update && svn -v log > Changes

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