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revision 70 by dpavlin, Wed Mar 17 20:26:07 2010 UTC revision 71 by dpavlin, Fri Mar 19 14:38:13 2010 UTC
# Line 372  See also L<Redis::List> for tie interfac Line 372  See also L<Redis::List> for tie interfac
373    my $info_hash = $r->info;    my $info_hash = $r->info;
375    =head1 ENCODING
377    Since Redis knows nothing about encoding, we are forcing utf-8 flag on all data received from Redis.
378    This change is introduced in 1.2001 version.
380    This allows us to round-trip utf-8 encoded characters correctly, but might be problem if you push
381    binary junk into Redis and expect to get it back without utf-8 flag turned on.
383  =head1 AUTHOR  =head1 AUTHOR
385  Dobrica Pavlinusic, C<< <dpavlin at rot13.org> >>  Dobrica Pavlinusic, C<< <dpavlin at rot13.org> >>

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