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bin/  1167  13 years  dpavlin   don't include status bar if FREY_DEV environment variable isn't set
lib/  1194  13 years  dpavlin   suggest loading of Frey::Bootstrap
patch/  914  14 years  dpavlin   https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=42118
etc/  1069  13 years  dpavlin   added YouTube HD video formats
static/  1111  13 years  dpavlin   rename css file
t/  1175  13 years  dpavlin   adaptive length of input type=text on form using new form_value_len which is imp…
sql/  132  14 years  dpavlin   r149@eeepy: dpavlin | 2008-07-15 15:46:23 +0200 example of this schema for SQ…
var/  984  14 years  dpavlin   var/log is required directory
public/  267  14 years  dpavlin   r3085@llin (orig r231): dpavlin | 2008-11-01 14:20:25 +0100 Mojolicous skelet…
Makefile.PL  1143  13 years  dpavlin   Frey::Session now use Frey::Storage and isn't really optional
TODO  1177  13 years  dpavlin   take a look at new mst toy (DBIx::Class refactoring into Moose goodness)


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svk:merge 3121f62f-4ab4-42f3-bb8e-731c06e8d901:/mirror/Frey-eeepy:1003 3121f62f-4ab4-42f3-bb8e-731c06e8d901:/mirror/Frey-eepy-mojo:306 e9e75c52-4363-4ba3-828f-39ff0c092ffe:/branches/dbic:1007 e9e75c52-4363-4ba3-828f-39ff0c092ffe:/branches/mojo:266 e9e75c52-4363-4ba3-828f-39ff0c092ffe:/branches/no-pager:762
svn:ignore META.yml Makefile Makefile.old inc pm_to_blib

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