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Wed Jun 22 19:12:04 2005 UTC (17 years, 5 months ago) by dpavlin
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1 #========================================================================
2 #
3 # ChangeLog - change log for BackupPC.
4 #
6 # Revision history for BackupPC, detailing significant changes between
7 # versions, most recent first.
8 #
10 # Craig Barratt <cbarratt@users.sourceforge.net>
11 #
12 #========================================================================
13 #
14 # Version 2.1.0, released 20 Jun 2004.
15 #
16 # See http://backuppc.sourceforge.net.
17 #
18 #========================================================================
20 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
21 # Version 2.1.0, 20 Jun 2004
22 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
24 * Added Dutch translation from Lieven Bridts, with tweaks from
25 Guus Houtzager.
27 * Added PC-specific config file read in CGI/Archive.pm. Patch
28 from Pete Wenzel.
30 * Added non-zero exit code to BackupPC_zcat when uncompress fails.
31 Patch from Pete Wenzel.
33 * Cosmetic changes to PC Summary and Log file language strings from
34 Pete Wenzel.
36 * BackupPC::Lib tries to be more careful when renaming the backups
37 file to backups.old. There have been reports of backups being
38 empty, perhaps when the BackupPC data file system fills up.
39 Now backups is not renamed to backups.old if backups is empty.
41 * BackupPC now closes stderr and stdout before renaming and
42 re-opening the log file.
44 * Pre/post backup/restore/archive commands now correctly set
45 "type" to either incr/full/restore/archive, and now cmdType
46 is the type of Pre/post backup/restore/archive command.
48 * BackupPC_archive correctly terminates archive processes on
49 alarm or cancel.
51 * Updates to BackupPC_stnd.css with absolute font sizes instead
52 of relative.
54 * BackupPC_dump now makes sure that the $Conf{FullAgeMax} check
55 also ensures the full backup is older than the maximum age
56 expected from $Conf{FullPeriod}.
58 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
59 # Version 2.1.0beta2pl1, 30 May 2004
60 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
62 * Fixed bug in rsync checksum caching code in BackupPC::Xfer::RsyncDigest.
64 * BackupPC_zipCreate now ensures the earliest mtime is 1/1/1980,
65 since zip file formats don't support earlier dates. Reported
66 by Dan Niles.
68 * CGI restore via zip and tar now makes sure stderr is ignored
69 when BackupPC_tarCreate and BackupPC_zipCreate are run.
70 Previously any stderr output would get mixed in the archive,
71 corrupting it. Reported by Dan Niles.
73 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
74 # Version 2.1.0beta2, 23 May 2004
75 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
77 * $Conf{BackupFilesOnly} and $Conf{BackupFilesExclude} now apply
78 to every share, rather than just the first, in the case where
79 they are arrays and there are multiple shares. Suggested
80 by Andy Evans.
82 * On the phase 2 retry pass with rsync, verify the cached checksums
83 if checksum caching is turned on. This will catch the case of
84 cached checksums being incorrectly appended to the compressed
85 pool file. Added new config parameter $Conf{RsyncCsumCacheVerifyProb}
86 so that cached checksums are verified with a selectable probability.
87 Also, increased File::RsyncP version number to 0.51.
89 * configure.pl now supports an optional batch mode. Command-line
90 options are used to specify all the information that configure.pl
91 needs. This is useful for building auto-install packages.
92 Also, configure.pl now includes pod documentation, so you can do
93 "perldoc configure.pl" to see all the command-line options.
94 Suggested, tested and tweaked by Stuart Herbert for possible
95 Gentoo inclusion.
97 * At each wakeup, clients are now queued based on how old the most
98 recent backup is. Clients with errors are queued first, with
99 the oldest error times going first. The rest of the clients are
100 queued next, with the clients with the oldest backup going first.
101 Previously the clients were simply queued in alphabetic order.
102 Suggested by Mike Trisko and Tony Nelson.
104 * Added config parameter $Conf{PartialAgeMax} that controls whether
105 partials are saved at all, and if so, whether the partial will be
106 ignored at the next full backup if it is too old.
108 * BackupPC_tarExtract now allows empty archives without reporting
109 an error. Reported by Don Silvia.
111 * Removed Browse Backups link from Nav Bar in Archive Info display.
112 Reported by Ralph Paßgang.
114 * Fixed documentation display for regular users. Reported by Ralph Paßgang.
116 * Status and PC Summary now work for regular users and only show
117 that user's hosts. Server general status information only appears
118 for admins. Suggested by Ralph Paßgang.
120 * Moved the last three navigation-bar links (docs, FAQ and SF) to
121 a new config parameter $Conf{CgiNavBarLinks}. This allows
122 these links to be locally configured. Based on a patch
123 submitted by Ralph Paßgang.
125 * Allow the navigation bar search box to be disabled by
126 setting $Conf{CgiSearchBoxEnable} to 0. Based on a patch
127 submitted by Ralph Paßgang.
129 * Updates to de.pm from Ralph Paßgang.
131 * Made the BackupPC icon a link to the SF BackupPC project page.
133 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
134 # Version 2.1.0beta1, 4 Apr 2004
135 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
137 * The CSS definition has been removed from the config.pl file and
138 is now a separate file, BackupPC_stnd.css. A new config variable,
139 $Conf{CgiCSSFile}, gives the name of the CSS file to use.
140 Suggested by Ender Mathias.
142 * Fixed the filling of the host name select box for admins.
143 The default $Conf{CgiNavBarAdminAllHosts} is now 1.
144 Reported by Doug Lytle.
146 * Cleaned up warning message for restore using rsync when checksum
147 caching is on, but when file didn't have cached checksums.
149 * Fixed BackupPC_archiveHost to support par2 (par2cmdline).
150 Patch submitted by Jaco Bongers and adapted by Josh Marshall.
152 * Improved stat() usage in BackupPC_nightly, plus some other cleanup,
153 giving a significant performance improvement. Patch submitted by
154 Wayne Scott.
156 * Allow several BackupPC_nightly processes to run in parallel based
157 on new $Conf{BackupPCNightlyJobs} setting. This speeds up the
158 traversal of the pool, reducing the overall run time for
159 BackupPC_nightly.
161 * Allow BackupPC_nightly to split the pool traversal across several
162 nightly runs. This improves the running time per night, at the expense
163 of a slight increase in disk storage as unused pool files might not
164 be deleted for a couple of days. Controller by new config setting
165 $Conf{BackupPCNightlyPeriod}.
167 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
168 # Version 2.1.0beta0, 20 Mar 2004
169 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
171 * A failed full dump is now saved as a partial (incomplete) dump,
172 provided it includes some files. This can be used for browsing,
173 restoring etc, and will also form the basis of resuming full
174 dumps. Only one partial is kept, and it is removed as soon
175 as a successful full (or a new partial) is done.
177 * Added support for resuming a full dump for rsync. The partial
178 full is kept, and to resume an incremental is done against the
179 partial, and a full is done for the rest.
181 * Added support for Rsync checksum caching. Rsync checksum are
182 appended to the compressed pool files. This means that block
183 and file checksums do not need to be recomputed on the server
184 when using rsync. Requires a patch to rsync to support fixed
185 checksum seeds. This patch is included in the cygwin-rsyncd
186 release on http://backuppc.sourceforge.net.
188 * Major addition of Archive feature from Josh Marshall. Special
189 clients can be configured to be archive targets (eg: tape drives,
190 CD-R). Any subset of the backup clients can be selected and tar
191 archives are created, optionally compressed and split and written
192 to the output device. Logs are maintained and are browsable.
194 * Major changes from Ryan Kucera to add style sheets to the CGI
195 interface, allowing easy customization. Added new icons and
196 BackupPC logo. Numerous navigation improvements.
198 * Added directory history display to BackupPC_Admin, allowing the
199 user to quickly see which files changed between backups on a
200 per-directory basis.
202 * Added exponential expiry option for full dumps. This allows you
203 to specify
205 - how many fulls to keep at intervals of $Conf{FullPeriod}, followed by
206 - how many fulls to keep at intervals of 2 * $Conf{FullPeriod},
207 - how many fulls to keep at intervals of 4 * $Conf{FullPeriod},
208 - how many fulls to keep at intervals of 8 * $Conf{FullPeriod},
209 - how many fulls to keep at intervals of 16 * $Conf{FullPeriod},
211 and so on. This allows you, for example, to keep 4 weekly fulls,
212 followed by 6 fulls every 4 weeks (approx 1 month) and 2 fulls at
213 16 weeks, for roughly 1 year of history. This works by deleting
214 every other full as each expiry boundary is crossed. Suggested
215 by David Cramblett.
217 * Added Italian language translation it.pm from Lorenzo Cappelletti.
219 * Major updates to language files for new features and tags changes.
220 Updated makeDist to do pedantic consistency checking of language
221 files.
223 * Addition of administration options from Paul Lukins. Initial
224 page allows server to be started/stopped/reloaded. This still
225 needs some i18n work. Currently the server start/stop is
226 commented out.
228 * Split BackupPC_Admin into a set of modules, one for each major action.
229 Each action is now a seperate module in lib/BackupPC/CGI.
231 * Allow the blackout period begin/end to span midnight. Adapted
232 from patch submitted by David Smith.
234 * Allow multiple blackout periods, with new config variable
235 $Conf{BlackoutPeriods} that replaces the old variables
236 $Conf{BlackoutHourBegin}, $Conf{BlackoutHourEnd}, and
237 $Conf{BlackoutWeekDays}. Based on patch submitted by
238 Lorenzo Cappelletti.
240 * Disabled alarms after forks to avoid timeouts in children that
241 do not reset their alarm. Prompted by ideas from James Leu.
243 * Added options for block size, buffer size and share wild-card to
244 BackupPC_tarCreate. Also added negative backup number options
245 that are relative to the last (so -1 is the last), suggested by
246 William McKee and Carl Soderstrom.
248 * The "Wrong user" message in BackupPC::Lib now goes to stderr, so that
249 the user is more likely to see the error with BackupPC_tarCreate.
250 Reported by Paul Fox.
252 * Add creation of per-PC directory in BackupPC/CGI/Restore.pm in
253 case it doesn't already exist.
255 * Added -q -x to all ssh commands in conf/config.pl. Suggested by
256 SI Reasoning and Niranjan Ghate.
258 * Changed restore code so that option #1 (direct restore) can be
259 disabled if the restore command is undefined. Disabling direct
260 restore is necessary if the share is read-only. Suggested by
261 Rich B from SAIC.
263 * Changed regexp in lib/BackupPC/Smb.pm to allow numbers with both
264 a decimal point or comma for international versions of Samba.
265 Patch submitted by Frank Gard.
267 * Browsing and directory history now sort the files in a
268 case-insensitive manner.
270 * Changed exec() syntax to allow executing commands whose path
271 contains spaces.
273 * BackupPC_dump no longer removes backups if $Conf{FullKeepCnt}
274 is zero or undefined. The protects the existing backups in the
275 case of a bad config.pl file. Suggested by Christian Warden.
277 * Swapped the Server and Hosts sections on the Nav bar. Moved the
278 host search text box to the top of the hosts section. This was
279 done to move the variable-length part of the Nav bar (when all
280 hosts are displayed) to the bottom.
282 * Fixed a bug in tar restore related to how the common prefix path is
283 removed. Now ensure that the common path is at a directory boundary.
284 Reported by Patrick Neuner.
286 * Added --chuid ${USER} to init.d/src/gentoo-backuppc. Suggested by
287 SI Reasoning, Pascal Pochol, Michael Evanoff and others.
289 * Added Suse notes to init.d/README from Bruno Vernay.
291 * Added Apache 2 documentation fix from Michael Tuzi.
293 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
294 # Version 2.0.2, 6 Oct 2003
295 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
297 * Fixed stupid last-minute change in octal size conversion in
298 Backup_tarExtract.
300 #-----------------------------------------------------------------------
301 # Version 2.0.1, 5 Oct 2003
302 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
304 * Fixed handling of >= 8GB files in BackupPC_tarExtract and >= 4GB
305 files in BackupPC_tarCreate.
307 * Removed smbclient size repair in BackupPC_tarExtract for files
308 between 2GB and 4GB. This means that BackupPC_tarExtract 2.0.1
309 doesn't behave the same as 2.0.0 for file sizes between 2GB and 4GB
310 extacted using smbclient 2.2.x. If you have problems backing up
311 files whose size is between 2GB and 4GB using smbclient 2.2.x
312 you should upgrade smbclient to 3.0, since it now generates
313 correct file sizes.
315 * Replace PingClientPath with PingPath in configure.pl.
317 * Removed -T (taint mode) on binaries installed in configure.pl.
319 * Added support for smbclient from samba version 3.0.0.
321 * Fixed $Conf{HardLinkMax} limit check in BackupPC::Lib; reported
322 by Ross Skaliotis.
324 * In BackupPC_Admin, default REMOTE_USER to $Conf{BackupPCUser}
325 if it is not defined. This allows the CGI interface to work
326 when AdminUsers = '*'. Reported by Quentin Arce.
328 * For SMB, code that detected files with a read-locked region (eg:
329 outlook .pst files), removed them and then tried to link with an
330 earlier version was broken. This code missed a step of mangling
331 the file names. This is now fixed. Reported by Pierre Bourgin.
333 * A backup of a share that has zero files is now considered
334 fatal. This is used to catch miscellaneous Xfer errors that
335 result in no files being backed up. A new config parameter
336 $Conf{BackupZeroFilesIsFatal} (defaults to 1) and can be set to
337 zero to turn off this check. Suggested by Guillaume Filion.
338 Additional change: this check only applies to a full dump.
340 * SMB: now detect NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED on entire share or BackupFilesOnly
341 (also ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.) for older versions of
342 smbclient.) Suggested by Guillaume Filion.
344 * SMB: now detects "tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME" and
345 the dump is considered failed.
347 * Rsync: Previously BackupFilesOnly = '/' did --include '/' --exclude '/*',
348 which just included the '/' directory and nothing below. Now it
349 does just --include '/', which should include everything.
350 Reported by denon.
352 * Add hostError to DumpPostUserCmd variable substitutions for both dump
353 and restore.
355 * Verbose output in Lib.pm goes to STDERR, not STDOUT. This now
356 makes BackupPC_dump -v work better.
358 * Don't allow browsing with ".." in directory in case a user tries
359 to trick BackupPC_Admin into displaying directories outside where
360 they are allowed.
362 * Required File::RsyncP version is now 0.44, since File::RsyncP 0.44
363 fixes large file (>2GB) bugs. Large file bugs reported by Steve
364 Waltner.
366 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
367 # Version 2.0.0, 14 Jun 2003
368 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
370 * Minor tweaks to disable utf8 on utf8-capable machines (eg: RH8+).
371 Added "no utf8" to all programs, and added binmode() to relevant
372 file handles.
374 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
375 # Version 2.0.0beta3, 1 Jun 2003
376 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
378 * Several improvements to restore: cancel now reports the correct
379 message and cleans up correctly.
381 * Rsync with whitespace and wildcard excludes fixed by replacing
382 argList with argList+ in config.pl plus a fix to Lib.pm for
383 shell escaping array arguments.
385 * Fixed rsync restore for character and block special devices
386 (major and minor device numbers weren't correctly restored).
388 * Fixed typo in bin/BackupPC_restore (XferLOG -> RestoreLOG).
390 * (Re)-fixed "Bad command" in log file when restore via tar or zip
391 file download is done.
393 * Added untaint to exec in Lib.pm to avoid tainted errors.
395 * Applied additional tweak to hilight patch from Tim Demarest.
397 * $Conf{CgiAdminUsers} = '*' now allows privileged even with REMOTE_USER
398 not set.
400 * Don't display RsyncdPasswd when displaying config.pl files.
402 * Replace pipe with socketpair in bin/BackupPC_dump and bin/BackupPC_restore,
403 which increases typical buffering from 4K to 16K-64K. This improves the
404 performance.
406 * Add check on $ENV{LANG} setting do configure.pl: if LANG includes utf
407 then a warning is printed.
409 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
410 # Version 2.0.0beta2, 11 May 2003
411 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
413 * Added German translation, provided by Manfred Herrmann.
415 * Fixed large-file problem with rsync, reported by Manfred Herrmann.
417 * Fixed zip and tar file download from CGI under mod_perl. Reported
418 by Pierre Bourgin and Paul Lukins.
420 * Fixed directory browsing and top-level directory browsing in 2.0.0beta0.
421 Reported by several users.
423 * Added -v option to BackupPC_dump for verbose output (useful when
424 you run the command manually). Added messages for all exits.
426 * If nmblookup returns multiple IP addresses, NetBiosHostIPFind()
427 now returns the first IP address that matches the subnet mask.
428 Suggested by Tim Demarest.
430 * Fixed BackupPC::View so the top-level directory is handled correctly.
431 This allows the top-level share/directory to be restored via the
432 CGI interface. Reported by several users.
434 * Fixed RsyncFileIO failures on certain large files by replacing seek()
435 with sysseek(). Reported by Manfred Herrmann.
437 * Added configurable highlighting of PC status in the CGI summary
438 screen; submitted by Tim Demarest.
440 * Fixed command queue CGI display; submitted by Tim Demarest.
442 * BackupPC_trashClean now logs an error if it can't remove all the
443 trash and then goes back to sleep, rather than continually trying.
445 * Moved correct user (uid) check into BackupPC::Lib so that all
446 applications do a user check if $Cong{BackupPCUserVerify} is
447 set. The avoids the risk of manually running BackupPC_dump as
448 the wrong user.
450 * Loss of blackout now applies to "host not found" as well as no ping.
451 Reported by Dale Renton.
453 * "Host not found" is now treated in a similar manner to "no ping".
455 * Added suse-linux init.d script from Leon Letto.
457 * Added Gentoo linux init.d script from Tim Demarest.
459 * Applied additional i18n strings from GFK and the translation team.
461 * Fixed option parsing so that getopts errors are reported and we exit.
463 * Changed reporting of Xfer PIDs so that rsync cancel works correctly.
465 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
466 # Version 2.0.0beta1, 30 Mar 2003
467 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
469 * Added Spanish translation es.pm from Javier Gonzalez.
471 * Fixed CGI browse navigation bug that causes BackupPC_Admin to wedge
472 when directories were selected in a certain order.
474 * Fixed BackupPC::PoolWrite so that it can recover when the initial
475 file size is wrong. This is needed since rsync could write a file
476 whose size is different from the initial size returned in the
477 file list when that file is updated while rsync is running.
479 * Added binmode(STDIN) to BackupPC_tarExtract, suggested by Pat LoPresti
480 to fix a problem a RedHat8 with perl 5.8.0. It's unclear why this
481 helps, but it should be benign. See:
482 http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=1853018&forum_id=503
484 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
485 # Version 2.0.0beta0, 23 Feb 2003
486 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
488 * Support for rsync and rsyncd backup and restore. Changes to
489 BackupPC_dump, BackupPC_restore, and new modules BackupPC::Xfer::Rsync
490 and BackupPC::Xfer::RsyncFileIO.
492 * Added internationalization (i18n) code from Xavier Nicollet,
493 with additions from Guillaume Filion. Voila! BackupPC_Admin
494 now supports English and French, and adding more languages is
495 now easy. New config paramater $Conf{Language} sets the language.
497 * Added optional user-defined pre/post dump/restore commands, allowing
498 things like database shutdown/startup for dumps.
500 * Changed the way hosts are found.
502 * Added $Conf{ClientNameAlias}, which allows the name of the physical
503 client machine to be set. This allows several different backup
504 "hosts" to all refer to the same physical machine, which is
505 convenient if several different types of data need to be backed
506 up, or if different parameters are needed for different parts of
507 the host.
509 * Replaced $Conf{PingArgs} with $Conf{PingCmd}, added $Conf{DfCmd},
510 $Conf{NmbLookupCmd} allowing all these commands to be fully
511 configured. Also, all commands can also now be fragments of
512 perl code.
514 * Moved all smbclient commands into the config.pl file so the specific
515 arguments can be customized. New config parameters are
516 $Conf{SmbClientFullCmd}, $Conf{SmbClientIncrCmd} and
517 $Conf{SmbClientRestoreCmd}.
519 * Added new BackupPC::View module that creates views of backups
520 (handling merging etc). Updated BackupPC_Admin, BackupPC_zipCreate
521 and BackupPC_tarCreate to use BackupPC::View. This removes lots
522 of merging and mangling code from the higher-level code.
524 * Added code from Toby Johnson that allows additional users to be
525 specified in the hosts file; these users can also view/start/stop
526 and restore backups for that host. Also added a new config
527 setting $Conf{CgiNavBarAdminAllHosts} that allows all hosts to
528 be listed in the left nav bar for admins.
530 * Added $Conf{HardLinkMax} (default 31999) which sets the limit on
531 the maximum number of hardlinks per file in the pool. If a file
532 ever gets to this number of links a new pool file is created to
533 handle additional links.
535 * Added $Conf{PerlModuleLoad}, which allows optional additional perl
536 modules to be loaded.
538 * Added $Conf{EMailUserDestDomain} and other EMail config settings to
539 allow language-specific default messages to be overridden.
541 * Added BPC_FTYPE_DELETED to lib/BackupPC/Attrib.pm, allowing deleted
542 files to be represented in the attrib file correctly.
544 * Added support for environment variable BPC_SMB_PASSWD, which is the
545 client's smb password. This overrides the old environment variable
548 * Added taint cleanup for perl5.8 to lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm.
550 * Changed $tar_unpack_header format in BackupPC_tarExtract to correctly
551 handle files with trailing spaces.
553 * Added catching of SIG_PIPE to BackupPC_dump, and changed catch_signal
554 to ignore multiple signals of the same type.
556 * Added reporting of the largest number of hardlinks in the pool to the
557 log file.
559 * Adding reporting of syntax errors in the per-PC config.pl file.
561 * Updated BackupPC_sendEmail to handle language-specific email messages.
563 * Allow client (host) names to contain spaces. Spaces in host names
564 need to be escaped via "\" in the hosts file. The user of spaces in
565 host names is discouraged, but they should work. One feature that
566 doesn't work with host names that contain spaces is the highlighting
567 of that name in the log file display in the CGI interface. There are
568 no plans to fix this.
570 * Renamed $Conf{SmbClientTimeout} to $Conf{ClientTimeout}.
572 * Fixed all open() calls to use 3 argument form to fix handling of file
573 names with trailing whitespace. Also fixed CGI interface so these
574 file names are displayed correctly.
576 * Fixed new 2.0.0 CGI navigation bug that causes the top-level directory
577 to have a URL "&share=//boot&dir=" instead of "&share=/boot&dir=/".
578 Reported by Pascal Schelcher. Fixed similar problem reported by
579 Doug Lytle.
581 * Added "PerlTaintCheck On" to the mod_perl section in the docs,
582 suggested by Tim Demarest.
584 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
585 # Version 1.5.0, 2 Aug 2002
586 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
588 * Changed conf/config.pl so that $Conf{TarIncrArgs} uses the --newer
589 option instead of --newer-mtime. Also removed --atime-preserve from
590 $Conf{TarClientCmd}. This makes the default settings work better
591 with tripwire.
593 * Fixed configure.pl so it correctly detects a running BackupPC <= v1.4.0
594 so it can correctly warn the user to stop it before upgrading. Reported
595 by David Holland.
597 * Added missing ";" to entity escape in EscapeHTML in BackupPC_Admin.
598 Reported by Guillaume Filion.
600 * Added LDAP setup to documentation from David Holland.
602 * Tar.pm now adds a "." to file paths that start with "/", so that all
603 tar paths are relative. From Ludovic Drolez.
605 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
606 # Version 1.5.0beta0, 30 Jun 2002
607 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
609 * A full set of restore options is now supported, including direct
610 restore via smbclient or tar or downloading a zip or tar file.
612 * Major additions to CGI script to support better directory navigation,
613 restore features and mod_perl. Also, file downloads from the CGI
614 interface now correctly preserve the file name and provide the
615 correct Content-Type for the most common types of files. Improved
616 directory navigation was contributed by Ryan Kucera.
618 * New script BackupPC_zipCreate (contributed by Guillaume Filion) is the
619 zip analog of BackupPC_tarCreate. BackupPC_zipCreate can be used to
620 create a zip archive of any portion of a backup.
622 * Substantial additions to BackupPC_tarCreate to support restore,
623 including modifying path names, handling hardlinks, fixing
624 support of old backups without attributes (pre-v1.4.0). Plus
625 BackupPC_tarCreate is now an offical part of the release.
626 (Lack of support for hardlinks was reported by John Stanley.)
628 * BackupPC_tarExtract now supports hardlinks and fixed pooling of
629 attribute files.
631 * A unix domain socket is now used for communication between the CGI
632 interface and BackupPC. The original TCP socket is optional. Sockets
633 are correctly re-initialized if config.pl is updated with new socket
634 settings.
636 * For improved security messages over the unix or TCP socket are protected
637 via an MD5 digest based on a shared secret, a sequence number, a time
638 stamp and a unique per-connection number.
640 * Additions to configure.pl to support install of directory navigation
641 images.
643 * Fixed case where $Conf{BackupFilesOnly} or $Conf{BackupFilesExclude}
644 were set to a single string or list (in v1.4.0 only the case of
645 hash worked correctly). Reported by Phillip Bertolus.
647 * Fixed case of $Conf{BackoutGoodCnt} == 0. This setting now makes the
648 client always subject to blackout, matching the comments in config.pl.
649 Also fixed handling of $Conf{BackoutGoodCnt} < 0 in the CGI script
650 reported by Pascal Schelcher.
652 * Fixed byte and file totals for tar backups, reported by several users.
654 * Fixed --newer-mtime date/timestamp format to make it ISO 8601 compliant,
655 suggested by Erminio Baranzini.
657 * Fixed handling of $Conf{BackupFilesOnly} in BackupPC::Xfer::Tar.pm, as
658 well as shell escaping of tar arguments.
660 * Fixed entity encoding of 8-bit characters in the CGI interface.
662 * Added optional CGI headers in $Conf{CgiHeaders} that by default
663 is set to a no-cache pragma. Suggested by Benno Zuure.
665 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
666 # Version 1.4.0, 16 Mar 2002
667 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
669 * BackupPC now supports tar (in addition to smb) for extracting host
670 data. This is the most convenient option for linux/unix hosts.
671 Tar can be configured to run over ssh, rsh or to backup a local
672 nfs mount from the host.
674 * Support for special files, including symbolic links, fifo, character
675 and block device files has been added, so that all native linux/unix
676 file types can be correctly backed up when using tar transport.
677 Special files are all stored as regular files and the type attributes
678 are used to remember the original file type.
680 * All unix file attributes are now saved (and pooled when possible).
681 This includes user and group ownership, permissions, and modification
682 time. Smbclient also does a reasonable job of emulating unix
683 permissions (such as mtime), and these attributes get saved too.
685 * The new default is to not fill incremental dumps. configure.pl
686 automatically sets $Conf{IncrFill} to 0. The default was 1
687 (incrementals were filled with hardlinks). Since the CGI
688 script does filling at browsing time, there is no need to
689 fill incremental dumps.
691 * Backup file names are now stored in "mangled" form. Each node of a
692 path is preceded by "f", and special characters (\n, \r, % and /) are
693 URI-encoded as "%xx", where xx is the ascii character's hex value. So
694 c:/craig/example.txt is now stored as fc/fcraig/fexample.txt. This
695 was done mainly so meta-data could be stored alongside the backup
696 files without name collisions. In particular, the attributes for the
697 files in a directory are stored in a file called "attrib", and
698 mangling avoids file name collisions (I discarded the idea of having
699 a duplicate directory tree for every backup just to store the
700 attributes). Other meta-data (eg: rsync checksums) could be stored in
701 file names preceded by, eg, "c". There are two other benefits to
702 mangling: the share name might contain "/" (eg: "/home/craig" for tar
703 transport), and I wanted that represented as a single level in the
704 storage tree. Secondly, as files are written to NewFileList for later
705 processing by BackupPC_link, embedded newlines in the file's path
706 will cause problems which are avoided by mangling.
708 The CGI script undoes the mangling, so it is invisibe to the user.
709 Of course, old (unmangled) backups are still supported by the CGI
710 interface.
712 * Various changes to the CGI interface, BackupPC_Admin:
714 + Added button that allows users to manually start a full dump in
715 addition to the existing incremental dump.
717 + Added display of file attributes when browsing backups.
719 + Added an optional holdoff time specified by the user when canceling
720 a backup. BackupPC will not attempt any new backups for at least the
721 specified time. This holdoff time can be changed whether or not a
722 backup is running.
724 + Added supports for file mangling, and correct merging of unfilled
725 backups from mangled or unmangled (and compressed or uncompressed)
726 fulls when browsing or restoring.
728 + Only displays a "Start Incr Backup" button if there are already some
729 backups.
731 + For DHCP hosts, when a user tries to manually start a backup, add
732 a check for the netbios name of both the host the request came
733 from (REMOTE_ADDR) and the last known DHCP address for that host
734 to see if either address matches the host. If not, an error
735 message is display. The previous behavior was that only requests
736 from the client itself succeeded, and requests from other machines
737 quietly failed.
739 * Changed the version numbering to X.Y.Z, instead of X.0Y. This release
740 is 1.4.0. The first digit is for major new releases, the middle digit
741 is for significant feature releases and improvements, and the last
742 digit is for bug fixes. You should think of the old 1.00, 1.01, 1.02
743 and 1.03 as 1.0.0, ..., 1.3.0.
745 * BackupPC and the CGI script BackupPC_Admin now check that the effective
746 user id is correct to avoid accidentally launching BackupPC as the
747 wrong user or detecting CGI configuration problems. This behavior
748 can be turned off using the $Conf{BackupPCUserVerify} option.
750 * In numerous places changed "Smb" to "Xfer" (eg: log file names) to
751 support generic names for both smb and tar transport methods. The
752 CGI script checks for old names for backward compatibility.
754 * Major changed to Backup_dump to support new tar transport. All transport
755 specific code moved into BackupPC::Xfer::Smb and BackupPC::Xfer::Tar
756 objects.
758 * Added workaround for a bug in Samba's smbclient for files between 2GB
759 and 4GB. The file size in the tar header is incorrect. This allows
760 files up to 4GB to work with smbclient, rather than 2GB. To support
761 files larger than 2GB you must make sure perl is compiled with the
762 uselargefiles option (use "perl -V | egrep largefiles" to check) and
763 the pool directory must be on a file system that supports large files.
765 * Moved the pool writing code into a module BackupPC::PoolWrite. This
766 allows the clever file pool checking (digest, uncompressing, comparing
767 etc with minimum disk IO) to be used easily in multiple places (eg: it
768 is now used for writing attribute files so they can be pooled).
770 * Changed MD5 to Digest::MD5 to avoid use of the depreceated MD5 module.
772 * Shortened default $Conf{MyPath} so that perl's taint mode is more likely
773 to be happy. The old $Conf{MyPath} contained /usr/local/bin, which
774 on one user's machine was world writable and perl -T correctly
775 complained about it.
777 * Fixed ping command options in Lib.pm so that it works on OpenBSD.
778 Thanks to Kyle Amon for sending the fix. Decided to move the
779 ping options from Lib.pm into config.pl (as $Conf{PingArgs}) and
780 now configure.pl tries to come up with a sensible default based on
781 the OS.
783 * Fixed argument checking in BackupPC_tarExtract to allow '$' in the
784 share name (eg: C$). Thanks to Jules Agee for this fix. Also
785 changed the default config.pl so that single quotes are used
786 everywhere so that people don't get tripped up putting '$' inside
787 double-quoted strings.
789 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
790 # Version 1.03, 9 Dec 2001
791 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
793 * BackupPC now has full support for compression. There are now two
794 pool areas, the original pool for uncompressed files, and cpool for
795 compressed files. The compression is done by Compress::Zlib.
796 Compression reduces the pool disk usage by around 40%, although your
797 mileage may vary. Compression is optional and can also be specified on
798 a per-PC basis (although this will cost more pool storage since many
799 backup files will have to be stored in both compressed and
800 uncompressed forms.
802 * A new script, BackupPC_compressPool, can be run to compress the entire
803 pool. This is used once to migrate all the pool data from uncompressed
804 to compressed on existing installations. Read the documentation
805 (Installing BackupPC/Compressing an existing pool) before running
806 BackupPC_compressPool!
808 Alternatively, compression can simply be turned on and all new backups
809 will be compressed. Both old (uncompressed) and new (compressed)
810 backups can be browsed and viewed. Eventually, the old backups will
811 expire and all the pool data will be compressed. However, until the
812 old backups expire, this approach could require 60% or more additional
813 pool storage space to store both uncompressed and compressed versions
814 of the backup files.
816 * Significant improvements to the cgi interface, BackupPC_Admin:
818 - much better layout navigation
819 - handles compressed backup files and compressed log files
820 - handles unfilled incremental dumps
821 - better backup directory browsing navigation
822 - reports compression statistics
823 - $Conf{CgiDateFormatMMDD} allows you to set date format (MM/DD or DD/MM)
824 - Additional customization with $Conf{CgiHeaderFontType},
825 $Conf{CgiHeaderFontSize}, $Conf{CgiNavBarBgColor}, and
826 $Conf{CgiHeaderBgColor}.
828 * Eliminated BackupPC_queueAll. BackupPC directly reads the hosts
829 file and queues the PCs itself. Like config.pl, BackupPC will
830 re-read the hosts file on each wakeup if its modification time
831 changes, or upon a SIGHUP. This also makes for better behavior
832 when adding a host: if you add hosts, simply send a SIGHUP to
833 BackupPC or wait for the next wakeup.
835 * BackupPC_dump now compresses the SmbLOG file if compression is enabled.
837 * BackupPC_dump keeps track of compressed file sizes so that compression
838 statistics can be reported by the cgi interface.
840 * Aging of old log files now handles compressed log files (.z extension).
842 * Added configuration option $Conf{IncrFill} to specify whether
843 incremental dumps should be filled in. Old behavior was that
844 filling was on. Now it's optional. See config.pl for more
845 details.
847 * BackupPC_nightly now cleans and generates statistics for both
848 the uncompressed pool and compressed pool (cpool).
850 * Added new utility script BackupPC_zcat that can be used to
851 uncompresses BackupPC files.
853 * configure.pl offers various options related to compression,
854 depending upon whether this is a new install or upgrade,
855 and whether or not Compress::Zlib is installed.
857 * configure.pl now makes a backup copy of config.pl before
858 config.pl is updated.
860 * added three new fields to the backups file to handle optional
861 filling and compression stats.
863 * Added -e option to BackupPC_dump. BackupPC now invokes BackupPC_dump -e
864 on each dhcp host once each night to verify that very old backups are
865 expired. This ensures that very old backups are expired even if
866 the dhcp host has not been on the network for a long time.
868 * fixed bug in BackupPC::FileZIO.pm that required Compress::Zlib,
869 even if compression was off. Thanks to Steve Holmes for reporting
870 this.
872 * fixed bug that caused a BackupPC queue to get blocked when a backup
873 cancel attempt was made during the BackupPC_link phase.
875 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
876 # Version 1.02, 28 Oct 2001.
877 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
879 * Added new script BackupPC_tarExtract to extract the smbclient tar
880 archive. This reduces disk writes by perhaps 90-95% and disk reads by
881 50%. Previously, tar was used to extract and write everything to disk.
882 Then BackupPC_dump would read enough of each file to compute the MD5
883 digest, and then compare the full file with candidate pool files. So
884 for each 1MB file that matches a single file in the pool, there would
885 be 1MB of disk writes and 2MB of disk reads (to compare two 1MB files).
887 BackupPC_tarExtract instead extracts the archive using a 1MB memory
888 buffer. This allows the MD5 digest to be computed without touching the
889 disk. Next, any potential pool file compares are done by comparing the
890 pool file against the incoming tar data in memory, which only requires
891 the pool file to be read. So for each 1MB file that matches a single
892 file in the pool, there are now no disk writes, and only 1MB of reads.
893 BackupPC_tarExtract handles arbitrary size files and repeated
894 potential pool matches. If the incoming file doesn't match the pool
895 then it is written to disk (once the pool is mature this happens maybe
896 5-10% of the time).
898 * Substantial changes to BackupPC_dump:
900 + BackupPC_tarExtract is now used in place of tar.
902 + BackupPC_dump now reads the output from both smbclient and
903 BackupPC_tarExtract and merges them into SmbLOG.
905 + Named pipes are no longer used to connect smbclient to tar
906 (now BackupPC_tarExtract). Regular pipes are used instead.
907 This avoids the need to system mknod or mkfifo.
909 + Locked files on the client that can't be read by smbclient
910 previously were filled with 0x0 bytes by smbclient, meaning
911 tar extracted a useless file filled with 0x0 bytes. Now,
912 BackupPC_dump watches the output of smbclient and removes
913 any files that smbclient couldn't read. This avoids storing
914 useless files. It tries to replace such files with a hard link
915 to a previous dump. These actions appear in the log file.
917 * added new module lib/BackupPC/FileZIO.pm. This handles pool file
918 I/O and is used by BackupPC_tarExtract. BackupPC::FileIO supports
919 reading and writing compressed and regular files and provides all the
920 hooks for compression support in BackupPC (should be supported in next
921 version). BackupPC::FileIO also does efficient writing of files that
922 contain leading 0x0 bytes (by seeking past the 0x0 bytes). This is
923 helpful when smbclient reads a locked file, and it fills the tar
924 output with a file of the correct size but all 0x0. Such files will be
925 later removed by BackupPC_dump. But in the meantime, BackupPC::FileIO
926 writes such files efficiently (as sparse files), meaning just a few
927 blocks of disk space will be needed even if the file is large.
929 * alive/dead counting for blackout now works correctly for DHCP hosts.
931 * BackupPC resets activeJob on startup, to fix bug when BackupPC was
932 killed and restarted with backups running.
934 * added extra non blocking select() in BackupPC to make sure the socket
935 reads don't block.
937 * BackupPC avoids queuing multiple BackupPC_queueAll's on the CmdQueue.
939 * Updated BackupPC_sendEmail to correctly parse the locked file
940 error from 2.2.1a smbclient, so that missing Outlook file emails
941 can be correctly sent.
943 * Changed HostInfoRead() in lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm to lowercase the
944 hostname read from the hosts file.
946 * BackupPC_Admin provides general summary when the host name is empty.
948 * configure.pl (and BackupPC) now requires perl 5.6.0 or later.
950 * configure.pl complains if BackupPC is already running, reminding you
951 to stop it before upgrading.
953 * updated documentation, and fixed auto-insertion of config.pl into
954 BackupPC.pod (previously the last config parameter was left out of
955 BackupPC.pod).
957 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
958 # Version 1.01, 30 Sep 2001
959 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
961 * Documentation cleanup in README, doc/BackupPC.pod, conf/config.pl.
963 * BackupPC_sendMail now reads the optional per-PC config file, allowing
964 email configuration parameters to be set on a per-PC basis.
966 * Removed the unused 4096-length MD5 digest code in lib/BackupPC/Lib.pm.
968 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
969 # Version 1.00, 21 Sep 2001
970 #------------------------------------------------------------------------
972 * Initial release of BackupPC on sourceforge.net.

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