Revision 231 (by dpavlin, 2008/08/31 11:54:40) Added action SearchLDAP which replace old dump and enables us to issue
search requests directly to upstream LDAP to check it's current data
UNASSIGNED: (feel free to take any)
- hrEduPersonUniqueNumber should be required, but we don't get it via Net::LDAP even with bind
- hrEduPersonGender convert to valid values (M//?)
- implement tests for views
- look into memcache usage
- fancy javascript widget for multi-value editing
- top level /ldap page

+ add missing columns from LDAP
+ fix navigation CSS
+ add cache to Strix for performance reasons
+ push new verision with refactoring as result of documentation
+ select attribute and value for LDAP dump
? LDAP server (separate process?)
- rename A3C::Model::Organization to A3C::Model::hrEduOrg to be consistent with model names
- fix clipboard which doesn't seem to play well when surfing through other items under /strix
- implement current_user_can in models to get permissions
- multiple A3C::Model::User::is_person -> A3C::Model::hrEduPerson links
- multiple LDAP support for auth (HUSO, CARNet)
- connect to LDAP only when needed (and not on startup)

- move validators from A3C::Model::Organization to A3C::Model::hrEduOrg
- implement A3C::View::hrEduPerson (keep in mind Jifty::Plugin::TableCRUD :-)

- code review LDAP server


- read-only korisnici za svim podacima o skolama (kao AHU)
- AHU se unosi na helpdesku bez JMBG-a, a onda ga mora unijeti kod prvog logiranja

- AI ne upisuje MX record nego AR

- visestruki identitet
	- administrator moze administrator vise skola


- zahtjevi ravnatelja helpdesku
	- ravnatelj (mora biti ovlasten papirom sa potpisom iz skole) - upisuje AHU
	- tipizirani tipovi zahtjeva

+ move finished tasks before
- peding tasks.

Mark versions with [0.05] after task, so it serves as quick ChangeLog or NEWS