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doc/  203  18 years  dpavlin   grammar fix
template_html/  200  18 years  dpavlin   Added missing changes to template for index results
import_xml/  193  18 years  dpavlin   closer to specification
tools/  191  18 years  dpavlin   dump content of gdbm file
public_html/  173  18 years  dpavlin   removed fixed width
filter/  168  18 years  dpavlin   added years filter for swish to support 1983- notation
feeds/  77  19 years  dpavlin   fix for data without details
index/  48  19 years  dpavlin   don't save indexes in CVS
WebPac.pm  202  18 years  dpavlin   implemented sort=1 variable to sort results by headline
index_DBI_cache.pm  201  18 years  dpavlin   changed behaviour when searching index and no entry beginning with string is fou…
all2xml.pl  199  18 years  dpavlin   fixed filter delimiter bug
TODO.hidra  193  18 years  dpavlin   closer to specification
parse_format.pm  187  18 years  dpavlin   support for subfields in fields 10/11
global.conf  175  18 years  dpavlin   fix path
marc_sf.pm  169  18 years  dpavlin   die with message if no field name is specified
all2xml.conf  163  18 years  dpavlin   Added type="swish_exact" to save data into swish index with boundaries xxbxx dat…
Makefile  162  18 years  dpavlin   added profile target
TODO  161  18 years  dpavlin   write nice (?) message indicating that there are no results for this query
back2html.pm  151  18 years  dpavlin   keep <a href>
BUGS  134  18 years  dpavlin   more tasks
INSTALL  133  18 years  dpavlin   added note about SQLite performance, example in global.conf
isis_sf.pm  105  19 years  dpavlin   renamed get_sf to (isis|marc)_sf to avoid warning abouts re-definining of functi…
httpd.conf  91  19 years  dpavlin   make this version called webpac-dev
run.sh  86  19 years  dpavlin   run wget only weekly
.cvsignore  85  19 years  dpavlin   various changes on the way to production
README  81  19 years  dpavlin   the great rename: isis2xml.* -> all2xml.*
swish_isis.conf  81  19 years  dpavlin   the great rename: isis2xml.* -> all2xml.*
index_DBI.pm  50  19 years  dpavlin   move database arguments to .conf file
test_charset.pl  40  19 years  dpavlin   major de-mungling of different codepages: use same codepage inside perl (as oppo…
cpan_install.sh  33  19 years  dpavlin   script to install modules from CPAN needed for WebPac
xmlify.pm  10  19 years  dpavlin   bunch of changes: make design more modular, implement index (partial implementat…
webpac.sql  9  19 years  dpavlin   renamed "old" index to swish, and introduced index which is -- index; implemente…

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