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1 from the Winisis "reference" manual:
3 $
4 i. Gizmo conversion table
5 This field may contain the name of a Gizmo conversion table to be
6 used for import. This facility is provided to facilitate
7 interchange of text containing diacritical marks between different
8 hardware and/or software platforms. A gizmo conversion table is an
9 ASCII text file, which you may create using any familiar text
10 editor, and is defined as follows.
11 The first character of the first line contains the diacritical
12 prefix (normally the @ sign for CDS/ISIS). Each subsequent line
13 has the following format:
14 dxyxyxyxyxy....xy
15 where : d is the diacritical code (e.g. 7 for acute accent), x is
16 the character to be accented, and y is the accented character.
17 A sample gizmo conversion table is given below:
18 @
19 6aàeè
20 7aáeé
21 (([
22 ))]
23 CDS/ISIS uses this table to provide encoded diacriticals on export
24 (e.g. é will be converted to @7e), and to decode encoded
25 diacriticals on import (e.g. @6a will be converted to à). When a
26 Gizmo conversion table is used for import, CDS/ISIS will simply
27 strip the diacritical for all those characters not listed in the
28 table. For example, using the table given above, the input string
29 @7e. will be converted to é, whereas the string @7y will be
30 converted to y, because y is not listed in line 7.
31 Note: this feature is not implemented in this version.
32 $
35 at some (?) other source i found:
37 $
38 a gizmo is a masterfile containing text replacements.
39 gizmo records have fields with tags 1 and 2.
40 every occurence of the contents of field 1 is replaced
41 by the contents of the associated field 2.
43 gizmo translation can be used
44 - to perform charset translation, e.g. Cp850 to ISO-8859-1
45 - to translate special chars like <> with something nicer like /
46 - to htmlify output like with < to &lt;
47 - to replace certain keywords that might be used in field contents
49 if a gizmo record has a field 11,
50 and it contains the three characters:
51 - asc then field 1 is used as decimal number giving a char value
52 - hex then field 1 is used as hex number (e.g. d7) giving a char value
53 in the same way field 21 may control interpretation of field 2.
54 $

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