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1 OpenIsis joined the X. regional meeting of CDS/ISIS distributors and experts
2 in Latin America and the Caribbean, Feb. 3.-5. in la Havana, Cuba.
5 * Overview
7 Among the more than 50 participants where Davide Storti,
8 chief CDS/ISIS manager in UNESCO HQ Paris,
9 Adalberto Tardelli, senior developer at BIREME,
10 and known expert Ernesto Spinak from Uruguay.
12 Davide announced that there are new developments underway
13 to build a much advanced successor of WinISIS,
14 which shall finally be released under some open source license.
15 OpenIsis was welcomed in the "CDS/ISIS family"
16 and possibly may make some contributions to further developments.
19 * Presentations
21 Just to pick a few among a couple of interesting speeches:
22 - Adalberto explained how BIREME is focussing their next software generation
23 on XML storage to enhance, for example, the
24 > http://www.scielo.org/ SCIELO platform.
25 - Ernesto introduced IsisMarc, a windows app for data entry with strong
26 support for any MARC standard, including the highly complex MARC21.
27 - Elysio Mira Soares from Brasil developed the library automation system
28 > http://www.elysio.com.br/eng_index.htm PHL
29 , which is under GPL, but users are asked to contribute their contents
30 to a pool.
31 - A group of Cuban developers from INFOMED are working on CLABEL
32 (Catálogo en linea para automatizar bibliotecas electrónicas),
33 which shall be a KOHA replacement based on CDS/ISIS (under GPL, of course),
34 while their colleagues are developing
35 > http://webservices.sld.cu/test/isisearch/ XML-RPC interfaces for ISIS.
36 - Paulo Cattelan from Porto Alegre presented the ISIS
37 information and helpdesk system
38 > http://www.oraculo.inf.br/ ORACULO.
39 - From Argentina we saw the LGPLd
40 > http://www.bl.fcen.uba.ar/openopac.php OpenOPAC.
42 OpenIsis prepared bilingual (english/espanol) papers on
43 > Cuba state and roadmap of our development
44 and
45 > CubaPHP the OpenIsis PHP extension
46 by Braulio.

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