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1 overview of isis software
4 The mother of all isis software is a DOS version of "MicroISIS" as an
5 integrated system with textual user interface. There is a BSD version
6 of "CDS/ISIS" which also runs under linux up to some 2.2.x kernels
7 (current 2.4 kernels do not support the iBCS module for COFF
8 binaries). Then there are several versions of "WinISIS"
9 (M$-Windows only, but runs under linux/wine).
12 A shared library version "isis.dll" of functions to access an isis db
13 from your code exists, despite it's name, also in a linux version
14 ("isilux"); however, you need some pretty special libs to make it run.
15 A set of command line tools ("cisis") performs tasks like importing
16 ISO2709 bibliographic databases, inverting (index building) etc. The
17 thing next to an isis database server is "wwwisis", which runs as CGI
18 or from the command line and performs most isis tasks (win and lin
19 versions). However, it actually runs per request, not as a server
20 itself, and thus cannot provide concurrency control.
23 This "official" isis software, which is maintained by
24 > http://www.unesco.org/webworld/isis/isis.htm Unesco
25 and/or
26 > http://www.bireme.br/isis/ Bireme
27 , is accompanied by a couple of independent
28 developments, some of which are in the public domain.
29 > http://web.tiscali.it/javaisis/ Javaisis
30 is an AWT-based GUI (3.5 uses SWING) and a corresponding server,
31 which in turn uses wwwisis.
32 > http://www.jezuici.krakow.pl/soft/iapi/ Robert Janusz
33 wrote a C-lib (iAPI) from scratch,
34 which was the starting point for the openisis software.

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