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revision 320 by dpavlin, Mon Mar 8 21:18:41 2004 UTC revision 321 by dpavlin, Sun Apr 18 01:03:27 2004 UTC
# Line 13  Line 13 
13          # display progress bar indicator (default is no)          # display progress bar indicator (default is no)
14          show_progress=1          show_progress=1
16          # optional alternative Text::Unaccent filter          # Filter characters before feeding them to swish. If you don't use
17          unac_filter = /data/webpac-hidra/filter/unac_string_croatian.pm          # this file, implementation will fall-back to passing through
18            # original charset, and if you have anything other than plain
19            # 7-bit ascii in your data, your words will end-up splitted in
20            # index on 8-bit characters and you won't be able to find them!
21            my_unac_filter = /data/webpac/my_unac_string.pm
23  [webpac]  [webpac]
24          # path to template html files          # path to template html files

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