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enlarge-pool/  29  10 years  dpavlin   detach small block device from pool so it get enlarged
03.create-compressed-file-system  14  10 years  dpavlin   create compressed zfs file system
41.nc-zfs-send  45  10 years  dpavlin   send zfs snapshot over netcat
zfs-receive-snaphost.sh  120  10 years  dpavlin   receive snapshot from other host using nc for low overhead
20.create-snapshot  17  10 years  dpavlin   create zfs snapshot
Makefile  241  8 years  dpavlin   upstream is now git
zfs-expire-snapshot.pl  263  8 years  dpavlin   zfs list -t snapshot fix for newer zfs versions which don't return snapshots by …
30.create-writable-clone  33  10 years  dpavlin   create writable clone from snapshot
60  90  10 years  dpavlin   start zfs-fuse on boot and mount filesystems
10.attach-device  10  10 years  dpavlin   attach new device to zfs pool and turn it into mirror
40.nc-zfs-receive  44  10 years  dpavlin   receive zfs snapshot over netcat
pull-rsync-snap.sh  198  9 years  dpavlin   pull btrfs snapshot from rsync server
replace-failing-drive.sh  266  8 years  dpavlin   create test raidz1 array, nuke one drive, replace it with spare
60.append  91  10 years  dpavlin   zpool also needs full path
zfs-replicate-pool.pl  270  8 years  dpavlin   fix readonly flag for first snapshot
02-create-pool  16  10 years  dpavlin   added link to documentation
README  125  10 years  dpavlin   point to new upstream http://git.rudd-o.com/zfs/
50.create  84  10 years  dpavlin   example of cron job to do daily backup
zfs-send-snapshot.sh  114  10 years  dpavlin   dd_rescue don't like sync on stdin/stdout
01-install  1  10 years  dpavlin   ZFS on Linux using zfs-fuse
pull-snapshot-backup.sh  242  8 years  dpavlin   remove function bash-isam
zfs-snapshot-to-ve.sh  109  10 years  dpavlin   use configured veid all over
50  84  10 years  dpavlin   example of cron job to do daily backup
disks.pl  300  7 years  dpavlin   report md devices and zfs spare cache and log drives
03-create-file-system  3  10 years  dpavlin   create zfs file system

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