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Sun Jun 1 12:13:36 2003 UTC (17 years, 2 months ago) by dpavlin
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- support for more than one affix or findaffix file at same time

1 This project is side-effect of WebPac indexer -- I learned so much about
2 perl and swish-e during working on WebPac so I decided to make smaller
3 cgi interface to swish for general purpose web crawling and searching.
6 For this to work, you will have to create symlink from swish.cgi to
7 each configuration like this:
9 cd html
10 ln -s swish.cgi rot13.cgi
12 Then, rot13.cgi will use rot13.xml file as configuration.
15 This perl cgi font-end has following interesting features:
16 1. old (easy to understand :-) swish spider modified to support "no parent"
17 URL (url above which it will stop spidering -- useful if you want to
18 spider just your personal pages under some URL)
19 2. separate xml configuration file for one index (all uses same cgi script)
20 3. no need to design html pages (but, that limits you to one rather ugly
21 design with some fill-in words -- someone could change that to use
22 templates as I will probably in future)
23 4. support for searching using Lingua::Spelling::Alternative module which
24 uses ispell affix or findaffix data to create variations of entered words
25 (you can use affix and findaffix together; even with more than one file
26 separated buy commans [,] or spaces)
27 5. support for converting swish UTF-8 output to some other encoding on web
28 using iconv.
31 For example how to create useful configuration file take a look at
32 included Makefile. In short, make_config.pl can create configuration
33 file for swish, xml configuration for cgi script and necessary symlink
34 by just:
36 $ make_config.pl name_of_config http://host/url_to_index/ [strip from url]
38 Optional "strip from url" will remove that part of the path when storing
39 in swish index. That enables you to create indexes which can later be merged
40 in one combined index easily. It's also useful if you want to index your
41 whole /doc directory and don't want that prefix in each and every entry in
42 index (which should save some space on disk too!).
45 Dobrica Pavlinusic <dpavlin@rot13.org> 2003-04-26


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