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revision 36 by dpavlin, Sat Oct 25 12:47:24 2008 UTC revision 37 by dpavlin, Sat Oct 25 16:39:22 2008 UTC
# Line 43  Line 43 
43      <tr valign="top">      <tr valign="top">
44          <td ex:role="viewPanel">          <td ex:role="viewPanel">
46              <div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Timeline" ex:start=".date"              <div ex:role="view" ex:viewClass="Timeline"
47                    ex:start=".date" ex:end=".modified"
48                  ex:colorKey=".author"                  ex:colorKey=".author"
49                  ex:topBandUnit="week" ex:topBandPixelsPerUnit="100"                  ex:topBandUnit="week" ex:topBandPixelsPerUnit="100"
50                  ex:bottomBandUnit="month" ex:bottomBandPixelsPerUnit="25"                  ex:bottomBandUnit="month" ex:bottomBandPixelsPerUnit="25"

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