This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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webthumb  65  11 years  dpavlin   - drop down to 8bpp if in debug mode - first maximize browser, then load page (s…
mailman2mbox.sh  91  10 years  dpavlin   added --no-check-certificate so we work with broken ssl certificates
svn2git.pl  121  9 years  dpavlin   added -a to git commit
sum.pl  76  11 years  dpavlin   added -h to produce human-readable output
pg_size  79  11 years  dpavlin   added number of tuples to output of single database as last number
apt-remove  18  13 years  dpavlin   at least in repository: evil brother of apt-iselect, this scripts allows you to …
isobar.c  114  10 years  dpavlin   boot floppy image extractor described at http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/BIOS_upda
small-deb-mirror.sh  15  13 years  dpavlin   check if there are files to delete
svn_bdb2fsfs.sh  12  13 years  dpavlin   convert Subversion repisitory to fsfs file type
pdf2flash.sh  70  11 years  dpavlin   convert pdf to web viewable flash using swftools
record-screencast.pl  110  10 years  dpavlin   convert recorder to perl, round size to even pixels, use ffplay
xterm-clipboard.sh  144  7 years  dpavlin   copy/paste into clipboard from xterm
google-groups2mbox.pl  141  8 years  dpavlin   craws whole google groups archive
mt2ikiwiki.pl  116  10 years  dpavlin   create ikiwiki files from MovableType's export
atq.pl  125  9 years  dpavlin   dump atq output *together* with commands which will be executed
xclip-vi  145  7 years  dpavlin   edit selection in vi and leave result in clipboard
android-tether.sh  139  8 years  dpavlin   experiment to tether Android with laptop for Internet access
est-latest.sh  29  12 years  dpavlin   fine-tune script (old changes, not commited)
awesome-client.pl  72  11 years  dpavlin   fix client to work with recent awesome
fix-utf8-iso88591-encoding.pl  119  10 years  dpavlin   fix encoding in files with mixed UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encoding
play-toggle.sh  101  10 years  dpavlin   fix esc
pgsql-backup-cron.sh  20  13 years  dpavlin   fix mkdir with existing directory
apt-iselect  25  13 years  dpavlin   fix warning when there are no results
svn-overlay.sh  28  12 years  dpavlin   handy script (which should be in root of your svn checkout) to overlay checkout …
xterm-vim  111  10 years  dpavlin   helper script for it's all text firefox plugin
mitm-ssl.pl  133  9 years  dpavlin   hexdump communication in realtime on STDERR
uncache.c  142  8 years  dpavlin   http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Edomas-mituzas/%2Bjunk/uncache/download/head%3A/un
pdf-optimize.sh  143  8 years  dpavlin   http://blog.rot13.org/2011/05/optimize-pdf-file-size-using-ghostscript.html
git-dot.sh  123  9 years  dpavlin   http://use.perl.org/~BooK/journal/39887
pdf2jpeg.sh  123  9 years  dpavlin   http://use.perl.org/~BooK/journal/39887
usbreset.c  137  8 years  dpavlin   mount usbfs
re-bounce.pl  58  11 years  dpavlin   old script from 2006 to re-send bounces from postmaster
firefox-sessionstore.html  104  10 years  dpavlin   re-idented from http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=622036
svn-rt-comment.pl  97  10 years  dpavlin   require word boundry around rt1 so that amort1 in diff won't attach commit to RT…
dwm-popup  66  11 years  dpavlin   resize chat window
dwm-status.pl  136  9 years  dpavlin   revert dzen changes
pgsql-git-backup.pl  88  10 years  dpavlin   rewrite to be real pipe, and re-sort copy data to minimize diff
svn-rollback-iselect.sh  103  10 years  dpavlin   rollback repository to any previous revision by svnadmin dump/load after you sel…
configure-package-install-deb.sh  124  9 years  dpavlin   run configure and try to install all packages from Debian packages
vga-out-switch.sh  71  11 years  dpavlin   script to turn VGA output on/off
wifi-bridge.sh  57  11 years  dpavlin   setup bridge between eth0 and wifi or other way around
svndump-move.pl  52  11 years  dpavlin   skip files which have empty line in to list (doesn't really work for all cases..…
bt.sh  109  10 years  dpavlin   small bluetooth helper script
svn-ignore.sh  53  11 years  dpavlin   small script to collect all unversioned files in current repository, open list i…
mouse-teleport.sh  117  10 years  dpavlin   teleport mouse pointer
hdparm-readahead.pl  92  10 years  dpavlin   test range of hdparm setting on drive
update_extension_ver.sh  16  13 years  dpavlin   tweak
svn-undo-last-commit.sh  102  10 years  dpavlin   undo last commit by dump-load svnadmin cycle for that "Uups!" moments
osd-projector.pl  122  9 years  dpavlin   use aosd_cat to create text on top of screencast
update-checkouts.sh  138  8 years  dpavlin   use git svn fetch
svn-fix-repo  10  14 years  dpavlin   verify and recover whole dir of subversion repositories

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