This is repository of my old source code which isn't updated any more. Go to git.rot13.org for current projects!
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.cvsignore (dead)  1.4  17 years  dpavlin   don't ignore
Smarty.addons.php  1.2  18 years  dpavlin   update to Smarty 1.3.0
Smarty.addons.php (dead)  1.3  18 years  dpavlin   use Smarty from corporate page
Smarty.class.php  1.3  17 years  dpavlin   *** empty log message ***
Smarty.class.php (dead)  1.3  18 years  dpavlin   use Smarty from corporate page
Smarty.local.php (dead)  1.3  18 years  dpavlin   remove smarty
class.CMailFile  18 years  ravilov   initial import
class.DBD::Pg  18 years  ravilov   initial import
class.DBI  18 years  ravilov   initial import
common.inc  1.13  17 years  dpavlin   moved check_required to Smarty.local
conn.inc  1.7  17 years  dpavlin   new dbi, prijevodi, corporate news
dbi_pgsql.php  1.1  17 years  dpavlin   new dbi, prijevodi, corporate news
debug.inc  18 years  ravilov   initial import
fetch_html_file.inc  1.2  17 years  dpavlin   vademecum
find_html_file.inc (dead)  1.3  18 years  dpavlin   take from corp.page
fix_msshit.inc  1.2  17 years  dpavlin   manje promjene radi boljeg indeksiranja
news_sif.inc  1.2  18 years  dpavlin   Pliva magazin, template za publikacije, logo-i za publikacije
quoted-printable.inc (dead)  1.2  17 years  dpavlin   symlink from corp_html
read_file.inc  1.1  17 years  dpavlin   file function has a bug?
rot13.inc  18 years  ravilov   initial import
section.php  1.12  17 years  dpavlin   autorizacija korisnika

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