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Fri Sep 13 23:59:38 2002 UTC (18 years, 1 month ago) by dpavlin
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basic instructions

1 dpavlin 1.1 <h1>Help, I'm lost!</h1>
3     <p>
4     Nice to meet you. You are looking at 12-hour Gantt chart of your
5     backup cycle (or empty 12-hour graph if you didn't configure OmniGant
6     correctly).
7     </p><p>
8     Using <b>&lt;&lt</b> or <b>&gt;&gt;</b> you can scroll beginning of
9     your time view (left side) or end of your view (right side).
10     That way you can see more events (in 12 hour increments) or less,
11     as long as you see at least 12 hours at time. You can also scroll
12     left and right by modifying left and right side one by one.
13     </p><p>
14     Above and below you will see <i>time grid</i> with alternating
15     <font color="#ffff88">yellow</font> and
16     <font color="#ffcc88">red</font> boxes which represent one hour
17     on graph (hover over them with mouse to see numerical representation
18     of hour). I guess that you have found out about label and usage
19     counters on it.
20     </p><p>
21     <i>Press back on your browser to go back to graph.</i>
22     </p>

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