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Author: dpavlin
Date: Mon Oct 8 16:21:34 2007 UTC (14 years ago)
Changed paths: 47
Log Message:
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1497 2007/03/18 03:41:36 debug Exp $
20070224	Minor update to the initialization of the ns16550 in
		machine_walnut.c, to allow that machine type to boot with the
		new interrupt system (although it is still a dummy machine).
		Adding a wdc at 0x14000000 to machine_landisk.c, and fixing
		the SCIF serial interrupts of the SH4 cpu enough to get
		NetBSD/landisk booting from a disk image :-)  Adding a
		preliminary install instruction skeleton to guestoses.html.
20070306	Adding SH-IPL+G PROM emulation, and also passing the "end"
		symbol in r5 on bootup, for Landisk emulation. This is enough
		to get OpenBSD/landisk to install :)  Adding a preliminary
		install instruction skeleton to the documentation. SuperH
		emulation is still shaky, though :-/
20070307	Fixed a strangeness in memory_sh.c (read/write was never
		returned for any page). (Unknown whether this fixes any actual
		problems, though.)
20070308	dev_ram.c fix: invalidate code translations on writes to
		RAM, emulated as separate devices. Linux/dreamcast gets
		further in the boot process than before, but still bugs out
		in userland.
		Fixing bugs in the "stc.l gbr,@-rN" and "ldc.l @rN+,gbr" SuperH 
		instructions (they should NOT check the MD bit), allowing the
		Linux/dreamcast Live CD to reach userland correctly :-)
20070310	Changing the cpu name "Alpha" in src/useremul.c to "21364" to
		unbreak userland syscall emulation of FreeBSD/Alpha binaries.
20070314	Applying a patch from Michael Yaroslavtsev which fixes the
		previous Linux lib64 patch to the configure script.
20070315	Adding a (dummy) sun4v machine type, and SPARC T1 cpu type.
20070316	Creating a new directory, src/disk, and moving diskimage.c
		to it. Separating out bootblock loading stuff from emul.c into
		new files in src/disk.
		Adding some more SPARC registers.
20070318	Preparing/testing for a minirelease,

==============  RELEASE  ==============

Changed paths

Path Details
Directorytrunk/HISTORY modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/Makefile.skel modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/README modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/RELEASE modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/TODO modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/configure modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/doc/20070224-netbsd-landisk.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070224-netbsd-landisk_small.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070308-linux-dreamcast-1.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070308-linux-dreamcast-1_small.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070308-linux-dreamcast-2.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070308-linux-dreamcast-2_small.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070318-netbsd-macppc.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/20070318-netbsd-macppc_small.png added
Directorytrunk/doc/dreamcast.html modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/doc/guestoses.html modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/doc/index.html modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/doc/intro.html modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/Makefile.skel modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/cpus/cpu_sh.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/cpus/cpu_sh_instr.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/cpus/cpu_sparc.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/cpus/cpu_sparc_instr.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/cpus/memory_sh.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/cpus/memory_sparc.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/devices/dev_dreamcast_maple.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/devices/dev_ram.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/devices/dev_sh4.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/disk/ added
Directorytrunk/src/disk/Makefile.skel added
Directorytrunk/src/disk/bootblock.c added
Directorytrunk/src/disk/bootblock_apple.c added
Directorytrunk/src/disk/bootblock_iso9660.c added
Directorytrunk/src/disk/diskimage.c added
Directorytrunk/src/diskimage.c deleted
Directorytrunk/src/emul.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/include/cpu_sh.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/include/cpu_sparc.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/include/machine.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/include/misc.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/machines/machine_landisk.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/machines/machine_sparc.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/machines/machine_walnut.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/promemul/Makefile.skel modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/promemul/README modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/src/promemul/sh_ipl_g.c added
Directorytrunk/src/useremul.c modified , text changed

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