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Mon Oct 8 16:18:31 2007 UTC (12 years, 6 months ago) by dpavlin
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1 $Id: BUGS,v 1.33 2005/06/04 12:35:14 debug Exp $
4 Serious bugs:
6 x) An unknown math coprocessor bug. (Ultrix' dxclock sometimes looks
7 weird.)
9 x) Enabling cache emulation (./configure --enable-caches) triggers bugs.
11 x) Compiling with certain versions of gcc and -O3 optimization on i386
12 triggers bugs. I'm not sure whether they are in gcc or in GXemul.
14 x) Linux/DECstation (Debian) oopses extremely often unless -U is used
15 at run-time. I'm not sure yet why it bugs out. With -U, the risk is
16 lower, but not completely gone. _Maybe_ this is a bug in Linux. Why?
17 Because the oops message contains things like ANSI escape codes and
18 characters in registers (including the pc and return address register);
19 this looks like a buffer overflow in the serial driver. (Another thing
20 that gives weight to this theory is that the serial driver in Linux is
21 still being developed.) But this is just a guess.
23 x) bintrans bugs. (For example, NetBSD/sgimips for IP22/24 hangs during
24 boot with bintrans enabled.)
27 Less serious bugs / issues:
29 o) hardware device ticks are done at cycle specific intervals, not
30 instruction intervals, so sometimes a fraction of a cycle can be
31 "lost".
33 o) running Linux/DECstation 2.4.26 with no scsi disks attached causes
34 a warning message to be printed by Linux.
36 o) UDP packets that are too large are not handled well by the Lance device.
38 o) Colors in X11 framebuffers on MacOS X hosts are wrong. (I'm not sure
39 how to solve this; the code works on both little-endian (Alpha) and
40 big-endian (UltraSPARC) X-servers...)
42 o) bintranslated 64-bit stuff checks to see if the top 32 bits are
43 all zeroes or all ones, and then uses 32-bit tables and such. This
44 is a bug. It should check the top 33 bits, not 32. (Alpha only, already
45 fixed for i386?)
47 o) NetBSD/arc 2.0 uses the ASC controller in a way which GXemul cannot yet
48 handle. (NetBSD 1.6.2 works ok.)

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