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Revision 48 - Directory Listing
Modified Wed Oct 10 22:58:29 2007 UTC (12 years, 7 months ago) by dpavlin
remove CVS dirs all over

Revision 44 - Directory Listing
Modified Mon Oct 8 16:22:56 2007 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by dpavlin
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1632 2007/09/11 21:46:35 debug Exp $
20070616	Implementing the MIPS32/64 revision 2 "ror" instruction.
20070617	Adding a struct for each physpage which keeps track of which
		ranges within that page (base offset, length) that are
		continuously translatable. When running with native code
		generation enabled (-b), a range is added after each read-
		ahead loop.
		Experimenting with using the physical program counter sample
		data (implemented 20070608) together with the "translatable
		range" information, to figure out which physical address ranges
		would be worth translating to native code (if the number of
		samples falling within a range is above a certain threshold).
20070618	Adding automagic building of .index comment files for
		src/file/, src/promemul/, src src/useremul/ as well.
		Adding a "has been translated" bit to the ranges, so that only
		not-yet-translated ranges will be sampled.
20070619	Moving src/cpu.c and src/memory_rw.c into src/cpus/,
		src/device.c into src/devices/, and src/machine.c into
		Creating a skeleton cc/ld native backend module; beginning on
		the function which will detect cc command line, etc.
20070620	Continuing on the native code generation infrastructure.
20070621	Moving src/x11.c and src/console.c into a new src/console/
		subdir (for everything that is console or framebuffer related).
		Moving src/symbol*.c into a new src/symbol/, which should
		contain anything that is symbol handling related.
20070624	Making the program counter sampling threshold a "settings
		variable" (sampling_threshold), i.e. it can now be changed
		during runtime.
		Switching the RELEASE notes format from plain text to HTML.
		If the TMPDIR environment variable is set, it is used instead
		of "/tmp" for temporary files.
		Continuing on the cc/ld backend: simple .c code is generated,
		the compiler and linker are called, etc.
		Adding detection of host architecture to the configure script
		(again), and adding icache invalidation support (only
		implemented for Alpha hosts so far).
20070625	Simplifying the program counter sampling mechanism.
20070626	Removing the cc/ld native code generation stuff, program
		counter sampling, etc; it would not have worked well in the
		general case.
20070627	Removing everything related to native code generation.
20070629	Removing the (practically unusable) support for multiple
		emulations. (The single emulation allowed now still supports
		multiple simultaneous machines, as before.)
		Beginning on PCCTWO and M88K interrupts.
20070723	Adding a dummy skeleton for emulation of M32R processors.
20070901	Fixing a warning found by "gcc version 4.3.0 20070817
		(experimental)" on amd64.
20070905	Removing some more traces of the old "multiple emulations"
		Also looking in /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib for
		X11 libs, when running configure.
20070909	Minor updates to the guest OS install instructions, in
		preparation for the NetBSD 4.0 release.
20070918	More testing of NetBSD 4.0 RC1.

Revision 42 - Directory Listing
Modified Mon Oct 8 16:22:32 2007 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by dpavlin
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1613 2007/06/15 20:11:26 debug Exp $
20070501	Continuing a little on m88k disassembly (control registers,
		more instructions).
		Adding a dummy mvme88k machine mode.
20070502	Re-adding MIPS load/store alignment exceptions.
20070503	Implementing more of the M88K disassembly code.
20070504	Adding disassembly of some more M88K load/store instructions.
		Implementing some relatively simple M88K instructions (br.n,
		xor[.u] imm, and[.u] imm).
20070505	Implementing M88K three-register and, or, xor, and jmp[.n],
		bsr[.n] including function call trace stuff.
		Applying a patch from Bruce M. Simpson which implements the
		SYSCON_BOARD_CPU_CLOCK_FREQ_ID object of the syscon call in
		the yamon PROM emulation.
20070506	Implementing M88K bb0[.n] and bb1[.n], and skeletons for
		ldcr and stcr (although no control regs are implemented yet).
20070509	Found and fixed the bug which caused Linux for QEMU_MIPS to
		stop working in It was a faulty change to the MIPS
		'sc' and 'scd' instructions I made while going through gcc -W
		warnings on 20070428.
20070510	Updating the Linux/QEMU_MIPS section in guestoses.html to
		use mips-test-0.2.tar.gz instead of 0.1.
		A big thank you to Miod Vallat for sending me M88K manuals.
		Implementing more M88K instructions (addu, subu, div[u], mulu,
		ext[u], clr, set, cmp).
20070511	Fixing bugs in the M88K "and" and "and.u" instructions (found
		by comparing against the manual).
		Implementing more M88K instructions (mask[.u], mak, bcnd (auto-
		generated)) and some more control register details.
		Cleanup: Removing the experimental AVR emulation mode and
		corresponding devices; AVR emulation wasn't really meaningful.
		Implementing autogeneration of most M88K loads/stores. The
		rectangle drawing demo (with -O0) for M88K runs :-)
		Beginning on M88K exception handling.
		More M88K instructions: tb0, tb1, rte, sub, jsr[.n].
		Adding some skeleton MVME PROM ("BUG") emulation.
20070512	Fixing a bug in the M88K cmp instruction.
		Adding the M88K lda (scaled register) instruction.
		Fixing bugs in 64-bit (32-bit pairs) M88K loads/stores.
		Removing the unused tick_hz stuff from the machine struct.
		Implementing the M88K xmem instruction. OpenBSD/mvme88k gets
		far enough to display the Copyright banner :-)
		Implementing subu.co (guess), addu.co, addu.ci, ff0, and ff1.
		Adding a dev_mvme187, for MVME187-specific devices/registers.
		OpenBSD/mvme88k prints more boot messages. :)
20070515	Continuing on MVME187 emulation (adding more devices, beginning
		on the CMMUs, etc).
		Adding the M88K and.c, xor.c, and or.c instructions, and making
		sure that mul, div, etc cause exceptions if executed when SFD1
		is disabled.
20070517	Continuing on M88K and MVME187 emulation in general; moving
		the CMMU registers to the CPU struct, separating dev_pcc2 from
		dev_mvme187, and beginning on memory_m88k.c (BATC and PATC).
		Fixing a bug in 64-bit (32-bit pairs) M88K fast stores.
		Implementing the clock part of dev_mk48txx.
		Implementing the M88K fstcr and xcr instructions.
		Implementing m88k_cpu_tlbdump().
		Beginning on the implementation of a separate address space
		for M88K .usr loads/stores.
20070520	Removing the non-working (skeleton) Sandpoint, SonyNEWS, SHARK
		Dnard, and Zaurus machine modes.
		Experimenting with dyntrans to_be_translated read-ahead. It
		seems to give a very small performance increase for MIPS
		emulation, but a large performance degradation for SuperH. Hm.
20070522	Disabling correct SuperH ITLB emulation; it does not seem to be
		necessary in order to let SH4 guest OSes run, and it slows down
		userspace code.
		Implementing "samepage" branches for SuperH emulation, and some
		other minor speed hacks.
20070525	Continuing on M88K memory-related stuff: exceptions, memory
		transaction register contents, etc.
		Implementing the M88K subu.ci instruction.
		Removing the non-working (skeleton) Iyonix machine mode.
		OpenBSD/mvme88k reaches userland :-), starts executing
		/sbin/init's instructions, and issues a few syscalls, before
20070526	Fixing bugs in dev_mk48txx, so that OpenBSD/mvme88k detects
		the correct time-of-day.
		Implementing a generic IRQ controller for the test machines
		(dev_irqc), similar to a proposed patch from Petr Stepan.
		Experimenting some more with translation read-ahead.
		Adding an "expect" script for automated OpenBSD/landisk
		install regression/performance tests.
20070527	Adding a dummy mmEye (SH3) machine mode skeleton.
		FINALLY found the strange M88K bug I have been hunting: I had
		not emulated the SNIP value for exceptions occurring in
		branch delay slots correctly.
		Implementing correct exceptions for 64-bit M88K loads/stores.
		Address to symbol lookups are now disabled when M88K is
		running in usermode (because usermode addresses don't have
		anything to do with supervisor addresses).
20070531	Removing the mmEye machine mode skeleton.
20070604	Some minor code cleanup.
20070605	Moving src/useremul.c into a subdir (src/useremul/), and
		cleaning up some more legacy constructs.
		Adding -Wstrict-aliasing and -fstrict-aliasing detection to
		the configure script.
20070606	Adding a check for broken GCC on Solaris to the configure
		script. (GCC 3.4.3 on Solaris cannot handle static variables
		which are initialized to 0 or NULL. :-/)
		Removing the old (non-working) ARC emulation modes: NEC RD94,
		R94, R96, and R98, and the last traces of Olivetti M700 and
		Deskstation Tyne.
		Removing the non-working skeleton WDSC device (dev_wdsc).
20070607	Thinking about how to use the host's cc + ld at runtime to
		generate native code. (See experiments/native_cc_ld_test.i
		for an example.)
20070608	Adding a program counter sampling timer, which could be useful
		for native code generation experiments.
		The KN02_CSR_NRMMOD bit in the DECstation 5000/200 (KN02) CSR
		should always be set, to allow a 5000/200 PROM to boot.
20070609	Moving out breakpoint details from the machine struct into
		a helper struct, and removing the limit on max nr of
20070610	Moving out tick functions into a helper struct as well (which
		also gets rid of the max limit).
20070612	FINALLY figured out why Debian/DECstation stopped working when
		translation read-ahead was enabled: in src/memory_rw.c, the
		call to invalidate_code_translation was made also if the
		memory access was an instruction load (if the page was mapped
		as writable); it shouldn't be called in that case.
20070613	Implementing some more MIPS32/64 revision 2 instructions: di,
		ei, ext, dext, dextm, dextu, and ins.
20070614	Implementing an instruction combination for the NetBSD/arm
		idle loop (making the host not use any cpu if NetBSD/arm
		inside the emulator is not using any cpu).
		Increasing the nr of ARM VPH entries from 128 to 384.
20070615	Removing the ENABLE_arch stuff from the configure script, so
		that all included architectures are included in both release
		and development builds.
		Moving memory related helper functions from misc.c to memory.c.
		Adding preliminary instructions for netbooting NetBSD/pmppc to
		guestoses.html; it doesn't work yet, there are weird timeouts.
		Beginning a total rewrite of the userland emulation modes
		(removing all emulation modes, beginning from scratch with
		NetBSD/MIPS and FreeBSD/Alpha only).
20070616	After fixing a bug in the DEC21143 NIC (the TDSTAT_OWN bit was
		only cleared for the last segment when transmitting, not all
		segments), NetBSD/pmppc boots with root-on-nfs without the
		timeouts. Updating guestoses.html.
		Removing the skeleton PSP (Playstation Portable) mode.
		Moving X11-related stuff in the machine struct into a helper
		Cleanup of out-of-memory checks, to use a new CHECK_ALLOCATION
		macro (which prints a meaningful error message).
		Adding a COMMENT to each machine and device (for automagic
		.index comment generation).
		Doing regression testing for the next release.

==============  RELEASE 0.4.6  ==============

Revision 40 - Directory Listing
Modified Mon Oct 8 16:22:11 2007 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by dpavlin
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1539 2007/05/01 04:03:51 debug Exp $
20070415	Landisk PCLOCK should be 33.33 MHz, not 50 MHz. (This makes
		the clock run at correct speed.)
		FINALLY found and fixed the bug which caused OpenBSD/landisk
		to randomly bug out: an &-sign was missing in the special case
		handling of FPSCR in the 'LDS.L @Rm+,FPSCR' instruction.
		Adding similar special case handling for 'LDC.L @Rm+,SR'
		(calling sh_update_sr() instead of just loading).
		Implementing the 'FCNVSD FPUL,DRn' and 'FCNVDS DRm,FPUL'
		SuperH instructions.
		The 'LDC Rm,SR' instruction now immediately breaks out of the
		dyntrans loop if an interrupt is to be triggered.
20070416	In memory_rw.c, if mapping a page as writable, make sure to
		invalidate code translations even if the data access was a
		Minor SuperH updates.
20070418	Removing the dummy M68K emulation mode.
		Minor SH update (turning unnecessary sts_mach_rn, sts_macl_rn,
		and sts_pr_rn instruction handlers into mov_rm_rn).
20070419	Beginning to add a skeleton for an M88K mode: Adding a hack to
		allow OpenBSD/m88k a.out binaries to be loaded, and disassembly
		of a few simple 88K instructions.
		Commenting out the 'LDC Rm,SR' fix from a few days ago, because
		it made Linux/dreamcast bug out.
		Adding a hack to dev_sh4.c (an extra translation cache
		invalidation), which allows OpenBSD/landisk to boot ok after
		an install. Upgrading the Landisk machine mode to stable,
		updating documentation, etc.
20070420	Experimenting with adding a PCI controller (pcic) to dev_sh4.
		Adding a dummy Realtek 8139C+ skeleton device (dev_rtl8139c).
		Implementing the first M88K instructions (br, or[.u] imm), and
		adding disassembly of some more instructions.
20070421	Continuing a little on dev_rtl8139c.
20070422	Implementing the 9346 EEPROM "read" command for dev_rtl8139c.
		Finally found and fixed an old bug in the log n symbol search
		(it sometimes missed symbols). Debug trace (-i, -t etc) should
		now show more symbols. :-)
20070423	Continuing a little on M88K disassembly.
20070428	Fixing a memset arg order bug in src/net/net.c (thanks to
		Nigel Horne for noticing the bug).
		Applying parts of a patch from Carl van Schaik to clear out
		bottom bits of MIPS addresses more correctly, when using large
		page sizes, and doing some other minor cleanup/refactoring.
		Fixing a couple of warnings given by gcc with the -W option (a
		few more warnings than just plain -Wall).
		Reducing SuperH dyntrans physical address space from 64-bit to
		32-bit (since SH5/SH64 isn't imlemented yet anyway).
		Adding address-to-symbol annotation to a few more instructions
		in the SuperH instruction trace output.
		Beginning regression testing for the next release.
		Reverting the value of SCIF_DELAYED_TX_VALUE from 1 to 2,
		because OpenBSD/landisk may otherwise hang randomly.
20070429	The ugly hack/workaround to get OpenBSD/landisk booting without
		crashing does NOT work anymore (with the April 21 snapshot
		of OpenBSD/landisk). Strangely enough, removing the hack
		completely causes OpenBSD/landisk to work (!).
		More regression testing (re-testing everything SuperH-related,
		and some other things).
		Cobalt interrupts were actually broken; fixing by commenting
		out the DEC21143s in the Cobalt machine.
20070430	More regression testing.
20070501	Updating the OpenBSD/landisk install instructions to use
		4.1 instead of the current snapshot.
		GAAAH! OpenBSD/landisk 4.1 _needs_ the ugly hack/workaround;
		reintroducing it again. (The 4.1 kernel is actually from
		Simplifying the NetBSD/evbarm install instructions a bit.
		More regression testing.

==============  RELEASE  ==============

Revision 38 - Directory Listing
Modified Mon Oct 8 16:21:53 2007 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by dpavlin
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1515 2007/04/14 05:39:46 debug Exp $
20070324	Adding a "--debug" option to the configure script, to disable
		optimizations in unstable development builds.
		Moving out SCSI-specific stuff from diskimage.c into a new
		Applying Hĺvard Eidnes' patch for SCSICDROM_READ_DISKINFO and
		SCSICDROM_READ_TRACKINFO. (Not really tested yet.)
		Implementing disk image "overlays" (to allow simple roll-back
		to previous disk state). Adding a 'V' disk flag for this, and
		updating the man page and misc.html.
20070325	Stability fix to cpu_dyntrans.c, when multiple physical pages
		share the same initial table entry. (The ppp == NULL check
		should be physpage_ofs == 0.) Bug found by analysing GXemul
		against a version patched for Godson.
		Fixing a second occurance of the same problem (also in
		Fixing a MAJOR physical page leak in cpu_dyntrans.c; pages
		weren't _added_ to the set of translated pages, they _replaced_
		all previous pages. It's amazing that this bug has been able
		to live for this long. (Triggered when emulating >128MB RAM.)
20070326	Removing the GDB debugging stub support; it was too hackish
		and ugly.
20070328	Moving around some native code generation skeleton code.
20070329	The -lm check in the configure script now also checks for sin()
		in addition to sqrt(). (Thanks to Nigel Horne for noticing that
		sqrt was not enough on Fedora Core 6.) (Not verified yet.)
20070330	Fixing an indexing bug in dev_sh4.c, found by using gcc version
		4.3.0 20070323.
20070331	Some more experimentation with native code generation.
20070404	Attempting to fix some more SH4 SCIF interrupt bugs; rewriting
		the SH interrupt assertion/deassertion code somewhat.
20070410	Splitting src/file.c into separate files in src/file/.
		Cleanup: Removing the dummy TS7200, Walnut, PB1000, and
		Meshcube emulation modes, and dev_epcom and dev_au1x00.
		Removing the experimental CHIP8/RCA180x code; it wasn't really
		working much lately, anyway. It was fun while it lasted.
		Also removing the experimental Transputer CPU support.
20070412	Moving the section about how the dynamic translation system
		works from intro.html to a separate translation.html file.
		Minor SH fixes; attempting to get OpenBSD/landisk to run
		without randomly bugging out, but no success yet.
20070413	SH SCI (serial bit interface) should now work together with a
		(new) RS5C313 clock device (for Landisk emulation).
20070414	Moving Redhat/MIPS down from supported to experimental, in
		Preparing for a new release; doing some regression testing etc.

==============  RELEASE 0.4.5  ==============

Revision 36 - Directory Listing
Added Mon Oct 8 16:21:34 2007 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by dpavlin
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1497 2007/03/18 03:41:36 debug Exp $
20070224	Minor update to the initialization of the ns16550 in
		machine_walnut.c, to allow that machine type to boot with the
		new interrupt system (although it is still a dummy machine).
		Adding a wdc at 0x14000000 to machine_landisk.c, and fixing
		the SCIF serial interrupts of the SH4 cpu enough to get
		NetBSD/landisk booting from a disk image :-)  Adding a
		preliminary install instruction skeleton to guestoses.html.
20070306	Adding SH-IPL+G PROM emulation, and also passing the "end"
		symbol in r5 on bootup, for Landisk emulation. This is enough
		to get OpenBSD/landisk to install :)  Adding a preliminary
		install instruction skeleton to the documentation. SuperH
		emulation is still shaky, though :-/
20070307	Fixed a strangeness in memory_sh.c (read/write was never
		returned for any page). (Unknown whether this fixes any actual
		problems, though.)
20070308	dev_ram.c fix: invalidate code translations on writes to
		RAM, emulated as separate devices. Linux/dreamcast gets
		further in the boot process than before, but still bugs out
		in userland.
		Fixing bugs in the "stc.l gbr,@-rN" and "ldc.l @rN+,gbr" SuperH 
		instructions (they should NOT check the MD bit), allowing the
		Linux/dreamcast Live CD to reach userland correctly :-)
20070310	Changing the cpu name "Alpha" in src/useremul.c to "21364" to
		unbreak userland syscall emulation of FreeBSD/Alpha binaries.
20070314	Applying a patch from Michael Yaroslavtsev which fixes the
		previous Linux lib64 patch to the configure script.
20070315	Adding a (dummy) sun4v machine type, and SPARC T1 cpu type.
20070316	Creating a new directory, src/disk, and moving diskimage.c
		to it. Separating out bootblock loading stuff from emul.c into
		new files in src/disk.
		Adding some more SPARC registers.
20070318	Preparing/testing for a minirelease,

==============  RELEASE  ==============

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