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Mon Oct 8 16:20:26 2007 UTC (13 years, 1 month ago) by dpavlin
File size: 1994 byte(s)
++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1298 2006/07/22 11:27:46 debug Exp $
20060626	Continuing on SPARC emulation (beginning on the 'save'
		instruction, register windows, etc).
20060629	Planning statistics gathering (new -s command line option),
		and renaming speed_tricks to allow_instruction_combinations.
20060630	Some minor manual page updates.
		Various cleanups.
		Implementing the -s command line option.
20060701	FINALLY found the bug which prevented Linux and Ultrix from
		running without the ugly hack in the R2000/R3000 cache isol
		code; it was the phystranslation hint array which was buggy.
		Removing the phystranslation hint code completely, for now.
20060702	Minor dyntrans cleanups; invalidation of physpages now only
		invalidate those parts of a page that have actually been
		translated. (32 parts per page.)
		Some MIPS non-R3000 speed fixes.
		Experimenting with MIPS instruction combination for some
		addiu+bne+sw loops, and sw+sw+sw.
		Adding support (again) for larger-than-4KB pages in MIPS tlbw*.
		Continuing on SPARC emulation: adding load/store instructions.
20060704	Fixing a virtual vs physical page shift bug in the new tlbw*
		implementation. Problem noticed by Jakub Jermar. (Many thanks.)
		Moving rfe and eret to cpu_mips_instr.c, since that is the
		only place that uses them nowadays.
20060705	Removing the BSD license from the "testmachine" include files,
		placing them in the public domain instead; this enables the
		testmachine stuff to be used from projects which are
		incompatible with the BSD license for some reason.
20060707	Adding instruction combinations for the R2000/R3000 L1
		I-cache invalidation code used by NetBSD/pmax 3.0, lui+addiu,
		various branches followed by addiu or nop, and jr ra followed
		by addiu. The time it takes to perform a full NetBSD/pmax R3000
		install on the laptop has dropped from 573 seconds to 539. :-)
20060708	Adding a framebuffer controller device (dev_fbctrl), which so
		far can be used to change the fb resolution during runtime, but
		in the future will also be useful for accelerated block fill/
		copy, and possibly also simplified character output.
		Adding an instruction combination for NetBSD/pmax' strlen.
20060709	Minor fixes: reading raw files in src/file.c wasn't memblock
		aligned, removing buggy multi_sw MIPS instruction combination,
20060711	Adding a machine_qemu.c, which contains a "qemu_mips" machine.
		(It mimics QEMU's MIPS machine mode, so that a test kernel
		made for QEMU_MIPS also can run in GXemul... at least to some
		extent.)  Adding a short section about how to run this mode to
20060714	Misc. minor code cleanups.
20060715	Applying a patch which adds getchar() to promemul/yamon.c
		(from Oleksandr Tymoshenko).
		Adding yamon.h from NetBSD, and rewriting yamon.c to use it
		(instead of ugly hardcoded numbers) + some cleanup.
20060716	Found and fixed the bug which broke single-stepping of 64-bit
		programs between 0.4.0 and (caused by too quick
		refactoring and no testing). Hopefully this fix will not
		break too many other things.
20060718	Continuing on the 8253 PIT; it now works with Linux/QEMU_MIPS.
		Re-adding the sw+sw+sw instr comb (the problem was that I had
		ignored endian issues); however, it doesn't seem to give any
		big performance gain.
20060720	Adding a dummy Transputer mode (T414, T800 etc) skeleton (only
		the 'j' and 'ldc' instructions are implemented so far). :-}
20060721	Adding gtreg.h from NetBSD, updating dev_gt.c to use it, plus
		misc. other updates to get Linux 2.6 for evbmips/malta working
		(thanks to Alec Voropay for the details).
		FINALLY found and fixed the bug which made tlbw* for non-R3000
		buggy; it was a reference count problem in the dyntrans core.
20060722	Testing stuff; things seem stable enough for a new release.

==============  RELEASE 0.4.1  ==============

1 #
2 # $Id: Makefile.skel,v 1.121 2006/07/08 10:25:48 debug Exp $
3 #
4 # Makefile for GXemul devices
5 #
8 OBJS=lk201.o \
9 dev_ram.o dev_cons.o dev_mp.o dev_unreadable.o dev_zero.o \
10 dev_random.o dev_disk.o dev_ether.o dev_fbctrl.o \
11 dev_gt.o dev_eagle.o dev_cpc700.o dev_v3.o dev_uninorth.o dev_gc.o \
12 dev_mc146818.o dev_mk48txx.o \
13 dev_dc7085.o dev_ssc.o dev_scc.o dev_ns16550.o dev_8250.o dev_z8530.o \
14 dev_fb.o dev_colorplanemask.o dev_px.o dev_sfb.o dev_pmagja.o \
15 dev_bt459.o dev_bt455.o dev_bt431.o dev_pal.o dev_epcom.o \
16 dev_dec21030.o \
17 dev_vga.o dev_pckbc.o dev_8253.o dev_8259.o dev_pccmos.o \
18 dev_rd94.o dev_jazz.o dev_m700_fb.o dev_fdc.o \
19 dev_sgi_ip19.o dev_sgi_ip20.o dev_sgi_ip22.o dev_sgi_ip30.o \
20 dev_sgi_ip32.o dev_sgi_gbe.o dev_sgi_mardigras.o \
21 dev_kn01.o dev_kn02.o dev_kn210.o dev_kn220.o dev_kn230.o \
22 dev_dec5800.o dev_dec_ioasic.o dev_turbochannel.o \
23 dev_sii.o dev_asc.o dev_wdsc.o dev_wdc.o dev_ahc.o \
24 dev_le.o dev_sn.o dev_dec21143.o \
25 dev_ps2_stuff.o dev_ps2_gs.o dev_ps2_gif.o \
26 dev_ps2_spd.o dev_ps2_ether.o \
27 dev_ohci.o dev_pcic.o dev_malta_lcd.o dev_hammerhead.o \
28 dev_vr41xx.o dev_au1x00.o \
29 dev_lpt.o dev_adb.o dev_nvram.o \
30 dev_pmppc.o dev_bebox.o dev_prep.o dev_footbridge.o dev_algor.o \
31 dev_i80321.o dev_iq80321_7seg.o dev_avr.o \
32 dev_lca.o \
33 bus_isa.o bus_pci.o \
34 autodev.o
36 all:
37 cd fonts; $(MAKE); cd ..
38 $(MAKE) font8x8.c font8x10.c font8x16.c
39 $(MAKE) objs
41 autodev.c: autodev_head.c autodev_middle.c autodev_tail.c makeautodev.sh
42 ./makeautodev.sh
44 objs: $(OBJS)
46 $(OBJS): Makefile
48 dev_vga.o: font8x8.c font8x16.c font8x10.c
50 dev_fb.o: fb_include.c dev_fb.c
52 font8x8.c:
53 cp -f fonts/font8x8.c .
55 font8x10.c:
56 cp -f fonts/font8x10.c .
58 font8x16.c:
59 cp -f fonts/font8x16.c .
62 clean:
63 rm -f $(OBJS) *core font8x16.c font8x10.c font8x8.c
64 rm -f autodev.[co]
65 cd fonts; $(MAKE) clean; cd ..
67 clean_all: clean
68 cd fonts; $(MAKE) clean_all; cd ..
69 rm -f Makefile fonts/Makefile

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