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Mon Oct 8 16:18:27 2007 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
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++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.815 2005/06/27 23:04:35 debug Exp $
20050617	Experimenting some more with netbooting OpenBSD/sgi. Adding
		a hack which allows emulated ethernet networks to be
		distributed across multiple emulator processes.
20050618	Minor updates (documentation, dummy YAMON emulation, etc).
20050620	strcpy/strcat -> strlcpy/strlcat updates.
		Some more progress on evbmips (Malta).
20050621	Adding a section to doc/configfiles.html about ethernet
		emulation across multiple hosts.
		Beginning the work on the ARM translation engine (using the
		dynamic-but-not-binary translation method).
		Fixing a bintrans bug: 0x9fc00000 should always be treated as
		PROM area, just as 0xbfc00000 is.
		Minor progress on Malta emulation (the PCI-ISA bus).
20050622	NetBSD/evbmips can now be installed (using another emulated
		machine) and run (including userland and so on). :-)
		Spliting up the bintrans haddr_entry field into two (one for
		read, one for write). Probably not much of a speed increase,
		Updating some NetBSD 2.0 -> 2.0.2 in the documentation.
20050623	Minor updates (documentation, the TODO file, etc).
		gzipped kernels are now always automagically gunzipped when
20050624	Adding a dummy Playstation Portable (PSP) mode, just barely
		enough to run Hello World (in weird colors :-).
		Removing the -b command line option; old bintrans is enabled
		by default instead. It makes more sense.
		Trying to finally fix the non-working performance measurement
		thing (instr/second etc).
20050625	Continuing on the essential basics for ARM emulation. Two
		instructions seem to work, a branch and a simple "mov". (The
		mov arguments are not correct yet.) Performance is definitely
		Various other minor updates.
		Adding the ARM "bl" instruction.
		Adding support for combining multiple ARM instructions into one
		function call. ("mov" + "mov" is the only one implemented so
		far, but it seems to work.)
		Cleaning up some IP32 interrupt things (crime/mace); disabling
		the PS/2 keyboard controller on IP32, so that NetBSD/sgimips
		boots into userland again.
20050626	Finally! NetBSD/sgimips netboots. Adding instructions to
		doc/guestoses.html on how to set up an nfs server etc.
		Various other minor fixes.
		Playstation Portable ".pbp" files can now be used directly.
		(The ELF part of the .pbp is extracted transparently.)
		Converting some sprintf -> snprintf.
		Adding some more instructions to the ARM disassembler.
20050627	More ARM updates. Adding some simple ldr(b), str(b),
		cmps, and conditional branch instructions, enough to run
		a simple Hello World program.
		All ARM instructions are now inlined/generated for all possible
		condition codes.
		Adding add and sub, and more load/store instructions.
		Removing dummy files: cpu_alpha.c, cpu_hppa.c, and cpu_sparc.c.
		Some minor documentation updates; preparing for a 0.3.4
		release. Updating some URLs.

==============  RELEASE 0.3.4  ==============

1 dpavlin 2 #
2 dpavlin 10 # $Id: Makefile.skel,v 1.57 2005/06/27 10:43:16 debug Exp $
3 dpavlin 2 #
4     # Makefile for GXemul src
5     #
9     OBJS=console.o cpu.o debugger.o diskimage.o emul.o emul_parse.o file.o \
10 dpavlin 6 machine.o main.o misc.o memory.o device.o net.o symbol.o useremul.o \
11     x11.o cpu_mips.o cpu_mips_coproc.o memory_fast_v2h.o bintrans.o \
12 dpavlin 10 cpu_arm.o cpu_ppc.o cpu_urisc.o \
13     cpu_x86.o arcbios.o dec_prom.o ps2_bios.o of.o pc_bios.o yamon.o
14 dpavlin 2
16 dpavlin 4 all: do_src do_devices
17 dpavlin 2
18 dpavlin 4 do_devices:
19     cd devices; $(MAKE); cd ..
21     do_src: $(OBJS)
23 dpavlin 2 $(OBJS): Makefile
25     bintrans.o: bintrans.c bintrans_alpha.c bintrans_i386.c
27 dpavlin 10 cpu_arm.o: cpu_arm.c cpu_arm_instr.c memory_rw.c
28 dpavlin 2
29 dpavlin 6 cpu_mips.o: cpu_mips.c cpu_mips16.c memory_mips.c
31     memory_mips.c: memory_rw.c memory_mips_v2p.c
33     cpu_ppc.o: cpu_ppc.c memory_rw.c
35     cpu_x86.o: cpu_x86.c memory_x86.c
37     memory_x86.c: memory_rw.c
39 dpavlin 2 clean:
40     rm -f $(OBJS) *core
41 dpavlin 4 cd devices; $(MAKE) clean; cd ..
42 dpavlin 2
43     clean_all: clean
44 dpavlin 4 cd devices; $(MAKE) clean_all; cd ..
45 dpavlin 2 rm -f Makefile

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