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Mon Oct 8 16:19:56 2007 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
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++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1256 2006/06/23 20:43:44 debug Exp $
20060219	Various minor updates. Removing the old MIPS16 skeleton code,
		because it will need to be rewritten for dyntrans anyway.
20060220-22	Removing the non-working dyntrans backend support.
		Continuing on the 64-bit dyntrans virtual memory generalization.
20060223	More work on the 64-bit vm generalization.
20060225	Beginning on MIPS dyntrans load/store instructions.
		Minor PPC updates (64-bit load/store, etc).
		Fixes for the variable-instruction-length framework, some
		minor AVR updates (a simple Hello World program works!).
		Beginning on a skeleton for automatically generating documen-
		tation (for devices etc.).
20060226	PPC updates (adding some more 64-bit instructions, etc).
		AVR updates (more instructions).
		FINALLY found and fixed the zs bug, making NetBSD/macppc
		accept the serial console.
20060301	Adding more AVR instructions.
20060304	Continuing on AVR-related stuff. Beginning on a framework for
		cycle-accurate device emulation. Adding an experimental "PAL
		TV" device (just a dummy so far).
20060305	Adding more AVR instructions.
		Adding a dummy epcom serial controller (for TS7200 emulation).
20060310	Removing the emul() command from configuration files, so only
		net() and machine() are supported.
		Minor progress on the MIPS dyntrans rewrite.
20060311	Continuing on the MIPS dyntrans rewrite (adding more
		instructions, etc).
20060315	Adding more instructions (sllv, srav, srlv, bgtz[l], blez[l],
		beql, bnel, slti[u], various loads and stores).
20060316	Removing the ALWAYS_SIGNEXTEND_32 option, since it was rarely
		Adding more MIPS dyntrans instructions, and fixing bugs.
20060318	Implementing fast loads/stores for MIPS dyntrans (big/little
		endian, 32-bit and 64-bit modes).
20060320	Making MIPS dyntrans the default configure option; use
		"--enable-oldmips" to use the old bintrans system.
		Adding MIPS dyntrans dmult[u]; minor updates.
20060322	Continuing... adding some more instructions.
		Adding a simple skeleton for demangling C++ "_ZN" symbols.
20060323	Moving src/debugger.c into a new directory (src/debugger/).
20060324	Fixing the hack used to load PPC ELFs (useful for relocated
		Linux/ppc kernels), and adding a dummy G3 machine mode.
20060325-26	Beginning to experiment with GDB remote serial protocol
		connections; adding a -G command line option for selecting
		which TCP port to listen to.
20060330	Beginning a major cleanup to replace things like "0x%016llx"
		with more correct "0x%016"PRIx64, etc.
		Continuing on the GDB remote serial protocol support.
20060331	More cleanup, and some minor GDB remote progress.
20060402	Adding a hack to the configure script, to allow compilation
		on systems that lack PRIx64 etc.
20060406	Removing the temporary FreeBSD/arm hack in dev_ns16550.c and
		replacing it with a better fix from Olivier Houchard.
20060407	A remote debugger (gdb or ddd) can now start and stop the
		emulator using the GDB remote serial protocol, and registers
		and memory can be read. MIPS only for now.
20060408	More GDB progress: single-stepping also works, and also adding
		support for ARM, PowerPC, and Alpha targets.
		Continuing on the delay-slot-across-page-boundary issue.
20060412	Minor update: beginning to add support for the SPARC target
		to the remote GDB functionality.
20060414	Various MIPS updates: adding more instructions for dyntrans
		(eret, add), and making some exceptions work. Fixing a bug
		in dmult[u].
		Implementing the first SPARC instructions (sethi, or).
20060415	Adding "magic trap" instructions so that PROM calls can be
		software emulated in MIPS dyntrans.
		Adding more MIPS dyntrans instructions (ddiv, dadd) and
		fixing another bug in dmult.
20060416	More MIPS dyntrans progress: adding [d]addi, movn, movz, dsllv,
		rfi, an ugly hack for supporting R2000/R3000 style faked caches,
		preliminary interrupt support, and various other updates and
20060417	Adding more SPARC instructions (add, sub, sll[x], sra[x],
		srl[x]), and useful SPARC header definitions.
		Adding the first (trivial) x86/AMD64 dyntrans instructions (nop,
		cli/sti, stc/clc, std/cld, simple mov, inc ax). Various other
		x86 updates related to variable instruction length stuff.
		Adding unaligned loads/stores to the MIPS dyntrans mode (but
		still using the pre-dyntrans (slow) imlementation).
20060419	Fixing a MIPS dyntrans exception-in-delay-slot bug.
		Removing the old "show opcode statistics" functionality, since
		it wasn't really useful and isn't implemented for dyntrans.
		Single-stepping (or running with instruction trace) now looks
		ok with dyntrans with delay-slot architectures.
20060420	Minor hacks (removing the -B command line option when compiled
		for non-bintrans, and some other very minor updates).
		Adding (slow) MIPS dyntrans load-linked/store-conditional.
20060422	Applying fixes for bugs discovered by Nils Weller's nwcc
		(static DEC memmap => now per machine, and adding an extern
		keyword in cpu_arm_instr.c).
		Finally found one of the MIPS dyntrans bugs that I've been
		looking for (copy/paste spelling error BIG vs LITTLE endian in
		cpu_mips_instr_loadstore.c for 16-bit fast stores).
		FINALLY found the major MIPS dyntrans bug: slti vs sltiu
		signed/unsigned code in cpu_mips_instr.c. :-)
		Adding more MIPS dyntrans instructions (lwc1, swc1, bgezal[l],
		ctc1, tlt[u], tge[u], tne, beginning on rdhwr).
		NetBSD/hpcmips can now reach userland when using dyntrans :-)
		Adding some more x86 dyntrans instructions.
		Finally removed the old Alpha-specific virtual memory code,
		and replaced it with the generic 64-bit version.
		Beginning to add disassembly support for SPECIAL3 MIPS opcodes.
20060423	Continuing on the delay-slot-across-page-boundary issue;
		adding an end_of_page2 ic slot (like I had planned before, but
		had removed for some reason).
		Adding a quick-and-dirty fallback to legacy coprocessor 1
		code (i.e. skipping dyntrans implementation for now).
		NetBSD/hpcmips and NetBSD/pmax (when running on an emulated
		R4400) can now be installed and run. :-)  (Many bugs left
		to fix, though.)
		Adding more MIPS dyntrans instructions: madd[u], msub[u].
		Cleaning up the SPECIAL2 vs R5900/TX79/C790 "MMI" opcode
		maps somewhat (disassembly and dyntrans instruction decoding).
20060424	Adding an isa_revision field to mips_cpu_types.h, and making
		sure that SPECIAL3 opcodes cause Reserved Instruction
		exceptions on MIPS32/64 revisions lower than 2.
		Adding the SPARC 'ba', 'call', 'jmpl/retl', 'and', and 'xor'
20060425	Removing the -m command line option ("run at most x 
		instructions") and -T ("single_step_on_bad_addr"), because
		they never worked correctly with dyntrans anyway.
		Freshening up the man page.
20060428	Adding more MIPS dyntrans instructions: bltzal[l], idle.
		Enabling MIPS dyntrans compare interrupts.
20060429	FINALLY found the weird dyntrans bug, causing NetBSD etc. to
		behave strangely: some floating point code (conditional
		coprocessor branches) could not be reused from the old
		non-dyntrans code. The "quick-and-dirty fallback" only appeared
		to work. Fixing by implementing bc1* for MIPS dyntrans.
		More MIPS instructions: [d]sub, sdc1, ldc1, dmtc1, dmfc1, cfc0.
		Freshening up MIPS floating point disassembly appearance.
20060430	Continuing on C790/R5900/TX79 disassembly; implementing 128-bit
		"por" and "pextlw".
20060504	Disabling -u (userland emulation) unless compiled as unstable
		development version.
		Beginning on freshening up the testmachine include files,
		to make it easier to reuse those files (placing them in
		src/include/testmachine/), and beginning on a set of "demos"
		or "tutorials" for the testmachine functionality.
		Minor updates to the MIPS GDB remote protocol stub.
		Refreshing doc/experiments.html and gdb_remote.html.
		Enabling Alpha emulation in the stable release configuration,
		even though no guest OSes for Alpha can run yet.
20060505	Adding a generic 'settings' object, which will contain
		references to settable variables (which will later be possible
		to access using the debugger).
20060506	Updating dev_disk and corresponding demo/documentation (and
		switching from SCSI to IDE disk types, so it actually works
		with current test machines :-).
20060510	Adding a -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE hack for 64-bit Linux hosts,
		so that fseeko() doesn't give a warning.
		Updating the section about how dyntrans works (the "runnable
		IR") in doc/intro.html.
		Instruction updates (some x64=1 checks, some more R5900
		dyntrans stuff: better mul/mult separation from MIPS32/64,
		adding ei and di).
		Updating MIPS cpuregs.h to a newer one (from NetBSD).
		Adding more MIPS dyntrans instructions: deret, ehb.
20060514	Adding disassembly and beginning implementation of SPARC wr
		and wrpr instructions.
20060515	Adding a SUN SPARC machine mode, with dummy SS20 and Ultra1
		machines. Adding the 32-bit "rd psr" instruction.
20060517	Disassembly support for the general SPARC rd instruction.
		Partial implementation of the cmp (subcc) instruction.
		Some other minor updates (making sure that R5900 processors
		start up with the EIE bit enabled, otherwise Linux/playstation2
		receives no interrupts).
20060519	Minor MIPS updates/cleanups.
20060521	Moving the MeshCube machine into evbmips; this seems to work
		reasonably well with a snapshot of a NetBSD MeshCube kernel.
		Cleanup/fix of MIPS config0 register initialization.
20060529	Minor MIPS fixes, including a sign-extension fix to the
		unaligned load/store code, which makes NetBSD/pmax on R3000
		work better with dyntrans. (Ultrix and Linux/DECstation still
		don't work, though.)
20060530	Minor updates to the Alpha machine mode: adding an AlphaBook
		mode, an LCA bus (forwarding accesses to an ISA bus), etc.
20060531	Applying a bugfix for the MIPS dyntrans sc[d] instruction from
		Ondrej Palkovsky. (Many thanks.)
20060601	Minifix to allow ARM immediate msr instruction to not give
		an error for some valid values.
		More Alpha updates.
20060602	Some minor Alpha updates.
20060603	Adding the Alpha cmpbge instruction. NetBSD/alpha prints its
		first boot messages :-) on an emulated Alphabook 1.
20060612	Minor updates; adding a dev_ether.h include file for the
		testmachine ether device. Continuing the hunt for the dyntrans
		bug which makes Linux and Ultrix on DECstation behave
		strangely... FINALLY found it! It seems to be related to
		invalidation of the translation cache, on tlbw{r,i}. There
		also seems to be some remaining interrupt-related problems.
20060614	Correcting the implementation of ldc1/sdc1 for MIPS dyntrans
		(so that it uses 16 32-bit registers if the FR bit in the
		status register is not set).
		Removing the old MIPS interpretation mode.
		Removing the MFHILO_DELAY and instruction delay stuff, because
		they wouldn't work with dyntrans anyway.
20060617	Some documentation updates (adding "NetBSD-archive" to some
		URLs, and new Debian/DECstation installation screenshots).
		Removing the "tracenull" and "enable-caches" configure options.
		Improving MIPS dyntrans performance somewhat (only invalidate
		translations if necessary, on writes to the entryhi register,
		instead of doing it for all cop0 writes).
20060618	More cleanup after the removal of the old MIPS emulation.
		Trying to fix the MIPS dyntrans performance bugs/bottlenecks;
		only semi-successful so far (for R3000).
20060620	Minor update to allow clean compilation again on Tru64/Alpha.
20060622	MIPS cleanup and fixes (removing the pc_last stuff, which
		doesn't make sense with dyntrans anyway, and fixing a cross-
		page-delay-slot-with-exception case in end_of_page).
		Removing the old max_random_cycles_per_chunk stuff, and the
		concept of cycles vs instructions for MIPS emulation.
		FINALLY found and fixed the bug which caused NetBSD/pmax
		clocks to behave strangely (it was a load to the zero register,
		which was treated as a NOP; now it is treated as a load to a
		dummy scratch register).
20060623	Increasing the dyntrans chunk size back to
		Preparing for a quick release, even though there are known
		bugs, and performance for non-R3000 MIPS emulation is very
		poor. :-/
		Reverting to half the dyntrans chunk size again, because
		NetBSD/cats seemed less stable with full size chunks. :(
		NetBSD/sgimips 3.0 can now run :-)  (With release 0.3.8, only
		NetBSD/sgimips 2.1 worked, not 3.0.)

==============  RELEASE 0.4.0  ==============

1 dpavlin 24 $Id: TODO,v 1.292 2006/06/23 09:13:34 debug Exp $
2 dpavlin 2
3 dpavlin 22 Hm. This file is in random order, and not all parts of it are up-to-date.
4 dpavlin 20
5 dpavlin 24 --------------
6 dpavlin 2
7 dpavlin 24 Possible release schedule:
9     0.4.0:
10     x) Quick release, even though performance for non-R3000 MIPS dyntrans
11     is really poor. (Assuming everything mentioned in the documentation
12     works as expected.)
14     0.4.1:
16     x) Fix the interrupt problems with Ultrix!
17     x) Find/fix bug which is triggered when building the emulator inside
18     NetBSD/pmax 3.0 inside the emulator!
20     0.4.2 ...?
21     x) Clean-up!
22     x) Clock framework? Go through all clock devices, make sure they
23     return correct data, and run at correct speeds!
24     x) Optimizations, continuing on 64-bit issues etc with dyntrans
25     x) Dyntrans with SMP... lots of work to be done here.
26     x) Dyntrans with cache emulation... lots of work here as well.
27     x) Actually use the settings object, better debugger stuff, etc.
28     x) Wait for new releases of NetBSD, and test with those.
30     --------------
32     SMP:
33     o) dev_mp doesn't work well with dyntrans yet
34     o) In general, IPIs, CAS, LL/SC etc must be made to work with dyntrans
36     MIPS:
37     o) Fix invalidate_asid so it works well for non-R3000 too!
38     x) [Re]add an interrupt-asserted bit for MIPS, to speed up
39     interrupt handling slightly?
40     +) Print a warning on the first reserved instruction.
41     +) Some more work on opcodes.
42     x) MIPS64 revision 2.
43     x) _MAYBE_ TX79 and R5900 actually differ in their
44     opcodes? Check this carefully!
45     o) Dyntrans: Count register updates are probably not 100% correct yet.
46     o) Dyntrans: SMP correctness
47     o) Refactor code for performance and readability/maintainability.
48     o) Instruction combinations? Possible candidates (but profile first!):
49     o) multiple loads/stores in a row
50     o) strlen, memset loops etc
51     o) compare + branch
52     o) DROTR32 and similar MIPS64 rev 2 instructions, which have
53     a rotation bit which differs from previous ISAs.
54     o) EI and DI instructions for MIPS64/32 rev 2. NOTE: These are
55     _NOT_ the same as for R5900!
56     o) R4000 and others:
57     x) watchhi/watchlo exceptions, and other exception
58     handling details
59     o) R10000 and others: (R12000, R14000 ?)
60     x) memory space, exceptions, ...
61     x) use cop0 framemask for tlb lookups
62     (http://techpubs.sgi.com/library/tpl/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi/hdwr/bks/SGI_Developer/books/R10K_UM/sgi_html/t5.Ver.2.0.book_284.html)
64 dpavlin 14 Dyntrans:
65 dpavlin 24 x) Move the mips_init_64bit_dummy_tables() etc calls into
66     src/cpu.c, for all 64-bit cpus?
67     x) 64-bit "phystranslation" lookup as in 32-bit mode? Would probably
68     help performance a bit.
69     x) Common fatal_abort() function, which drops into the debugger
70     without continuing.
71 dpavlin 22 x) INVALIDATION should cause translations in _all_ cpus to be
72     invalidated, e.g. on a write to a write-protected page
73     (containing code)
74 dpavlin 24 x) better (formally defined) instr call statistics (-s command
75     line option?), multiple different types? (virtual pc, physical pc)
76 dpavlin 22 x) Call/return hints?
77     x) 16-bit encodings? (MIPS16, ARM Thumb, SH3, ...)
78 dpavlin 24 x) H8?
79 dpavlin 18 x) Lots of other stuff: see src/cpus/README_DYNTRANS
80 dpavlin 22 x) true recompilation backend? think carefully about this,
81     experiment in a separate project (not in GXemul)
82 dpavlin 24 x) Remove the dyntrans_alignment_check functionality; although
83     it gives slightly higher peformance sometimes, it increases
84     the complexity of the code too much!
85 dpavlin 18
86 dpavlin 24 Alpha:
87     o) Virtual memory (tlbs etc)
88     o) Get {NetBSD,OpenBSD,Linux}/alpha booting. :)
90     SPARC:
91     o) Add all registers (floating point, control regs etc)
92     o) Save/restore register windows etc!
93     o) Disassemly of some more instructions.
94     o) Are sll etc 32-bit sign-extending or zero-extending?
95     o) Finish the cmp (subcc) flag computation code.
96     o) Finish the GDB register stuff.
98     Debugger:
99     o) How does SMP debugging work? Does it simply use "threads"?
100     What if the guest OS (running on an emulated SMP machine)
101     has a usertask running, with userland threads?
102     o) Try to make the debugger more modular and, if possible, reentrant!
103     o) Remove the emul command? (But show network info if showing
104     machines?)
105     o) Generalize the expression evaluator. (debugger_expr.c?)
106     settable variables ("show nr of instructions on average")
107     emul[x] defaults to current emul
108     machine[x] defaults to current machine
109     cpu[x] defaults to currently focused cpu
110     registers cpu arch dependent (#-prefix)
111     symbols @-prefix
112     numeric constants decimal, hex, and octal ($-prefix)
113     boolean yes,no, true,false
114     operators (+ - * / % & | ^ !)
115     parentheses for grouping subexpressions
116     NOTE: the change from % to # for register prefix!
117     examples:
118     emul[0].machine[2].cpu[0].pc
119     machine[test2].cpu[1].ra = main
120     settings.show_trace_tree = yes
122     Settings:
123     o) Remove a setting.
124     o) Read/write a setting given a name. (Read as
125     string and/or int64_t simultaneously?)
127     Help command should have subsections! One for "expressions",
128     mirrored in the documentation, but the internal help should
129     be the one that should be considered correct.
130     o) see src/debugger.c for more
132     POWER/PowerPC:
133     x) PPC optimizations; instr combs
134     x) 64-bit stuff
135     x) find and fix the bug which causes NetBSD/macppc to fail after
136     an install!
137     x) macppc: adb controller; keyboard (for framebuffer mode)
138     x) make OpenBSD/macppc work (PCI controller stuff)
140     Algor:
141     PCI and ISA and LOCAL interrupts! --> wdc could start working
142     Add interrupt controller in dev_algor.c.
144     ARM:
145     o) try to get netbsd/evbarm 3.x running (iq80321)
146     o) make the xscale counter registers (ccnt) work
147     o) make the ata controller usable for FreeBSD!
148     o) zaurus for openbsd...
149     o) debian/cats crashes because of unimplemented coproc stuff.
150     fix this?
152     Cache simulation:
153     o) Separate from the CPU concept, so that multi-core CPUs sharing
154     e.g. a L2 cache can be simulated (?)
155     o) Instruction cache emulation is easiest (if separate from the
156     data cache); similar hack as the S;I; hack in cpu_dyntrans.c.
157     NOTE: if the architecture has a delay slot, then an instruction
158     slot can actually be executed as 2 instructions.
159     o) Data cache emulation = harder; each arch's load/store routines
160     must include support? running one instruction at a time and
161     having a cpu-dependant lookup function for each instruction
162     is another option (easier to implement, but very very slow).
164     Documentation:
165     o) machines, cpus, devices.
166     o) Automagic documentation generation:
167     x) REMEMBER that several machines/devices can be in
168     the same source file!
169     o) Try to rewrite the install instructions for those machines
170     that use 3MAX into using CATS? (To remove the need to a raw
171     ffs partition using up all of the disk image.)
173 dpavlin 22 More generic out_of_memory error reporting, and check everywhere!
174     Causes: OpenBSD has low default limits for normal users.
175     Host is 32-bit? (32-bit hosts are limited to 4 GB or less
176     of userspace memory.)
177     You are actually low on RAM. (As trivial as this might sound,
178     Unix systems usually allow processes to allocate virtual
179     memory beyond the amount of RAM in the machine.)
181     Breakpoints: 32-bit vs 64-bit sign extension for MIPS, warnings, etc.
182     Use the debugger's symbolic name stuff. (which will have to be
183     extended soon to support stuff like "2*x + symbol + y" etc. cool
184     stuff)
186     Sprite (guest OS for DECstation emulation)
187     x) Timing problems during bootup?
189     The Device subsystem:
190     x) allow devices to be moved and/or changed in size (down to a
191     minimum size, etc, or up to a max size)
192     x) keep track of interrupts and busses? actually, allowing any device
193 dpavlin 24 to be a bus might be a nice idea.
194     x) turn interrupt controllers into devices? :-)
195 dpavlin 22 x) refactor various clocks/nvram/cmos into one device?
197 dpavlin 24 Clocks:
198     x) General framework for automagic clock adjustment for _all_
199     kinds of clocks and timers. (Which should be possible to turn
200     off, of course, like the way DECstation emulation works now.)
201 dpavlin 22
202     PCI:
203 dpavlin 24 x) last write was ffffffff ==> fix this, it should be used
204     together with a mask to get the correct bits. also, not ALL
205     bits are size bits! (lowest 4 vs lowest 2?)
206 dpavlin 22 x) add support for address fixups
207     x) generalize the interrupt routing stuff (lines etc). this should
208     be per machine? or per bus, that's better
209 dpavlin 24 x) add a "pcn" NIC (AMD PCnet32 Lance 79c970 (PCI 1022:2000)),
210     could be useful for several machine modes (Malta, Algor, evbarm,
211     hp700?, macppc, etc.)
212 dpavlin 22
213     Network layer:
214     o) DHCP (for Debian and BSD installers :-)
215     o) increase performance
216     o) don't rely on NetBSD-ish usage
217     o) Multiple networks per emulation, and let different
218     NICs in machines connect to different networks.
219     o) many other issues: see src/net.c
221     Busses:
222     o) Redesign the entire "mainbus" concept!
223     o) Busses should be placed in a hierarchical tree!
224     o) Easily configurable interrupt routing in SMP systems.
225     o) Specific clock/bus speeds, cpu speeds etc.
226     o) Synchronization over network? or at least in dyntrans within
227     one emulated machine
228     o) dev->bus: TurboChannel, PCMCIA, ADB?
230     Config file parser:
231 dpavlin 24 o) Rewrite it from scratch!
232 dpavlin 22 o) Usage of any expression available through the debugger
233     o) Support for running debugger commands (like the -c
234     command line option)
236     Floating point layer:
237     o) make it common enough to be used by _all_ emulation modes
238 dpavlin 24 o) implement more stuff
239 dpavlin 22 o) non-IEEE modes (i.e. x86)?
241 dpavlin 14 Userland emulation:
242 dpavlin 22 x) Lots of stuff; freebsd and netbsd (and linux?) syscalls.
243 dpavlin 14 x) Dynamic linking? Hm.
244 dpavlin 12
245 dpavlin 22 Sound:
246     x) generic sound framework
247     x) add one or more sound cards as devices
248 dpavlin 12
249 dpavlin 24 ASC SCSI controller:
250     x) NetBSD/arc 2.0 uses the ASC controller in a way which GXemul
251     cannot yet handle. (NetBSD 1.6.2 works ok.) (Possibly a problem
252     in NetBSD itself, http://mail-index.netbsd.org/source-changes/
253     2005/11/06/0024.html suggests that.)
255 dpavlin 22 Caches / memory hierarchies: (this is mostly MIPS-specific)
256     o) MIPS coproc.c: bits in config registers should reflect
257     correct cache sizes for _all_ CPU types. (currently only
258     implemented for R4000, R1x000, and a few others)
259     o) src/memory*.c: Implement correct cache emulation for
260     all CPU types. (currently only R2000/R3000 is implemented)
261     (per CPU, multiple levels should be possible,
262     associativity etc!)
263     o) R2000/R3000 isn't _100%_ correct, just almost correct :)
264     o) Move the -S (fill mem with random) functionality into the
265     memory.c subsystem, not machine.c or wherever it is now
266     o) ECC stuff, simulation of memory errors? (Machine dependent)
267     o) More than 4GB of emulated RAM, when run on a 32-bit host?
268     (using manual swap-out of blocks to disk, ugly)
269     o) A global command line option should be used to turn
270     cache emulation on or off. When off, caches should be
271     faked like they are right now. When on, caches and
272     memory latencies should be emulated as correctly as
273     possible.
274 dpavlin 2
275 dpavlin 22 File/disk/symbol handling:
276     o) Better handling of tape files
277     o) Read function argument count and types from binaries? (ELF?)
278 dpavlin 24 o) Better demangling of C++ names. Note: GNU's C++ differs from e.g.
279     Microsoft's C++, so multiple schemes must be possible. See
280     URL at top of src/symbol_demangle.c for more info.
281 dpavlin 2
282 dpavlin 22 Userland ABI emulation:
283     o) see src/useremul.c
284 dpavlin 12
285 dpavlin 22 Terminal/console:
286     o) allow emulated serial ports to be connected to the outside
287     world in a more generic way, or even to other emulated
288     machines(?)
289 dpavlin 2
290 dpavlin 22 Save state of the whole emulated machine, to be able to load it back
291     in later? (Memory, all device's states, all registers and
292     so on. Like taking a snapshot. (SimOS seems to do this,
293     according to its website.))
294 dpavlin 6
295 dpavlin 22 Better framebuffer and X-windows functionality:
296     o) -Yx sometimes causes crashes.
297     o) Simple device access to framebuffer_blockcopyfill() etc,
298     and text output (using the built-in fonts), for dev_fb.
299     o) CLEAN UP the ugly event code
300     o) Mouse clicks can be "missed" in the current system; this is
301     not good. They should be put on a stack of some kind.
302     o) More 2D and 3D framebuffer acceleration.
303     o) Non-resizable windows? Or choose scaledown depending
304     on size (and center the image, with a black border).
305     o) Different scaledown on different windows?
306     o) Switch scaledown during runtime? (Ala CTRL-ALT-plus/minus)
307 dpavlin 24 o) Bug reported by Elijah Rutschman on MacOS with weird
308     keys (F5 = cursor down?).
309 dpavlin 22 o) Keyboard and mouse events:
310     x) Do this for more machines than just DECstation
311     x) more X11 cursor keycodes
312     x) Keys like CTRL, ALT, SHIFT do not get through
313     by themselves (these are necessary for example
314     to change the font of an xterm in X in the
315     emulator)
316     o) Generalize the framebuffer stuff by moving _ALL_ X11
317     specific code to src/x11.c!
318 dpavlin 2
319 dpavlin 22 Statistics: (this could be interesting)
320     o) Save to file and show graphics. It should be possible to
321     run gxemul after a simulation to just show the graphics,
322     or convert to a .ppm or .tga or similar.
323     o) memory accesses (to measure cache efficiency and
324     page coloring efficiency)
325     o) nr of simultaneous ASIDs in use in the TLB, for MIPS
326     o) percentage of time spent in different "states", such as
327     running userland code, kernel code, or idling (for CPUs
328     that have such an instruction, or whenever the PC is
329     inside a specific idle-function (address range)).
330     Possible additional state (for example on R3000): caches
331     disabled.
332     o) position of read/write on (SCSI) disks
333 dpavlin 2

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