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revision 28 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:20:26 2007 UTC revision 30 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:20:40 2007 UTC
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1  Release notes for Gavare's eXperimental Emulator (GXemul), 0.4.1  Release notes for Gavare's eXperimental Emulator (GXemul), 0.4.2
2  ================================================================  ================================================================
4  Copyright (C) 2003-2006  Anders Gavare.  Copyright (C) 2003-2006  Anders Gavare.
# Line 14  be regarded as "working" in GXemul. The Line 14  be regarded as "working" in GXemul. The
14  systems are probably NetBSD/pmax, NetBSD/cats, and OpenBSD/cats.  systems are probably NetBSD/pmax, NetBSD/cats, and OpenBSD/cats.
17  Changes between release and 0.4.1 include, among other things:  Changes between release 0.4.1 and 0.4.2 include, among other things:
19      o)  Some bugs in the dynamic translation core have been fixed, making      o)  The NetWinder emulation mode now works well enough to let
20          all emulation modes (especially the MIPS mode) more stable.          NetBSD/netwinder run from a disk image.
22      o)  In the refactoring effort between 0.4.0 and, single-stepping          (NetBSD/netwinder has to be installed manually, though, because
23          (and instruction tracing) of 64-bit programs was accidentally broken.          there is no installation ramdisk kernel. The GXemul documentation
24          Single-stepping in 64-bit mode could result in strange exceptions.          has an example of how to install NetBSD/netwinder using an emulated
25          This has been fixed in 0.4.1.          NetBSD/pmax machine.)
27      o)  MIPS emulation performance has been improved somewhat:      o)  Algorithmics P5064 emulation works well enough to let NetBSD/algor
28            run from a disk image. (Similar to NetBSD/netwinder, it has to
29            be installed manually, using another emulated machine.)
31          R3000: After removing some buggy code (hints for physical page      o)  PCI configuration register writes can now be handled, which allows
32          translations), it was possible to remove the workaround for R3000          NetBSD/Malta (evbmips) 3.0.1 and NetBSD/cobalt 3.0.1 to run from
33          caches which was needed in to make Linux and Ultrix run.          PCI IDE harddisk images. (Previously, only NetBSD 2.1 worked for
34          This gives an overall speedup for R2000/R3000.          the Malta and Cobalt emulation modes.)
36          For non-R3000, there have been some speedups as well. After fixing      o)  Some performance increases:
         reference count bugs for 64-bit addressing in the dyntrans system,  
         workarounds/hacks in the tlbwr/tlbwi instructions and in the ASID  
         change helper function could be removed.  
38      o)  A new -s command line option is now available, for dumping          The virtual translation table update routine has been simplified
39          raw runtime data/statistics on every instruction to a file.          to work the same way for 32-bit and 64-bit emulation, and this
40            apparently results in a speedup for all 64-bit modes.
42          Currently, the following kinds of data can be dumped:          For 32-bit MIPS, some more instruction combinations have been added.
         1. the program counter (virtual address)  
         2. the physical address representation of the program counter  
         3. the internal dyntrans instruction call pointer, useful when  
            developing/optimizing the emulator  
         This data can then be analyzed by external tools.  
         (There was a -s command line option in previous releases of  
         the emulator, but it did not work as intended, and was not  
         usable from dyntrans emulation modes.)  
44  Please read the HISTORY files for more details.  Please read the HISTORY files for more details.

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