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Mon Oct 8 16:21:34 2007 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
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++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1497 2007/03/18 03:41:36 debug Exp $
20070224	Minor update to the initialization of the ns16550 in
		machine_walnut.c, to allow that machine type to boot with the
		new interrupt system (although it is still a dummy machine).
		Adding a wdc at 0x14000000 to machine_landisk.c, and fixing
		the SCIF serial interrupts of the SH4 cpu enough to get
		NetBSD/landisk booting from a disk image :-)  Adding a
		preliminary install instruction skeleton to guestoses.html.
20070306	Adding SH-IPL+G PROM emulation, and also passing the "end"
		symbol in r5 on bootup, for Landisk emulation. This is enough
		to get OpenBSD/landisk to install :)  Adding a preliminary
		install instruction skeleton to the documentation. SuperH
		emulation is still shaky, though :-/
20070307	Fixed a strangeness in memory_sh.c (read/write was never
		returned for any page). (Unknown whether this fixes any actual
		problems, though.)
20070308	dev_ram.c fix: invalidate code translations on writes to
		RAM, emulated as separate devices. Linux/dreamcast gets
		further in the boot process than before, but still bugs out
		in userland.
		Fixing bugs in the "stc.l gbr,@-rN" and "ldc.l @rN+,gbr" SuperH 
		instructions (they should NOT check the MD bit), allowing the
		Linux/dreamcast Live CD to reach userland correctly :-)
20070310	Changing the cpu name "Alpha" in src/useremul.c to "21364" to
		unbreak userland syscall emulation of FreeBSD/Alpha binaries.
20070314	Applying a patch from Michael Yaroslavtsev which fixes the
		previous Linux lib64 patch to the configure script.
20070315	Adding a (dummy) sun4v machine type, and SPARC T1 cpu type.
20070316	Creating a new directory, src/disk, and moving diskimage.c
		to it. Separating out bootblock loading stuff from emul.c into
		new files in src/disk.
		Adding some more SPARC registers.
20070318	Preparing/testing for a minirelease,

==============  RELEASE  ==============

1 Release notes for Gavare's eXperimental Emulator (GXemul),
2 ==================================================================
4 Copyright (C) 2003-2007 Anders Gavare.
7 GXemul is an experimental instruction-level machine emulator. Several
8 emulation modes are available. In some modes, processors and surrounding
9 hardware components are emulated well enough to let unmodified operating
10 systems (e.g. NetBSD) run as if they were running on a real machine.
12 Processors (ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SuperH) are emulated using dynamic
13 translation. Unlike some other dynamically translating emulators, GXemul
14 does not need to generate native code, only a "runnable intermediate
15 representation", and will thus run on any host architecture.
17 The documentation lists the machines and guest operating systems that can
18 be regarded as "working" in GXemul. The best working guest operating
19 systems are probably NetBSD/pmax and NetBSD/cats.
22 Changes between release 0.4.3 and include, among other things:
24 o) The interrupt subsystem has been redesigned. This means two things:
26 x) Internal code cleanup, which makes the whole emulator more
27 maintainable. Instead of using magically encoded integers
28 for interrupts, strings are now used. These strings are in
29 the form of "paths", so that devices and busses can more
30 easily be connected to other busses, devices, or CPUs.
32 x) Some machine types which happened to work in release 0.4.3,
33 but were not listed in the documentation as working, may
34 have stopped working now. As always, the documentation should
35 indicate the combinations of machine modes and guest OSes that
36 are supposed to work.
38 o) SuperH (SH4) emulation is now somewhat more stable.
40 x) GXemul 0.4.4: A NetBSD/dreamcast Live CD works.
41 x) GXemul A Linux/dreamcast Live CD also works.
43 o) PowerPC "G4" emulation is now stable enough to let NetBSD/macppc
44 run from a disk image. (Installing actually worked before, but the
45 NetBSD/macppc GENERIC kernel uses AltiVec instructions which were
46 not implemented correctly.)
48 o) The PICA-61 (arc) and i80321 (evbarm) emulation modes now have their
49 timers fixed at 100 Hz. A hardcoded speed like this is very ugly, but
50 it is at least better than before (when the timer wasn't really
51 running at any specific speed at all).
53 Please read the HISTORY files for more details.
56 Files included in this release are:
58 HISTORY Detailed revision history / changelog.
59 LICENSE Copyright message / license.
60 README Quick start instructions, for the impatient.
61 RELEASE This file.
62 TODO TODO notes.
63 configure, Makefile.skel sh and make scripts for building GXemul.
64 demos Tutorial-like demos of testmachine functionality.
65 doc Documentation.
66 experiments Experimental code. (Usually not needed.)
67 src Source code.
69 To build the emulator, run the configure script, and then run make. This
70 should work on most Unix-like systems.
73 Regarding files in the src/include/ directory: only some of these are written
74 by me, the rest are from other sources (such as NetBSD). The license text says
75 that "All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software"
76 must display acknowledgements. Even though I do NOT feel I mention features or
77 use of the header files (the "software") in any advertising materials, I am
78 still very grateful for the fact that these people have made their files
79 available for re-use, so regardless of legal requirements, I guess thanking
80 them like this is in order:
82 This product includes software developed by the University of
83 California, Berkeley and its contributors.
85 This product includes software developed for the
86 NetBSD Project. See http://www.netbsd.org/ for
87 information about NetBSD.
89 This product includes software developed by Jonathan Stone for
90 the NetBSD Project.
92 This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project
93 by Matthias Drochner.
95 This product includes software developed by the NetBSD
96 Foundation, Inc. and its contributors.
98 This product includes software developed by Christopher G. Demetriou.
99 [for the NetBSD Project.]
101 This product includes software developed by Adam Glass.
103 This product includes software developed by the PocketBSD project
104 and its contributors.
106 This product includes software developed by Peter Galbavy.
108 Carnegie Mellon University (multiple header files,
109 no specific advertisement text required)
111 This product includes software developed by Charles M. Hannum.
113 This product includes software developed under OpenBSD by Per Fogelström.
115 This product includes software developed by Per Fogelström.
117 This product includes software developed at Ludd, University of
118 Luleå, Sweden and its contributors.
120 This product includes software developed by Hellmuth Michaelis
121 and Joerg Wunsch
123 The font(s) in devices/fonts are Copyright (c) 1992, 1993, 1994
124 by Hellmuth Michaelis and Joerg Wunsch. ("This product includes software
125 developed by Hellmuth Michaelis and Joerg Wunsch", well, the font
126 is maybe not software, but still...)
128 impactsr-bsd.h is Copyright (C) 2004 by Stanislaw Skowronek.
130 This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project by
131 Wasabi Systems, Inc. [by Simon Burge]
133 arcbios_other.h is Copyright (c) 1996 M. Warner Losh.
135 This product includes software developed by Marc Horowitz.
137 This product includes software developed by Brini.
139 This product includes software developed by Mark Brinicombe
140 for the NetBSD Project.
142 This product includes software developed by TooLs GmbH.
144 This product includes software developed by Manuel Bouyer.
146 This product includes software developed by the Alice Group.
148 This product includes software developed by Ichiro FUKUHARA.
150 This product includes software developed by Marcus Comstedt.
152 Also, src/include/alpha_rpb.h requires the following:
154 Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 Carnegie-Mellon University.
155 All rights reserved.
157 Author: Keith Bostic, Chris G. Demetriou
159 Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and
160 its documentation is hereby granted, provided that both the copyright
161 notice and this permission notice appear in all copies of the
162 software, derivative works or modified versions, and any portions
163 thereof, and that both notices appear in supporting documentation.
165 See individual files for license details, if you plan to redistribute GXemul
166 or reuse code.
169 If you have found GXemul useful in some way, or feel like sending me comments
170 or feedback in general, then mail me at anders(at)gavare.se.

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