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Mon Oct 8 16:21:17 2007 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
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++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1480 2007/02/19 01:34:42 debug Exp $
20061029	Changing usleep(1) calls in the debugger to usleep(10000)
20061107	Adding a new disk image option (-d o...) which sets the ISO9660
		filesystem base offset; also making some other hacks to allow
		NetBSD/dreamcast and homebrew demos/games to boot directly
		from a filesystem image.
		Moving Dreamcast-specific stuff in the documentation to its
		own page (dreamcast.html).
		Adding a border to the Dreamcast PVR framebuffer.
20061108	Adding a -T command line option (again?), for halting the
		emulator on unimplemented memory accesses.
20061109	Continuing on various SH4 and Dreamcast related things.
		The emulator should now halt on more unimplemented device
		accesses, instead of just printing a warning, forcing me to
		actually implement missing stuff :)
20061111	Continuing on SH4 and Dreamcast stuff.
		Adding a bogus Landisk (SH4) machine mode.
20061112	Implementing some parts of the Dreamcast GDROM device. With
		some ugly hacks, NetBSD can (barely) mount an ISO image.
20061113	NetBSD/dreamcast now starts booting from the Live CD image,
		but crashes randomly quite early on in the boot process.
20061122	Beginning on a skeleton interrupt.h and interrupt.c for the
		new interrupt subsystem.
20061124	Continuing on the new interrupt system; taking the first steps
		to attempt to connect CPUs (SuperH and MIPS) and devices
		(dev_cons and SH4 timer interrupts) to it. Many things will
		probably break from now on.
20061125	Converting dev_ns16550, dev_8253 to the new interrupt system.
		Attempting to begin to convert the ISA bus.
20061130	Incorporating a patch from Brian Foley for the configure
		script, which checks for X11 libs in /usr/X11R6/lib64 (which
		is used on some Linux systems).
20061227	Adding a note in the man page about booting from Dreamcast
		CDROM images (i.e. that no external kernel is needed).
20061229	Continuing on the interrupt system rewrite: beginning to
		convert more devices, adding abort() calls for legacy interrupt
		system calls so that everything now _has_ to be rewritten!
		Almost all machine modes are now completely broken.
20061230	More progress on removing old interrupt code, mostly related
		to the ISA bus + devices, the LCA bus (on AlphaBook1), and
		the Footbridge bus (for CATS). And some minor PCI stuff.
		Connecting the ARM cpu to the new interrupt system.
		The CATS, NetWinder, and QEMU_MIPS machine modes now work with
		the new interrupt system :)
20061231	Connecting PowerPC CPUs to the new interrupt system.
		Making PReP machines (IBM 6050) work again.
		Beginning to convert the GT PCI controller (for e.g. Malta
		and Cobalt emulation). Some things work, but not everything.
		Updating Copyright notices for 2007.
20070101	Converting dev_kn02 from legacy style to devinit; the 3max
		machine mode now works with the new interrupt system :-]
20070105	Beginning to convert the SGI O2 machine to the new interrupt
		system; finally converting O2 (IP32) devices to devinit, etc.
20070106	Continuing on the interrupt system redesign/rewrite; KN01
		(PMAX), KN230, and Dreamcast ASIC interrupts should work again,
		moving out stuff from machine.h and devices.h into the
		corresponding devices, beginning the rewrite of i80321
		interrupts, etc.
20070107	Beginning on the rewrite of Eagle interrupt stuff (PReP, etc).
20070117	Beginning the rewrite of Algor (V3) interrupts (finally
		changing dev_v3 into devinit style).
20070118	Removing the "bus" registry concept from machine.h, because
		it was practically meaningless.
		Continuing on the rewrite of Algor V3 ISA interrupts.
20070121	More work on Algor interrupts; they are now working again,
		well enough to run NetBSD/algor. :-)
20070122	Converting VR41xx (HPCmips) interrupts. NetBSD/hpcmips
		can be installed using the new interrupt system :-)
20070123	Making the testmips mode work with the new interrupt system.
20070127	Beginning to convert DEC5800 devices to devinit, and to the
		new interrupt system.
		Converting Playstation 2 devices to devinit, and converting
		the interrupt system. Also fixing a severe bug: the interrupt
		mask register on Playstation 2 is bitwise _toggled_ on writes.
20070128	Removing the dummy NetGear machine mode and the 8250 device
		(which was only used by the NetGear machine).
		Beginning to convert the MacPPC GC (Grand Central) interrupt
		controller to the new interrupt system.
		Converting Jazz interrupts (PICA61 etc.) to the new interrupt
		system. NetBSD/arc can be installed again :-)
		Fixing the JAZZ timer (hardcoding it at 100 Hz, works with
		NetBSD and it is better than a completely dummy timer as it
		was before).
		Converting dev_mp to the new interrupt system, although I
		haven't had time to actually test it yet.
		Completely removing src/machines/interrupts.c, cpu_interrupt
		and cpu_interrupt_ack in src/cpu.c, and
		src/include/machine_interrupts.h! Adding fatal error messages
		+ abort() in the few places that are left to fix.
		Converting dev_z8530 to the new interrupt system.
		FINALLY removing the md_int struct completely from the
		machine struct.
		SH4 fixes (adding a PADDR invalidation in the ITLB replacement
		code in memory_sh.c); the NetBSD/dreamcast LiveCD now runs
		all the way to the login prompt, and can be interacted with :-)
		Converting the CPC700 controller (PCI and interrupt controller
		for PM/PPC) to the new interrupt system.
20070129	Fixing MACE ISA interrupts (SGI IP32 emulation). Both NetBSD/
		sgimips' and OpenBSD/sgi's ramdisk kernels can now be
		interacted with again.
20070130	Moving out the MIPS multi_lw and _sw instruction combinations
		so that they are auto-generated at compile time instead.
20070131	Adding detection of amd64/x86_64 hosts in the configure script,
		for doing initial experiments (again :-) with native code
		Adding a -k command line option to set the size of the dyntrans
		cache, and a -B command line option to disable native code
		generation, even if GXemul was compiled with support for
		native code generation for the specific host CPU architecture.
20070201	Experimenting with a skeleton for native code generation.
		Changing the default behaviour, so that native code generation
		is now disabled by default, and has to be enabled by using
		-b on the command line.
20070202	Continuing the native code generation experiments.
		Making PCI interrupts work for Footbridge again.
20070203	More native code generation experiments.
		Removing most of the native code generation experimental code,
		it does not make sense to include any quick hacks like this.
		Minor cleanup/removal of some more legacy MIPS interrupt code.
20070204	Making i80321 interrupts work again (for NetBSD/evbarm etc.),
		and fixing the timer at 100 Hz.
20070206	Experimenting with removing the wdc interrupt slowness hack.
20070207	Lowering the number of dyntrans TLB entries for MIPS from
		192 to 128, resulting in a minor speed improvement.
		Minor optimization to the code invalidation routine in
20070208	Increasing (experimentally) the nr of dyntrans instructions per
		loop from 60 to 120.
20070210	Commenting out (experimentally) the dyntrans_device_danger
		detection in memory_rw.c.
		Changing the testmips and baremips machines to use a revision 2
		MIPS64 CPU by default, instead of revision 1.
		Removing the dummy i960, IA64, x86, AVR32, and HP PA-RISC
		files, the PC bios emulation, and the Olivetti M700 (ARC) and
		db64360 emulation modes.
20070211	Adding an "mp" demo to the demos directory, which tests the
		SMP functionality of the testmips machine.
		Fixing PReP interrupts some more. NetBSD/prep now boots again.
20070216	Adding a "nop workaround" for booting Mach/PMAX to the
		documentation; thanks to Artur Bujdoso for the values.
		Converting more of the MacPPC interrupt stuff to the new
		Beginning to convert BeBox interrupts to the new system.
		PPC603e should NOT have the PPC_NO_DEC flag! Removing it.
		Correcting BeBox clock speed (it was set to 100 in the NetBSD
		bootinfo block, but should be 33000000/4), allowing NetBSD
		to start without using the (incorrect) PPC_NO_DEC hack.
20070217	Implementing (slow) AltiVec vector loads and stores, allowing
		NetBSD/macppc to finally boot using the GENERIC kernel :-)
		Updating the documentation with install instructions for
20070218-19	Regression testing for the release.

==============  RELEASE 0.4.4  ==============

1 dpavlin 34 Release notes for Gavare's eXperimental Emulator (GXemul), 0.4.4
2 dpavlin 28 ================================================================
3 dpavlin 2
4 dpavlin 34 Copyright (C) 2003-2007 Anders Gavare.
5 dpavlin 2
7 dpavlin 14 GXemul is an experimental instruction-level machine emulator. Several
8     emulation modes are available. In some modes, processors and surrounding
9 dpavlin 12 hardware components are emulated well enough to let unmodified operating
10     systems (e.g. NetBSD) run as if they were running on a real machine.
11 dpavlin 2
12 dpavlin 34 Processors (ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SuperH) are emulated using dynamic
13     translation. Unlike some other dynamically translating emulators, GXemul
14     does not need to generate native code, only a "runnable intermediate
15     representation", and will thus run on any host architecture.
17 dpavlin 22 The documentation lists the machines and guest operating systems that can
18 dpavlin 28 be regarded as "working" in GXemul. The best working guest operating
19 dpavlin 34 systems are probably NetBSD/pmax and NetBSD/cats.
20 dpavlin 2
21 dpavlin 20
22 dpavlin 34 Changes between release 0.4.3 and 0.4.4 include, among other things:
23 dpavlin 12
24 dpavlin 34 o) The interrupt subsystem has been redesigned. This means two things:
25 dpavlin 2
26 dpavlin 34 x) Internal code cleanup, which makes the whole emulator more
27     maintainable. Instead of using magically encoded integers
28     for interrupts, strings are now used. These strings are in
29     the form of "paths", so that devices and busses can more
30     easily be connected to other busses, devices, or CPUs.
31 dpavlin 10
32 dpavlin 34 x) Some machine types which happened to work in release 0.4.3,
33     but were not listed in the documentation as working, may
34     have stopped working now. As always, the documentation should
35     indicate the combinations of machine modes and guest OSes that
36     are supposed to work.
37 dpavlin 2
38 dpavlin 34 o) SuperH (SH4) emulation is now somewhat more stable, enough to let a
39     NetBSD/dreamcast Live CD be usable.
40 dpavlin 2
41 dpavlin 34 o) PowerPC "G4" emulation is now stable enough to let NetBSD/macppc
42     run from a disk image. (Installing actually worked before, but the
43     NetBSD/macppc GENERIC kernel uses AltiVec instructions which were
44     not implemented correctly.)
45 dpavlin 2
46 dpavlin 34 o) The PICA-61 (arc) and i80321 (evbarm) emulation modes now have their
47     timers fixed at 100 Hz. A hardcoded speed like this is very ugly, but
48     it is at least better than before (when the timer wasn't really
49     running at any specific speed at all).
50 dpavlin 2
51 dpavlin 24 Please read the HISTORY files for more details.
54 dpavlin 2 Files included in this release are:
56     HISTORY Detailed revision history / changelog.
57     LICENSE Copyright message / license.
58     README Quick start instructions, for the impatient.
59     RELEASE This file.
60     TODO TODO notes.
61 dpavlin 4 configure, Makefile.skel sh and make scripts for building GXemul.
62 dpavlin 24 demos Tutorial-like demos of testmachine functionality.
63 dpavlin 2 doc Documentation.
64     experiments Experimental code. (Usually not needed.)
65 dpavlin 4 src Source code.
66 dpavlin 2
67 dpavlin 24 To build the emulator, run the configure script, and then run make. This
68 dpavlin 22 should work on most Unix-like systems.
69 dpavlin 2
70 dpavlin 24
71 dpavlin 4 Regarding files in the src/include/ directory: only some of these are written
72     by me, the rest are from other sources (such as NetBSD). The license text says
73 dpavlin 2 that "All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software"
74     must display acknowledgements. Even though I do NOT feel I mention features or
75     use of the header files (the "software") in any advertising materials, I am
76     still very grateful for the fact that these people have made their files
77     available for re-use, so regardless of legal requirements, I guess thanking
78     them like this is in order:
80     This product includes software developed by the University of
81     California, Berkeley and its contributors.
83     This product includes software developed for the
84     NetBSD Project. See http://www.netbsd.org/ for
85     information about NetBSD.
87     This product includes software developed by Jonathan Stone for
88     the NetBSD Project.
90     This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project
91     by Matthias Drochner.
93     This product includes software developed by the NetBSD
94     Foundation, Inc. and its contributors.
96     This product includes software developed by Christopher G. Demetriou.
97     [for the NetBSD Project.]
99     This product includes software developed by Adam Glass.
101     This product includes software developed by the PocketBSD project
102     and its contributors.
104     This product includes software developed by Peter Galbavy.
106     Carnegie Mellon University (multiple header files,
107     no specific advertisement text required)
109     This product includes software developed by Charles M. Hannum.
111     This product includes software developed under OpenBSD by Per Fogelström.
113     This product includes software developed by Per Fogelström.
115     This product includes software developed at Ludd, University of
116     Luleå, Sweden and its contributors.
118     This product includes software developed by Hellmuth Michaelis
119     and Joerg Wunsch
121     The font(s) in devices/fonts are Copyright (c) 1992, 1993, 1994
122     by Hellmuth Michaelis and Joerg Wunsch. ("This product includes software
123     developed by Hellmuth Michaelis and Joerg Wunsch", well, the font
124     is maybe not software, but still...)
126     impactsr-bsd.h is Copyright (C) 2004 by Stanislaw Skowronek.
128     This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project by
129     Wasabi Systems, Inc. [by Simon Burge]
131     arcbios_other.h is Copyright (c) 1996 M. Warner Losh.
133     This product includes software developed by Marc Horowitz.
135 dpavlin 14 This product includes software developed by Brini.
137     This product includes software developed by Mark Brinicombe
138     for the NetBSD Project.
140 dpavlin 20 This product includes software developed by TooLs GmbH.
142     This product includes software developed by Manuel Bouyer.
144 dpavlin 22 This product includes software developed by the Alice Group.
146 dpavlin 24 This product includes software developed by Ichiro FUKUHARA.
148 dpavlin 32 This product includes software developed by Marcus Comstedt.
150 dpavlin 12 Also, src/include/alpha_rpb.h requires the following:
152     Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 Carnegie-Mellon University.
153     All rights reserved.
155     Author: Keith Bostic, Chris G. Demetriou
157     Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and
158     its documentation is hereby granted, provided that both the copyright
159     notice and this permission notice appear in all copies of the
160     software, derivative works or modified versions, and any portions
161     thereof, and that both notices appear in supporting documentation.
163 dpavlin 2 See individual files for license details, if you plan to redistribute GXemul
164     or reuse code.
166 dpavlin 24
167 dpavlin 2 If you have found GXemul useful in some way, or feel like sending me comments
168     or feedback in general, then mail me at anders(at)gavare.se.

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