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Mon Oct 8 16:19:37 2007 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
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++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.1121 2006/02/18 21:03:08 debug Exp $
20051126	Cobalt and PReP now work with the 21143 NIC.
		Continuing on Alpha dyntrans things.
		Fixing some more left-shift-by-24 to unsigned.
20051127	Working on OpenFirmware emulation; major cleanup/redesign.
		Progress on MacPPC emulation: NetBSD detects two CPUs (when
		running with -n 2), framebuffer output (for text) works.
		Adding quick-hack Bandit PCI controller and "gc" interrupt
		controller for MacPPC.
20051128	Changing from a Bandit to a Uni-North controller for macppc.
		Continuing on OpenFirmware and MacPPC emulation in general
		(obio controller, and wdc attached to the obio seems to work).
20051129	More work on MacPPC emulation (adding a dummy ADB controller).
		Continuing the PCI bus cleanup (endianness and tag composition)
		and rewriting all PCI controllers' access functions.
20051130	Various minor PPC dyntrans optimizations.
		Manually inlining some parts of the framebuffer redraw routine.
		Slowly beginning the conversion of the old MIPS emulation into
		dyntrans (but this will take quite some time to get right).
		Generalizing quick_pc_to_pointers.
20051201	Documentation update (David Muse has made available a kernel
		which simplifies Debian/DECstation installation).
		Continuing on the ADB bus controller.
20051202	Beginning a rewrite of the Zilog serial controller (dev_zs).
20051203	Continuing on the zs rewrite (now called dev_z8530); conversion
		to devinit style.
		Reworking some of the input-only vs output-only vs input-output
		details of src/console.c, better warning messages, and adding
		a debug dump.
		Removing the concept of "device state"; it wasn't really used.
		Changing some debug output (-vv should now be used to show all
		details about devices and busses; not shown during normal
		startup anymore).
		Beginning on some SPARC instruction disassembly support.
20051204	Minor PPC updates (WALNUT skeleton stuff).
		Continuing on the MIPS dyntrans rewrite.
		More progress on the ADB controller (a keyboard is "detected"
		by NetBSD and OpenBSD).
		Downgrading OpenBSD/arc as a guest OS from "working" to
		"almost working" in the documentation.
		Progress on Algor emulation ("v3" PCI controller).
20051205	Minor updates.
20051207	Sorting devices according to address; this reduces complexity
		of device lookups from O(n) to O(log n) in memory_rw (but no
		real performance increase (yet) in experiments).
20051210	Beginning the work on native dyntrans backends (by making a
		simple skeleton; so far only for Alpha hosts).
20051211	Some very minor SPARC updates.
20051215	Fixing a bug in the MIPS mul (note: not mult) instruction,
		so it also works with non-64-bit emulation. (Thanks to Alec
		Voropay for noticing the problem.)
20051216	More work on the fake/empty/simple/skeleton/whatever backend;
		performance doesn't increase, so this isn't really worth it,
		but it was probably worth it to prepare for a real backend
20051219	More instr call statistics gathering and analysis stuff.
20051220	Another fix for MIPS 'mul'. Also converting mul and {d,}cl{o,z}
		to dyntrans.
		memory_ppc.c syntax error fix (noticed by Peter Valchev).
		Beginning to move out machines from src/machine.c into
		individual files in src/machines (in a way similar to the
		autodev system for devices).
20051222	Updating the documentation regarding NetBSD/pmax 3.0.
20051223	- " - NetBSD/cats 3.0.
20051225	- " - NetBSD/hpcmips 3.0.
20051226	Continuing on the machine registry redesign.
		Adding support for ARM rrx (33-bit rotate).
		Fixing some signed/unsigned issues (exposed by gcc -W).
20051227	Fixing the bug which prevented a NetBSD/prep 3.0 install kernel
		from starting (triggered when an mtmsr was the last instruction
		on a page). Unfortunately not enough to get the kernel to run
		as well as the 2.1 kernels did.
20051230	Some dyntrans refactoring.
20051231	Continuing on the machine registry redesign.
20060101-10	Continuing... moving more machines. Moving MD interrupt stuff
		from machine.c into a new src/machines/interrupts.c.
20060114	Adding various mvmeppc machine skeletons.
20060115	Continuing on mvme* stuff. NetBSD/mvmeppc prints boot messages
		(for MVME1600) and reaches the root device prompt, but no
		specific hardware devices are emulated yet.
20060116	Minor updates to the mvme1600 emulation mode; the Eagle PCI bus
		seems to work without much modification, and a 21143 can be
		detected, interrupts might work (but untested so far).
		Adding a fake MK48Txx (mkclock) device, for NetBSD/mvmeppc.
20060121	Adding an aux control register for ARM. (A BIG thank you to
		Olivier Houchard for tracking down this bug.)
20060122	Adding more ARM instructions (smulXY), and dev_iq80321_7seg.
20060124	Adding disassembly of more ARM instructions (mia*, mra/mar),
		and some semi-bogus XScale and i80321 registers.
20060201-02	Various minor updates. Moving the last machines out of
20060204	Adding a -c command line option, for running debugger commands
		before the simulation starts, but after all files have been
		Minor iq80321-related updates.
20060209	Minor hacks (DEVINIT macro, etc).
		Preparing for the generalization of the 64-bit dyntrans address
		translation subsystem.
20060216	Adding ARM ldrd (double-register load).
20060217	Continuing on various ARM-related stuff.
20060218	More progress on the ATA/wdc emulation for NetBSD/iq80321.
		NetBSD/evbarm can now be installed :-)  Updating the docs, etc.
		Continuing on Algor emulation.

==============  RELEASE 0.3.8  ==============

1 dpavlin 22 Release notes for Gavare's eXperimental Emulator (GXemul), 0.3.8
2 dpavlin 20 ================================================================
3 dpavlin 2
4 dpavlin 22 Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Anders Gavare.
5 dpavlin 2
7 dpavlin 14 GXemul is an experimental instruction-level machine emulator. Several
8     emulation modes are available. In some modes, processors and surrounding
9 dpavlin 12 hardware components are emulated well enough to let unmodified operating
10     systems (e.g. NetBSD) run as if they were running on a real machine.
11 dpavlin 2
12 dpavlin 22 The documentation lists the machines and guest operating systems that can
13     be regarded as "working" in GXemul. The best supported guest operating
14     systems are probably NetBSD/pmax, NetBSD/cats, and OpenBSD/cats.
15 dpavlin 2
16 dpavlin 22 The user-visible changes between release 0.3.7 and 0.3.8 include:
17 dpavlin 20
18 dpavlin 22 o) The IQ80321 (Xscale) machine mode is now working well enough to
19     run NetBSD/evbarm 2.1.
20 dpavlin 12
21 dpavlin 22 o) Faster framebuffer output in some situations.
22 dpavlin 2
23 dpavlin 22 Source code related changes include:
24 dpavlin 10
25 dpavlin 22 o) I've finally begun to reimplement the MIPS emulation mode using the
26     new dyntrans system. It will be quite some time until it can run
27     anything, but things are moving in the right direction.
28 dpavlin 2
29 dpavlin 22 o) Some changes to the concepts of input-only, output-only, and
30     input-output consoles.
31 dpavlin 2
32 dpavlin 22 o) Some more clean-up of PCI bus concepts.
33 dpavlin 2
34 dpavlin 22 o) Machine definitions have been moved out of src/machines.c, and into
35     individual files in a new sub-directory (src/machines/).
36 dpavlin 2
37 dpavlin 20 There have also been lots of other changes, too many and small to mention here.
39 dpavlin 2 Files included in this release are:
41     BUGS A list of known bugs.
42     HISTORY Detailed revision history / changelog.
43     LICENSE Copyright message / license.
44     README Quick start instructions, for the impatient.
45     RELEASE This file.
46     TODO TODO notes.
47 dpavlin 4 configure, Makefile.skel sh and make scripts for building GXemul.
48 dpavlin 2 doc Documentation.
49     experiments Experimental code. (Usually not needed.)
50 dpavlin 4 src Source code.
51 dpavlin 2
52 dpavlin 22 To build the emulator, run the ./configure script, and then run make. This
53     should work on most Unix-like systems.
54 dpavlin 2
55 dpavlin 4 Regarding files in the src/include/ directory: only some of these are written
56     by me, the rest are from other sources (such as NetBSD). The license text says
57 dpavlin 2 that "All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this software"
58     must display acknowledgements. Even though I do NOT feel I mention features or
59     use of the header files (the "software") in any advertising materials, I am
60     still very grateful for the fact that these people have made their files
61     available for re-use, so regardless of legal requirements, I guess thanking
62     them like this is in order:
64     This product includes software developed by the University of
65     California, Berkeley and its contributors.
67     This product includes software developed for the
68     NetBSD Project. See http://www.netbsd.org/ for
69     information about NetBSD.
71     This product includes software developed by Jonathan Stone for
72     the NetBSD Project.
74     This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project
75     by Matthias Drochner.
77     This product includes software developed by the NetBSD
78     Foundation, Inc. and its contributors.
80     This product includes software developed by Christopher G. Demetriou.
81     [for the NetBSD Project.]
83     This product includes software developed by Adam Glass.
85     This product includes software developed by the PocketBSD project
86     and its contributors.
88     This product includes software developed by Peter Galbavy.
90     Carnegie Mellon University (multiple header files,
91     no specific advertisement text required)
93     This product includes software developed by Charles M. Hannum.
95     This product includes software developed under OpenBSD by Per Fogelström.
97     This product includes software developed by Per Fogelström.
99     This product includes software developed at Ludd, University of
100     Luleå, Sweden and its contributors.
102     This product includes software developed by Hellmuth Michaelis
103     and Joerg Wunsch
105     The font(s) in devices/fonts are Copyright (c) 1992, 1993, 1994
106     by Hellmuth Michaelis and Joerg Wunsch. ("This product includes software
107     developed by Hellmuth Michaelis and Joerg Wunsch", well, the font
108     is maybe not software, but still...)
110     impactsr-bsd.h is Copyright (C) 2004 by Stanislaw Skowronek.
112     This product includes software developed for the NetBSD Project by
113     Wasabi Systems, Inc. [by Simon Burge]
115     arcbios_other.h is Copyright (c) 1996 M. Warner Losh.
117     This product includes software developed by Marc Horowitz.
119 dpavlin 14 This product includes software developed by Brini.
121     This product includes software developed by Mark Brinicombe
122     for the NetBSD Project.
124 dpavlin 20 This product includes software developed by TooLs GmbH.
126     This product includes software developed by Manuel Bouyer.
128 dpavlin 22 This product includes software developed by the Alice Group.
130 dpavlin 12 Also, src/include/alpha_rpb.h requires the following:
132     Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 Carnegie-Mellon University.
133     All rights reserved.
135     Author: Keith Bostic, Chris G. Demetriou
137     Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and
138     its documentation is hereby granted, provided that both the copyright
139     notice and this permission notice appear in all copies of the
140     software, derivative works or modified versions, and any portions
141     thereof, and that both notices appear in supporting documentation.
143 dpavlin 2 See individual files for license details, if you plan to redistribute GXemul
144     or reuse code.
146 dpavlin 22 Thanks to (in no specific order) Joachim Buss, Olivier Houchard, Juli Mallett,
147     Juan Romero Pardines, Alec Voropay, Göran Weinholt, Alexander Yurchenko, and
148     everyone else who has provided me with feedback.
149 dpavlin 2
150     If you have found GXemul useful in some way, or feel like sending me comments
151     or feedback in general, then mail me at anders(at)gavare.se.

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