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Mon Oct 8 16:18:00 2007 UTC (12 years, 3 months ago) by dpavlin
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++ trunk/HISTORY	(local)
$Id: HISTORY,v 1.707 2005/04/27 16:37:33 debug Exp $
20050408	Some minor updates to the wdc. Linux now doesn't complain
		anymore if a disk is non-present.
20050409	Various minor fixes (a bintrans bug, and some other things).
		The wdc seems to work with Playstation2 emulation, but there
		is a _long_ annoying delay when disks are detected.
		Fixing a really important bintrans bug (when devices and RAM
		are mixed within 4KB pages), which was triggered with
		NetBSD/playstation2 kernels.
20050410	Adding a dummy dev_ps2_ether (just so that NetBSD doesn't
		complain as much during bootup).
		Symbols starting with '$' are now ignored.
		Renaming dev_ps2_ohci.c to dev_ohci.c, etc.
20050411	Moving the bintrans-cache-isolation check from cpu_mips.c to
		cpu_mips_coproc.c. (I thought this would give a speedup, but
		it's not noticable.)
		Better playstation2 sbus interrupt code.
		Skip ahead many ticks if the count register is read manually.
		(This increases the speed of delay-loops that simply read
		the count register.)
20050412	Updates to the playstation2 timer/interrupt code.
		Some other minor updates.
20050413	NetBSD/cobalt runs from a disk image :-) including userland;
		updating the documentation on how to install NetBSD/cobalt
		using NetBSD/pmax (!).
		Some minor bintrans updates (no real speed improvement) and
		other minor updates (playstation2 now uses the -o options).
20050414	Adding a dummy x86 (and AMD64) mode.
20050415	Adding some (32-bit and 16-bit) x86 instructions.
		Adding some initial support for non-SCSI, non-IDE floppy
		images. (The x86 mode can boot from these, more or less.)
		Moving the devices/ and include/ directories to src/devices/
		and src/include/, respectively.
20050416	Continuing on the x86 stuff. (Adding pc_bios.c and some simple
		support for software interrupts in 16-bit mode.)
20050417	Ripping out most of the x86 instruction decoding stuff, trying
		to rewrite it in a cleaner way.
		Disabling some of the least working CPU families in the
		configure script (sparc, x86, alpha, hppa), so that they are
		not enabled by default.
20050418	Trying to fix the bug which caused problems when turning on
		and off bintrans interactively, by flushing the bintrans cache
		whenever bintrans is manually (re)enabled.
20050419	Adding the 'lswi' ppc instruction.
		Minor updates to the x86 instruction decoding.
20050420	Renaming x86 register name indices from R_xx to X86_R_xx (this
		makes building on Tru64 nicer).
20050422	Adding a check for duplicate MIPS TLB entries on tlbwr/tlbwi.
20050427	Adding screenshots to guestoses.html.
		Some minor fixes and testing for the next release.

==============  RELEASE 0.3.2  ==============

1 #
2 # $Id: Makefile.skel,v 1.28 2005/04/15 22:28:42 debug Exp $
3 #
4 # Makefile for GXemul
5 #
8 BIN=gxemul
11 build:
12 cd src; $(MAKE); cd ..
13 $(CC) $(COPTIM) src/*.o src/devices/*.o $(LIBS) -o $(BIN)
15 regtest: build
16 cd tests; $(MAKE) run_tests; cd ..
18 install: build
19 @echo
20 @echo "There is no automatic 'make install'. You need to manually copy the gxemul"
21 @echo "binary and any other files you need to where you want them to reside. The man/"
22 @echo "subdirectory contains a small man-page, it should probably be placed in"
23 @echo "'/usr/.../man/man1' on most systems, and the contents of the doc/ subdirectory"
24 @echo "could be placed in '/usr/.../share/doc/gxemul'."
25 @echo
27 clean:
28 rm -f $(BIN) *core core.* *.gmon _*
29 cd src; $(MAKE) clean; cd ..
31 # Tests are not cleaned on a normal clean, only on a clean_all.
33 clean_all: clean
34 cd tests; $(MAKE) clean_all; cd ..
35 rm -f config.h Makefile src/Makefile src/devices/Makefile src/devices/fonts/Makefile tests/Makefile

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