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revision 5 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:18:00 2007 UTC revision 6 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:18:11 2007 UTC
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1  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.707 2005/04/27 16:37:33 debug Exp $  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.772 2005/06/04 12:02:16 debug Exp $
3  Changelog for GXemul:  Changelog for GXemul:
4  ---------------------  ---------------------
# Line 1869  Changelog for GXemul: Line 1869  Changelog for GXemul:
1870  ==============  RELEASE 0.3.2  ==============  ==============  RELEASE 0.3.2  ==============
1872    20050428        Disabling the "-fmove-all-movables" option in the configure
1873                    script, because it causes the compile to fail on OpenBSD/sgi.
1874    20050502        Minor updates.
1875    20050503        Removing the WRT54G mode (it was bogus anyway), and adding a
1876                    comment about Windows NT for MIPS in doc/experiments.html.
1877                    Minor updates to the x86 instruction decoding.
1878    20050504        Adding some more x86 instructions.
1879                    Adding support for reading files from ISO9660 CDROMs (including
1880                    gzipped files). It's an ugly hack, but it seems to work.
1881                    Various other minor updates (dev_vga.c, pc_bios.c etc).
1882    20050505        Some more x86-related updates.
1883                    Beginning (what I hope will be) a major code cleanup phase.
1884                    "bootris" (an x86 bootsector) runs :-)
1885    20050506        Adding some more x86 instructions.
1886    20050507        tmpnam => mkstemp.
1887                    Working on a hack to allow VGA charcells to be shown even when
1888                    not running with X11.
1889                    Adding more x86 instructions.
1890    20050508        x86 32-bit SIB addressing fix, and more instructions.
1891    20050509        Adding more x86 instructions.
1892    20050510        Minor documentation updates, and other updates (x86 stuff etc.)
1893    20050511        More x86-related updates.
1894    20050513        Various updates, mostly x86-related. (Trying to fix flag
1895                    calculation, factoring out the ugly shift/rotate code, and
1896                    some other things.)
1897    20050514        Adding support for loading some old i386 a.out executables.
1898                    Finally beginning the cleanup of machine/PROM/bios dependant
1899                    info.
1900                    Some minor documentation updates.
1901                    Trying to clean up ARCBIOS stuff a little.
1902    20050515        Trying to make it possible to actually use more than one disk
1903                    type per machine (floppy, ide, scsi).
1904                    Trying to clean up the kbd vs PROM console stuff. (For PC and
1905                    ARC emulation modes, mostly.)
1906                    Beginning to add an 8259 interrupt controller, and connecting
1907                    it to the x86 emulation.
1908    20050516        The first x86 interrupts seem to work (keyboard stuff).
1909                    Adding a 8253/8254 programmable interval timer skeleton.
1910                    FreeDOS now reaches a command prompt and can be interacted
1911                    with.
1912    20050517        After some bugfixes, MS-DOS also (sometimes) reaches a
1913                    command prompt now.
1914                    Trying to fix the pckbc to work with MS-DOS' keyb.com, but no
1915                    success yet.
1916    20050518        Adding a simple 32-bit x86 MMU skeleton.
1917    20050519        Some more work on the x86 stuff. (Beginning the work on paging,
1918                    and various other fixes).
1919    20050520        More updates. Working on dev_vga (4-bit graphics modes), adding
1920                    40 columns support to the PC bios emulation.
1921                    Trying to add support for resizing windows when switching
1922                    between graphics modes.
1923    20050521        Many more x86-related updates.
1924    20050522        Correcting the initial stack pointer's sign-extension for
1925                    ARCBIOS emulation (thanks to Alec Voropay for noticing the
1926                    error).
1927                    Continuing on the cleanup (ARCBIOS etc).
1928                    dev_vga updates.
1929    20050523        More x86 updates: trying to add some support for protected mode
1930                    interrupts (via gate descriptors) and many other fixes.
1931                    More ARCBIOS cleanup.
1932                    Adding a device flag which indicates that reads cause no
1933                    side-effects. (Useful for the "dump" command in the debugger,
1934                    and other things.)
1935                    Adding support for directly starting up x86 ELFs, skipping the
1936                    bootloader stage. (Most ELFs, however, are not suitable for
1937                    this.)
1938    20050524        Adding simple 32-bit x86 TSS task switching, but no privilege
1939                    level support yet.
1940                    More work on dev_vga. A small "Copper bars" demo works. :-)
1941                    Adding support for Trap Flag (single-step exceptions), at least
1942                    in real mode, and various other x86-related fixes.
1943    20050525        Adding a new disk image prefix (gH;S;) which can be used to
1944                    override the default nr of heads and sectors per track.
1945    20050527        Various bug fixes, more work on the x86 mode (stack change on
1946                    interrupts between different priv.levels), and some minor
1947                    documentation updates.
1948    20050528        Various fixes (x86 stuff).
1949    20050529        More x86 fixes. An OpenBSD/i386 bootfloppy reaches userland
1950                    and can be interacted with (although there are problems with
1951                    key repetition). NetBSD/i386 triggers a serious CISC-related
1952                    problem: instruction fetches across page boundaries, where
1953                    the later part isn't actually part of the instruction.
1954    20050530        Various minor updates. (Documentation updates, etc.)
1955    20050531        Adding some experimental code (experiments/new_test_*) which
1956                    could be useful for dynamic (but not binary) translation in
1957                    the future.
1958    20050602        Adding a dummy ARM skeleton.
1959                    Fixing the pckbc key repetition problem (by adding release
1960                    scancodes for all keypresses).
1961    20050603        Minor updates for the next release.
1962    20050604        Release testing. Minor updates.
1964    ==============  RELEASE 0.3.3  ==============
1966    20050604        There'll probably be a release soon, with some very
1967                    very tiny updates.

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