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revision 38 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:21:53 2007 UTC revision 40 by dpavlin, Mon Oct 8 16:22:11 2007 UTC
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1  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.1515 2007/04/14 05:39:46 debug Exp $  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.1539 2007/05/01 04:03:51 debug Exp $
3  Changelog for GXemul:  Changelog for GXemul:
4  ---------------------  ---------------------
# Line 3391  Changelog for GXemul: Line 3391  Changelog for GXemul:
3392  ==============  RELEASE 0.4.5  ==============  ==============  RELEASE 0.4.5  ==============
3394    20070415        Landisk PCLOCK should be 33.33 MHz, not 50 MHz. (This makes
3395                    the clock run at correct speed.)
3396                    FINALLY found and fixed the bug which caused OpenBSD/landisk
3397                    to randomly bug out: an &-sign was missing in the special case
3398                    handling of FPSCR in the 'LDS.L @Rm+,FPSCR' instruction.
3399                    Adding similar special case handling for 'LDC.L @Rm+,SR'
3400                    (calling sh_update_sr() instead of just loading).
3401                    Implementing the 'FCNVSD FPUL,DRn' and 'FCNVDS DRm,FPUL'
3402                    SuperH instructions.
3403                    The 'LDC Rm,SR' instruction now immediately breaks out of the
3404                    dyntrans loop if an interrupt is to be triggered.
3405    20070416        In memory_rw.c, if mapping a page as writable, make sure to
3406                    invalidate code translations even if the data access was a
3407                    read.
3408                    Minor SuperH updates.
3409    20070418        Removing the dummy M68K emulation mode.
3410                    Minor SH update (turning unnecessary sts_mach_rn, sts_macl_rn,
3411                    and sts_pr_rn instruction handlers into mov_rm_rn).
3412    20070419        Beginning to add a skeleton for an M88K mode: Adding a hack to
3413                    allow OpenBSD/m88k a.out binaries to be loaded, and disassembly
3414                    of a few simple 88K instructions.
3415                    Commenting out the 'LDC Rm,SR' fix from a few days ago, because
3416                    it made Linux/dreamcast bug out.
3417                    Adding a hack to dev_sh4.c (an extra translation cache
3418                    invalidation), which allows OpenBSD/landisk to boot ok after
3419                    an install. Upgrading the Landisk machine mode to stable,
3420                    updating documentation, etc.
3421    20070420        Experimenting with adding a PCI controller (pcic) to dev_sh4.
3422                    Adding a dummy Realtek 8139C+ skeleton device (dev_rtl8139c).
3423                    Implementing the first M88K instructions (br, or[.u] imm), and
3424                    adding disassembly of some more instructions.
3425    20070421        Continuing a little on dev_rtl8139c.
3426    20070422        Implementing the 9346 EEPROM "read" command for dev_rtl8139c.
3427                    Finally found and fixed an old bug in the log n symbol search
3428                    (it sometimes missed symbols). Debug trace (-i, -t etc) should
3429                    now show more symbols. :-)
3430    20070423        Continuing a little on M88K disassembly.
3431    20070428        Fixing a memset arg order bug in src/net/net.c (thanks to
3432                    Nigel Horne for noticing the bug).
3433                    Applying parts of a patch from Carl van Schaik to clear out
3434                    bottom bits of MIPS addresses more correctly, when using large
3435                    page sizes, and doing some other minor cleanup/refactoring.
3436                    Fixing a couple of warnings given by gcc with the -W option (a
3437                    few more warnings than just plain -Wall).
3438                    Reducing SuperH dyntrans physical address space from 64-bit to
3439                    32-bit (since SH5/SH64 isn't imlemented yet anyway).
3440                    Adding address-to-symbol annotation to a few more instructions
3441                    in the SuperH instruction trace output.
3442                    Beginning regression testing for the next release.
3443                    Reverting the value of SCIF_DELAYED_TX_VALUE from 1 to 2,
3444                    because OpenBSD/landisk may otherwise hang randomly.
3445    20070429        The ugly hack/workaround to get OpenBSD/landisk booting without
3446                    crashing does NOT work anymore (with the April 21 snapshot
3447                    of OpenBSD/landisk). Strangely enough, removing the hack
3448                    completely causes OpenBSD/landisk to work (!).
3449                    More regression testing (re-testing everything SuperH-related,
3450                    and some other things).
3451                    Cobalt interrupts were actually broken; fixing by commenting
3452                    out the DEC21143s in the Cobalt machine.
3453    20070430        More regression testing.
3454    20070501        Updating the OpenBSD/landisk install instructions to use
3455                    4.1 instead of the current snapshot.
3456                    GAAAH! OpenBSD/landisk 4.1 _needs_ the ugly hack/workaround;
3457                    reintroducing it again. (The 4.1 kernel is actually from
3458                    2007-03-11.)
3459                    Simplifying the NetBSD/evbarm install instructions a bit.
3460                    More regression testing.
3462    ==============  RELEASE  ==============

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