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1  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.1055 2005/11/25 22:48:36 debug Exp $  $Id: HISTORY,v 1.1121 2006/02/18 21:03:08 debug Exp $
3  Changelog for GXemul:  Changelog for GXemul:
4  ---------------------  ---------------------
# Line 2469  Changelog for GXemul: Line 2469  Changelog for GXemul:
2470  ==============  RELEASE 0.3.7  ==============  ==============  RELEASE 0.3.7  ==============
2472    20051126        Cobalt and PReP now work with the 21143 NIC.
2473                    Continuing on Alpha dyntrans things.
2474                    Fixing some more left-shift-by-24 to unsigned.
2475    20051127        Working on OpenFirmware emulation; major cleanup/redesign.
2476                    Progress on MacPPC emulation: NetBSD detects two CPUs (when
2477                    running with -n 2), framebuffer output (for text) works.
2478                    Adding quick-hack Bandit PCI controller and "gc" interrupt
2479                    controller for MacPPC.
2480    20051128        Changing from a Bandit to a Uni-North controller for macppc.
2481                    Continuing on OpenFirmware and MacPPC emulation in general
2482                    (obio controller, and wdc attached to the obio seems to work).
2483    20051129        More work on MacPPC emulation (adding a dummy ADB controller).
2484                    Continuing the PCI bus cleanup (endianness and tag composition)
2485                    and rewriting all PCI controllers' access functions.
2486    20051130        Various minor PPC dyntrans optimizations.
2487                    Manually inlining some parts of the framebuffer redraw routine.
2488                    Slowly beginning the conversion of the old MIPS emulation into
2489                    dyntrans (but this will take quite some time to get right).
2490                    Generalizing quick_pc_to_pointers.
2491    20051201        Documentation update (David Muse has made available a kernel
2492                    which simplifies Debian/DECstation installation).
2493                    Continuing on the ADB bus controller.
2494    20051202        Beginning a rewrite of the Zilog serial controller (dev_zs).
2495    20051203        Continuing on the zs rewrite (now called dev_z8530); conversion
2496                    to devinit style.
2497                    Reworking some of the input-only vs output-only vs input-output
2498                    details of src/console.c, better warning messages, and adding
2499                    a debug dump.
2500                    Removing the concept of "device state"; it wasn't really used.
2501                    Changing some debug output (-vv should now be used to show all
2502                    details about devices and busses; not shown during normal
2503                    startup anymore).
2504                    Beginning on some SPARC instruction disassembly support.
2505    20051204        Minor PPC updates (WALNUT skeleton stuff).
2506                    Continuing on the MIPS dyntrans rewrite.
2507                    More progress on the ADB controller (a keyboard is "detected"
2508                    by NetBSD and OpenBSD).
2509                    Downgrading OpenBSD/arc as a guest OS from "working" to
2510                    "almost working" in the documentation.
2511                    Progress on Algor emulation ("v3" PCI controller).
2512    20051205        Minor updates.
2513    20051207        Sorting devices according to address; this reduces complexity
2514                    of device lookups from O(n) to O(log n) in memory_rw (but no
2515                    real performance increase (yet) in experiments).
2516    20051210        Beginning the work on native dyntrans backends (by making a
2517                    simple skeleton; so far only for Alpha hosts).
2518    20051211        Some very minor SPARC updates.
2519    20051215        Fixing a bug in the MIPS mul (note: not mult) instruction,
2520                    so it also works with non-64-bit emulation. (Thanks to Alec
2521                    Voropay for noticing the problem.)
2522    20051216        More work on the fake/empty/simple/skeleton/whatever backend;
2523                    performance doesn't increase, so this isn't really worth it,
2524                    but it was probably worth it to prepare for a real backend
2525                    later.
2526    20051219        More instr call statistics gathering and analysis stuff.
2527    20051220        Another fix for MIPS 'mul'. Also converting mul and {d,}cl{o,z}
2528                    to dyntrans.
2529                    memory_ppc.c syntax error fix (noticed by Peter Valchev).
2530                    Beginning to move out machines from src/machine.c into
2531                    individual files in src/machines (in a way similar to the
2532                    autodev system for devices).
2533    20051222        Updating the documentation regarding NetBSD/pmax 3.0.
2534    20051223        - " - NetBSD/cats 3.0.
2535    20051225        - " - NetBSD/hpcmips 3.0.
2536    20051226        Continuing on the machine registry redesign.
2537                    Adding support for ARM rrx (33-bit rotate).
2538                    Fixing some signed/unsigned issues (exposed by gcc -W).
2539    20051227        Fixing the bug which prevented a NetBSD/prep 3.0 install kernel
2540                    from starting (triggered when an mtmsr was the last instruction
2541                    on a page). Unfortunately not enough to get the kernel to run
2542                    as well as the 2.1 kernels did.
2543    20051230        Some dyntrans refactoring.
2544    20051231        Continuing on the machine registry redesign.
2545    20060101-10     Continuing... moving more machines. Moving MD interrupt stuff
2546                    from machine.c into a new src/machines/interrupts.c.
2547    20060114        Adding various mvmeppc machine skeletons.
2548    20060115        Continuing on mvme* stuff. NetBSD/mvmeppc prints boot messages
2549                    (for MVME1600) and reaches the root device prompt, but no
2550                    specific hardware devices are emulated yet.
2551    20060116        Minor updates to the mvme1600 emulation mode; the Eagle PCI bus
2552                    seems to work without much modification, and a 21143 can be
2553                    detected, interrupts might work (but untested so far).
2554                    Adding a fake MK48Txx (mkclock) device, for NetBSD/mvmeppc.
2555    20060121        Adding an aux control register for ARM. (A BIG thank you to
2556                    Olivier Houchard for tracking down this bug.)
2557    20060122        Adding more ARM instructions (smulXY), and dev_iq80321_7seg.
2558    20060124        Adding disassembly of more ARM instructions (mia*, mra/mar),
2559                    and some semi-bogus XScale and i80321 registers.
2560    20060201-02     Various minor updates. Moving the last machines out of
2561                    machine.c.
2562    20060204        Adding a -c command line option, for running debugger commands
2563                    before the simulation starts, but after all files have been
2564                    loaded.
2565                    Minor iq80321-related updates.
2566    20060209        Minor hacks (DEVINIT macro, etc).
2567                    Preparing for the generalization of the 64-bit dyntrans address
2568                    translation subsystem.
2569    20060216        Adding ARM ldrd (double-register load).
2570    20060217        Continuing on various ARM-related stuff.
2571    20060218        More progress on the ATA/wdc emulation for NetBSD/iq80321.
2572                    NetBSD/evbarm can now be installed :-)  Updating the docs, etc.
2573                    Continuing on Algor emulation.
2575    ==============  RELEASE 0.3.8  ==============

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